For now with trembling hand he shed the blood, But ye who, unappall'd at earthly harm,
And placed the slaughter'd victim on the wood; Lean on the strength of his Almighty arm,
Then kneeling, as the sun went down, he laid Prepared for life or death, with firm accord,
His hand upon the hallow'd pyre, and pray'd : -Stand still, and see the glory of the Lord.”
“ Maker of heaven and earth! supreme o'er all
That live, and move, and breathe, on Thee we call: A pause, a dreary pause, ensued :-then cried
Our father sinn'd and suffer'd ;-we, who bear The holy man,-—"On either hand divide;
Our father's image, his transgression share;

The feeble fly; with me the valiant stay :
Humbled for his offences, and our own,

Choose now your portion; whom will ye obey, Thou, who art holy, wise, and just alone,

God, or your fears? His counsel, or your own?" Accept, with free confession of our guilt,

_The LORD, the LORD, for He is GOD ALONE!" This victim slain, this blood devoutly spilt,

Exclaim'd at once, with consentaneous choice, While through the veil of sacrifice we see

The whole assembly, heart, and soul, and voice. Thy mercy smiling, and look up to Thee ;

Then light from Heaven with sudden beauty came, O grant forgiveness ; power and grace are thine; Pure on the altar blazed the unkindled flame, God of salvation! cause thy face to shine;

And upwards to their glorious source return'd Hear us in Heaven! fulfil our soul's desire, The sacred fires in which the victim burn'd: God of our father! answer now with fire."

While through the evening gloom, to distant eyes,

Morn o'er the Patriarchs' mountain seem'd to rise. He rose; no light from Heaven around him shone, No fire descended from the eternal throne;

Awe-struck, the congregation kneel'd around, Cold on the pile the offer'd victim lay,

And worshipp'd with their faces to the ground; Amidst the stillness of expiring day:

The peace of God, beyond expression sweet,
The eyes of all that watch'd in vain to view Fill'd every spirit humbled at his feet,
The wonted sign, distractedly withdrew;

And love, joy, wonder, deeply mingling there,
Fear clipt their breath, their doubling pulses raised, Drew from the heart unutterable prayer.
And each by stealth upon his neighbor gazed;
From heart to heart a strange contagion ran,

They rose :-as if his soul had pass'd away, A shuddering instinct crowded man to man; Prostrate before the altar Enoch lay, Even Seth with secret consternation shook,

Entranced so deeply, all believed him dead: And cast on Enoch an imploring look.

At length he breathed, he moved, he raised his head, Enoch, in whose sublime, unearthly mien,

To Heaven in ecstacy he turn'd his eyes; No change of hue, no cloud of care, was seen, -With such a look the dead in Christ shall rise, Full on the mute assembly turn'd his face,

When the last trumpet calls them from the dust, Clear as the sun prepared to run his race.

To join the resurrection of the just :
He spoke ; his words, with awful warning fraught, Yea, and from earthly grossness so refined,
Rallied and fix'd the scatter'd powers of thought: (As if the soul had left the flesh behind,
“Men, brethren, fathers! wherefore do ye fear? Yet wore a mortal semblance), upright stood
Hath God departed from us ?-God is here;

The great Evangelist before the Flood;
Present in every heart, with sovereign power, On him the vision of the Almighty broke,
He tries, he proves his people in this hour;

And future times were present while he spoke! Naked as light to his all-searching eye, The thoughts that wrong, the doubts that tempt Him “The Saints shall suffer ; righteousness shall fail; lie;

O'er all the world iniquity prevail ; Yet slow to anger, merciful as just,

Giants, in fierce contempt of man and God, He knows our frame, remembers we are dust, Shall rule the nations with an iron rod; And spares our weakness :- In this truth believe, On every mountain idol-groves shall rise, Hope against hope, and ask till ye receive.

And darken Heaven with human sacrifice. What, though no flame on Adam's altar burn, | But God the Avenger comes,-a judgment-day, No signal of acceptance yet return?

A flood shall sweep his enemies away. God is not man, who to our father sware,

How few, whose eyes shall then have seen the sun, All times, in every place, to answer prayer.

-One righteous family, and only one,He cannot change; though heaven and earth decay, Saved from that wreck of Nature, shall behold The word of God shall never pass away.

The new Creation rising from the old!

