The Rise of the Swiss Republic: A History

Arena publishing Company, 1892 - 413 ページ

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24 ページ - Of one to stone converted by amaze, Vet still with consciousness ; and there it stands, Making a marvel that it not decays, When the coeval pride of human hands, Levell'd Aventicum, hath strew'd her subject lands.
14 ページ - Each has his own hut, wherein he dwells, upon one of the platforms, and each has also a trapdoor giving access to the lake beneath; and their wont is to tie their baby children by the foot with a string to save them from rolling into* the water.
24 ページ - By a lone wall a lonelier column rears A grey and grief-worn aspect of old days, "Tis the last remnant of the wreck of years, And looks as with the wild bewilder'd
364 ページ - 10. Official intercourse between Cantons and foreign governments, or their representatives, shall take place through the Federal Council. Nevertheless, the Cantons may correspond directly with the inferior officials and officers of a foreign State, in regard to the subjects enumerated in the preceding article. ART.
375 ページ - limits compatible with public order and good morals. The Cantons and the Confederation may take suitable measures for the preservation of public order and of peace between the members of different religious bodies, and also against encroachments of ecclesiastical authorities upon the rights of citizens and of the State.
317 ページ - by the present act make a formal and authentic acknowledgment of the perpetual neutrality of Switzerland, and they guarantee to her the integrity and inviolability of her territory within her new boundaries." This agreement is further on declared to be " in the true interests of the politics of all Europe.
389 ページ - amendment, the question whether the Federal Constitution ought to be amended is, in either case, submitted to a vote of the Swiss people, voting yes or no. If in either case the majority of the Swiss citizens who vote pronounce in the affirmative, there shall be a new election of both Councils for the purpose of preparing the complete amendment.
387 ページ - a degree of importance to be determined by federal legislation. 3. Between Cantons. 4. Between Cantons on one part and corporations or individuals on the other part, when one of the parties demands it, and the amount involved is of a degree of importance to be determined by federal legislation.
377 ページ - directed against it or its authorities. ART. 56. Citizens have the right of forming associations, provided that there be in the purpose of such associations, or in the means which they employ, nothing unlawful or dangerous to the state. The Cantons by law take the measures necessary for the suppression of abuses. ART.
112 ページ - for mutual help and strength in all future concernment, that as in nation and religion, so in other respects, we be and continue one.