The Eyes of the Tiger

Indra Pub., 2005 - 391 ページ
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The Eyes of the Tiger is a novel of friendship, love and corruption. Set in Brisbane, Australia during the disastrous 1974 flood, two very different men, the immunologist Mark and the charismatic 'Prince of Spice' Sannes, struggle for the affection of the high-spirited, fiercely independent lawyer Jessica. In a highly charged, profoundly disturbing relationship, betrayal of friendship and violation of love interact and collide with the ever-increasing moral deterioration of the Moonlight State'. The Eyes of the Tiger depicts evil as a seductively demonic power of rampant decomposition, generating from the realm of personal intimacy to the corruption of civilized society. Its narrative of power and passion takes the reader on a frightening journey, culminating in apparitions of a predatory god.

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