“But mark the season from the rising sun, "O, that the world of wickedness, destroy'd, Westward, the race of Cain the world o'errun; Might lie for ever without form and void! Their monarch, mightiest of the sons of men, Or, that the earth, to innocence restored, Hath sworn destruction to the Patriarchs' glen; Might flourish as the garden of the Lord! Hither he hastens; carnage strews his path: It will not be :-among the sons of men, -Who will await the giant in his wrath?

The Giant-Spirit shall go forth again, Or who will take the wings of silent night,

From clime to clime shall kindle murderous rage, And seek deliverance from his sword by flight? And spread the plagues of sin from age to age; Thus saith the Lord :-Ye weak of faith and heart! Yet shall the God of mercy, from above, Who dare not trust the living God, depart; Extend the golden sceptre of his love, The Angel of his presence leads your way, Your lives are safe, and given you as a prey :

1 Numbers, xxiv, v. 4.

And win the rebels to his righteous sway,

“ What scene is this ?-Amidst involving gloom, Till every mouth confess, and heart obey.

The moonlight lingers on a lonely tomb;

No noise disturbs the garden's hallow'd bound, “ Amidst the visions of ascending years,

But the watch walking on their midnight round : What mighty Chief, what Conqueror appears!1

Ah! who lies here, with marr'd and bloodless mien, His garments roll'd in blood, his eyes of flame,

In whom no form or comeliness is seen; And on his thigh the unutterable name ? 2

| His livid limbs with nails and scourges torn, - Tis I. that bring deliverance: strong to save, His side transpierced, his temples wreathed with I pluck'd the prey from death, and spoil'd the grave.'| thorn ? -Wherefore, O Warrior! are thy garments red,

"T is He, the Man of Sorrows! he who bore Like those whose feet amidst the vintage tread ?

Our sins and chastisement His toils are o'er. -I trod the wine-press of the field alone;

On earth erewhile a suffering life he led, I look'd around for succor; there was none;

Here hath he found a place to lay his head ; Therefore my wrath sustain'd me while I fought,

Rank'd with transgressors, he resign'd his breath, And mine own arm my Saints' salvation wrought.'

But with the rich he made his bed in death. -Thus may thine arm for evermore prevail;

Sweet is the grave where Angels watch and weep, This may thy focs, O Lord! for ever fail ;

Sweet is the grave, and sanctified his sleep; Captive by thee captivity be led;

Rest, O my spirit! by this martyr'd form, Seed of the woman! bruise the serpent's head;

This wreck, that sunk beneath the Almighty storm, Redeemer! promised since the world began,

When floods of wrath, that weigh'd the world to hell, Bow the high heavens, and condescend to man. On him alone, in righteous vengeance, fell; - Hail to the Day-spring! dawning from afar,

While men derided, demons urged his woes, Bright in the east I see his natal star :

And God forsook him—till the awful close; Prisoners of hope! lift up your joyful eyes ;

Then, in triumphant agony, he cried,

_"'Tis finish'd!'-bow'd his sacred head, and died. Welcome the King of Glory from the skies : Who is the King of Glory?–Mark his birth :

Death, as he struck that noblest victim, found In deep humility he stoops to earth,

His sting was lost for ever in the wound;

The Grave, that holds his corse, her richest prize, Assumes a Servant's form, a Pilgrim's lot, Comes to his own, his own receive him not,

Shall yield him back, victorious, to the skies. Though angel-choirs his peaceful advent greet,

He lives :-ye bars of steel! ye gates of brass!

Give way, and let the King of Glory pass; And Gentile-sages worship at his feet.

He lives ;-ye golden portals of the spheres ! “Fair as that sovereign Plant, whose scions shoot Open, the Sun of Righteousness appears. With healing verdure, and immortal fruit,

But, ah! my Spirit faints beneath the blaze, The Tree of Life, beside the stream that laves That breaks, and brightens o'er the latter days, The fields of Paradise with gladdening waves; When every tongue his trophies shall proclaim, Behold him rise from infancy to youth,

And every knee shall worship at his name;
The Father's image, full of grace and truth; For He shall reign with undivided power,
Tried, tempted, proved in secret, till the hour, To Earth's last bounds, to Nature's final hour.
When, girt with meekness, but array'd with power,
Forth in the spirit of the Lord, at length,

“'Tis done :—again the conquering Chief appears Like the sun shining in meridian strength,

In the dread vision of dissolving years; He goes to preach good tidings to the poor;

His vesture dipt in blood, his eyes of flame, To heal the wounds that nature cannot cure;

The Word of God his everlasting name: To bind the broken-hearted; to control

Throned in mid-heaven, with clouds of glory spread, Disease and death; to raise the sinking soul;

He sits in judgment on the quick and dead; Unbar the dungeon, set the captive free,

Strong to deliver; Saints ! your songs prepare ; Proclaim the joyous year of liberty,

Rush from your tombs to meet him in the air: And from the depth of undiscover'd night,

But terrible in vengeance; Sinners! bow? Bring life and immortality to light.

Your haughty heads, the grave protects not now.

He who alone in mortal conflict trod - How beauteous on the mountains are thy feet, The mighty wine-press of the wrath of God, Thy form how comely, and thy voice how sweet, Shall fill the cup of trembling to his foes, Son of the Highest !Who can tell thy fame? The unmingled cup of inexhausted woes; ' The Deaf shall hear it, while the Dumb proclaim; The proud shall drink it in that dreadful day, Now bid the Blind behold their Savior's light, While Earth dissolves, and Heaven is rolld away." The Lame go forth rejoicing in thy might; Cleanse with a touch yon kneeling Leper's skin; | Here ceased the Prophet From the altar broke Cheer this pale Penitent, forgive her sin;

The last dim wreaths of fire-illumined smoke; O, for that Mother's faith, her Daughter spare ; Darkness had fall'n around; but o'er the streams Restore the Maniac to a Father's prayer;

The Moon, new-ris'n, diffused her brightening beams; Pity the tears those mournful Sisters shed,

Homeward, with tears, the worshippers return'd, And be the RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD!

Yet while they wept, their hearts within them burn'd.

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Guilty, yet faithful still, to thee I fly,

Receive me, love me, Zillah! or I die."

Thus Javan's lips, so long in silence seal'd,

With sudden vehemence his soul reveal'd; Javan's second Interview with Zillah. He visits the

Zillah meanwhile recover'd power to speak, various Dwellings scattered throughout the Glen,

While deadly paleness overcast her cheek: and in the Evening sings to his Harp, amidst the

1-"Say not, I love thee!'-Witness every tree assembled inhabitants Address to Twilight ; Ju

Around this bower, thy cruel scorn of me! bal's Song of the Creation: the Power of Music

Could Javan love me through the world, yet leave exemplified.

Her whom he loved, for hopeless years, to grieve?

Returning, could he find her here alone, SPENT with the toils of that eventful day, Yet pass her by, unknowing, as unknown? All night in dreamless slumber Javan lay;

All day was she forsaken, or forgot? But early springing from his bed of leaves, Did Javan seek her at her father's cot? Waked by the songs of swallows on the eaves, That cot of old so much his soul's delight, From Enoch's cottage, in the cool grey hour, His mother's seem'd not fairer in his sight: He wander'd forth to Zillah's woodland bower; No! Javan mocks me; none could love so well, There, in his former covert, on the ground, So long, so painfully,and never tell." The frame of his forsaken harp he found; He smote the boss; the convex orb unstrung, "Love owns no law," rejoin'd the pleading youth, Instant with sweet reverberation rung:

“ Except obedience to eternal truth : The minstrel smiled, at that sonorous stroke, Deep streams are silent; from the generous breast, To find the spell of harmony unbroke;

The dearest feelings are the last confest : Trickling with dew, he bore it to the cell; Erewhile I strove in vain to break my peace, There, as with leaves he dried the sculptured shell, Now I could talk of love and never cease : He thought of Zillah, and resolved too late

-Still had my trembling passion been conceal'd, To plead his constancy, and know his fate.

Still but in parables by stealth reveal'd,

Had not thine instantaneous presence wrung, She, from the hour, when, in a pilgrim's guise,

By swift surprise, the secret from my tongue, Javan return'd,-a stranger to her eyes,

Yet hath Affection language of her own, Not to her heart,—from anguish knew no rest,

| And mine in every thing but words was shown; Love, pride, resentment, struggling in her breast.

In childhood, as the bird of nature free, All day she strove to hide her misery,

My song was gladness, when I sung to thee : In vain ;-a mother's eye is quick to see,

In youth, whene'er I mourn'd a bosom flame, Slow to rebuke, a daughter's bashful fears,

And praised a maiden whom I durst not name, And Zillah's mother only chid with tears :

Couldst thou not then my hidden thought divine ? Night came, but Javan came not with the night;

Didst thou not feel that I was wholly thine ? Light vanish'd, Hope departed with the light;

When for vain-glory I forsook thee here, Her lonely couch conceal'd her sleepless woes,

Dear as thou wert, unutterably dear, But with the morning star the maiden rose.

From virtue, truth, and innocence estranged, The soft refreshing breeze, the orient beams,

To thee, thee only, was my heart unchanged; The dew, the mist unrolling from the streams,

And as I loved without a hope before, The light, the joy, the music of the hour,

Without a hope I loved thee yet the more. Stole on her spirit with resistless power,

At length, when, weary of the ways of men, With healing sweetness soothed her fever'd brain,

Refuge I sought in this maternal glen, And woke the pulse of tenderness again.

Thy sweet remembrance drew me from afar, Thus while she wander'd, with unconscious feet,

And Zillah's beauty was my leading star. Absent in thought, she reach'd her sylvan seat:

Here when I found thee, fear itself grew bold, The youth descried her not amidst the wood,

Methought my tale of love already told; Till, like a vision, at his side she stood.

But soon thine eyes the dream of folly broke, Their eyes encounter'd; both at once exclaim'd,

And I from bliss, as they from slumber, woke ; “ Javan!” and “ Zillah!"-each the other named;

My heart, my tongue, were chill'd to instant stone, Those sounds were life or death to either heart:

I durst not speak thy name, nor give my own. He rose; she turn'd in terror to depart;

When thou wert vanish'd, horror and affright He caught her hand ;—“O do not, do not flee!"

Seized me, my sins uprose before my sight; It was a moment of eternity.

Like fiends they rush'd upon me; but Despair And now or never must he plight his vow,

Wrung from expiring Faith a broken prayer; Win or abandon her for ever now.

Strength came; the path to Enoch's bower I trod; “Stay :-hear me, Zillah !-every power above,

He saw me, met me, led me back to God. Heaven, earth, thyself, bear witness to my love!

O Zillah! while I sought my Maker's grace, Thee have I loved from earliest infancy,

And flesh and spirit fail'd before His face, Loved with supreme affection only thee.

Thy tempting image from my breast I drove,
Long in these shades my timid passion grew,

It was no season then for earthly love."
Through every change, in every trial true;
I loved thee through the world in dumb despair,

“For earthly love it is no season now," Loved thee, that I might love no other fair ;

Exclaim'd the maiden with reproachful brow,

And eyes through tears of tenderness that shone, And still, with cunning hand and curious ear,
And voice, half peace, half anger, in its tone: Enrich'd, ennobled, and enlarged its sphere,
"Freely thy past unkindness I forgive,

Till he had compass'd, in that magic round,
Content to perish here, so Javan live;

A soul of harmony, a heaven of sound. The tyrant's menace to our tribe we know;

Then sang the minstrel, in his laurel bower, The Patriarchs never seek, nor shun a foe: Of Nature's origin, and Music's power : Thou, while thou mayest, from swift destruction – He spake, and it was done ;-Eternal Night, fly;

At God's command, awaken'd into light; I and my father's house resolve to die."

He called the elements, Earth, Ocean, Air,

He call'd them when they were not, and they were: * With thee and with thy father's house, to bear He look'd through space, and kindling o'er the sky, Death or captivity, is Javan's prayer;

Sun, moon, and stars, came forth to meet his eye: Remorse for ever be the recreant's lot:

His spirit moved upon the desert earth, If I forsake thee now, I love thee not."

And sudden life through all things swarm'd to birth;

Man from the dust he raised to rule the whole; Thus while he vow'd, a gentle answer sprung He breathed, and man became a living soul: To Zillah's lips, but died upon her tongue;

Through Eden's groves the Lord of Nature trod. Trembling she turn'd, and hastend to the rock, Upright and pure, the image of his God. Beyond those woods, that hid her folded flock, Thus were the heavens and all their host display'd, Whose bleatings reach'd her ear, with loud complaint In wisdom thus were earth's foundations laid: Of her delay; she loosed them from restraint; The glorious scene a holy sabbath closed; Then, bounding headlong forth, with antic glee, Amidst his works the Omnipotent reposed; They roam'd in all the joy of liberty.

And while he view'd, and blessid them from his Javan beside her walk'd as in a dream,

seat, Nor more of love renew'd the fruitless theme. All worlds, all beings, worshipp'd at his feet:

The morning stars in choral concert sang, Forthwith from home to home throughout the The rolling deep with hallelujahs rang, glen,

Adoring angels from their orbs rejoice,
The friends whom once he knew he sought again; The voice of music was Creation's voice.
Each hail'd the stranger welcome at his board.
As lost but found, as dead to life restored.

“Alone along the lyre of Nature sigh'd From Eden's camp no tidings came, the day The master-chord, to which no chord replied : In awful expectation pass'd away.

For Man, while bliss and beauty reign'd around, Ai eve his harp the fond enthusiast strung,

For man alone, no fellowship was found, On Adam's mount, and to the Patriarchs sung; No fond companion, in whose dearer breast While youth and age, an eager throng, admire His heart, repining in his own, might rest; The mingling music of the voice and lyre.

For, born to love, the heart delights to roam,

A kindred bosom is its happiest home. “I love thee, Twilight! as thy shadows roll, On earth's green lap, the Father of mankind, The calm of evening steals upon my soul,

In mild dejection, thoughtfully reclined; Sublimely tender, solemnly serene,

Soft o'er his eyes a sealing slumber crept, Still as the hour, enchanting as the scene.

And Fancy soothed him while Reflection slept. I love thee, Twilight! for thy gleams impart Then God—who thus would make his counsel known, Their dear, their dying influence to my heart, Counsel that willid not man to dwell alone, When o'er the harp of thought thy passing wind Created Woman with a smile of grace, Awakens all the music of the mind,

And left the smile that made her on her face. And Joy and Sorrow, as the spirit burns,

The Patriarch's eyelids open'd on his bride, And Hope and Memory sweep the chords by turns, - The morn of beauty risen from his side! While Contemplation, on seraphic wings,

He gazed with new-born rapture on her charms, Mounts with the flame of sacrifice, and sings. And Love's first whispers won her to his arms. Twilight! I love thee; let thy glooms increase Then, tuned to all the chords supremely sweet, Till every feeling, every pulse is peace :

Exulting Nature found her lyre complete,
Slow from the sky the light of day declines, And from the key of each harmonious sphere,
Clearer within the dawn of glory shines,

Struck music worthy of her Maker's ear.'
Revealing, in the hour of Nature's rest,
A world of wonders in the poet's breast :

“Here Jubal paused; for grim before him lay, Deeper, O twilight! then thy shadows roll, Couch'd like a lion watching for his prey, An awful vision opens on my soul.

With blood-red eye of fascinating fire,

Fix'd, like the gazing serpent's, on the lyre, « On such an evening, so divinely calm,

An awful form, that through the gloom appear'd, The woods all melody, the breezes balm,

Half brute, half human; whose terrific beard, Down in a vale, where lucid waters stray'd, And hoary flakes of long dishevell’d hair, And mountain-cedars stretch'd their downward shade, Like eagle's plumage ruffled by the air, Jubal, the Prince of Song (in youth unknown), Veild a sad wreck of grandeur and of grace, Retired to commune with his harp alone;

Limbs torn and wounded, a majestic face For still he nursed it, like a secret thought, Deep-plowed by Time, and ghastly pale with woes, Long cherish'd, and to late perfection wrought,- That goaded till remorse to madness rose;

Haunted by phantoms, he had fled his home, He ceased : the mute assembly rose in tears; With savage beasts in solitude to roam;

Delight and wonder were chastised with fears; Wild as the waves, and wandering as the wind, That heavenly harmony, unheard before, No art could tame him, and no chains could bind : Awoke the feeling - Who shall hear it more?" Already seven disastrous years had shed

The sun had set in glory on their sight, Mildew and blast on his unshelter'd head;

For them in vain might morn restore the light; His brain was smitten by the sun at noon,

Though self-devoted, through each mortal frame, His heart was withier'd by the cold night moon. At thought of Death, a cold sick shuddering came,

Nature's infirmity but faith was given,
""T was Cain, the sire of nations :-Jubal knew The flame that lifts the sacrifice to Heaven:
His kindred looks, and tremblingly withdrew; Through doubt and darkness then beyond the skies
He, darting like the blaze of sudden fire,

Eternal prospects open'd on their eyes;
Leap'd o'er the space between, and grasp'd the lyre: Already seem'd the immortal spirit free,
Sooner with life the struggling bard would part, And Death was swallowed up in victory.
And, ere the fiend could tear it from his heart,
He hurl'd his hand, with one tremendous stroke,
O'er all the strings; whence in a whirlwind broke

Such tones of terror, dissonance, despair,
As till that hour had never jarr'd in air.
Astonish'd into marble at the shock,

The Patriarchs and their Families carried away cap Backward stood Cain, unconscious as a rock,

tive by a Detachment from the Army of the InCold, breathless, motionless through all his frame:

vaders,—The tomb of Abel: his Murder by Cain But soon his visage quicken'd into flame,

described. The Origin of the Giants: the Infancy When Jubal's hand the crashing jargon changed

and early Adventures of their King: the Leader To melting harmony, and nimbly ranged

of their Host encamped in Eden. From chord to chord, ascending sweet and clear, Then rolling down in thunder on the ear;

The flocks and herds throughout the glen reposed; With power the pulse of anguish to restrain, No human eyelid there in slumber closed; And charm the evil spirit from the brain.

None, save the infant's on the mother's breast

With arms of love caressing and carest,
“Slowly recovering from that trance profound, She, while her elder offspring round her clung,
Bewilder'd, touch'd, transported with the sound, Each eye intent on hers and mute each tongue,
Cain view'd himself, the bard, the earth, the sky, The voice of Death in every murmur heard,
While wonder flash'd and faded in his eye,

And felt his touch in every limb that stirr'd.
And reason, by alternate frenzy crost,
Now seem'd restored, and now for ever lost.

At midnight, down the forest hills, a train
So shines the moon, by glimpses, through her shrouds, of eager warriors from the host of Cain,
When windy Darkness rides upon the clouds, Burst on the stillness of the scene :-they spread
Till through the blue, serene, and silent night, In bands, to clutch the victims ere they fled;
She reigns in full tranquillity of light.

Of flight unmindful, at their summons, rose Jubal, with eager hope, beheld the chase

Those victims, meekly yielding to their foes; of strange emotions hurrying o'er his face,

Though woman wept to leave her home behind, And waked his noblest numbers to control

The weak were comforted, the strong resign'd, The tide and tempest of the maniac's soul : And ere the moon descending o'er the vale, Through many a maze of melody they flew, Grew, at the bright approach of morning, pale, They rose like incense, they distill'd like dew, Collected thus, the patriarchal clan, Pour'd through the sufferer's breast delicious balm, With strengthen'd confidence, their march began, And soothed remembrance till remorse grew calm, Since not in ashes were their dwellings laid, Till Cain forsook the solitary wild,

And death, though threaten'd still, was still delay'. Led by the minstrel like a weaned child.

Struck with their fearless innocence, they saw Oh! had you seen him to his home restored,

Their fierce assailants check'd with sacred awe; How young and old ran forth to meet their lord; The foe became a phalanx of defence, How friends and kindred on his neck did fall, And brought them, like a guard of Angels, thence. Weeping aloud, while Cain outwept them all : A vista-path, that through the forest led But hush!-thenceforward, when recoiling care (By Javan shunn'd when from the camp he fled), Lower'd on his brow, and sadden'd to despair, The pilgrims track'd till on the mountain's height The lyre of Jubal, with divinest art,

They met the sun new ris'n, in glorious light; Repellid the demon, and revived his heart.

Empurpled mists along the landscape rollid, Thus Song, the breath of heaven, had power to And all the orient flamed with clouds of gold.

bind In chains of harmony the mightiest mind;

Here, while they halted, on their knees they raise Thus Music's empire in the soul began,

To God the sacrifice of prayer and praise ;
The first-born Poet ruled the first-born Man." -Glory to Thee, for every blessing shed,

In days of peace, on our protected head;
While Javan sung, the shadows fell around, Glory to Thee, for fortitude to bear
The moving glow-worm brightend on the ground, The wrath of man, rejoicing o'er despair;

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