Who worship him with notes more sweet than words,

Lausannei and Ferney! ye have been the And innocently open their glad wings,

abodes Fearless and full of life: the gush of

Of names which unto you bequeathed a springs,

name; And fall of lofty fountains, and the

Mortals, who sought and found, by danbend Of stirring branches, and the bud which

gerous roads,

A path to perpetuity of fame: brings

They were gigantic minds, and their steep The swiftest thought of beauty, here ex

aim tend,

Was, Titan-like, on daring doubts to pile Mingling, and made by Love, unto

Thoughts which should call down thunder mighty end.

and the flame Of Heaven, again assailed, if Heaven the

while He who hath loved not, here would learn that lore,

On man and man's research could deign

do more than smile. And make his heart a spirit; he who

knows That tender mystery, will love the more, For this is Love's recess, where vain men's

The one was fire and fickleness, a child,

Most mutable in wishes, but in mind woes And the world's waste have driven him

A wit as various, gay, grave, sage, or far from those,

wild, For 'tis his nature to advance or die;

Historian, bard, philosopher, combined: He stands not still, but or decays or

He multiplied himself among mankind, 990

The Proteus of their talents; but his own grows

965 Into a boundless blessing, which may vie

Breathed most in ridicule, which, as With the immortal lights in its eternity!

the wind, Blew where it listed, laying all things


Now to o'erthrow a fool, and now 'Twas not for fiction chose Rousseau this

shake a throne. spot,

Peopling it with affections; but he found
It was the scene which passion must

The other, deep and slow, exhausting allot

thought, To the mind's purified beings; 'twas the And hiving wisdom with each studious ground

year, Where early Love his Psyche's zone un In meditation dwelt, with learning bound,

wrought, And hallowed it with loveliness. 'Tis And shaped his weapon with an edge lone,

severe, And wonderful, and deep, and hath a Sapping a solemn creed with solemn sound,

sneer; And sense, and sight of sweetness; here The lord of irony, - that the Rhone

spell, Hath spread himself a couch, the Alps Which stung his foes to wrath which grew have reared a throne.

from fear,








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- in a






may be


In worship of an echo; in the crowd Almost thy very growth, to view thee They could not deem me one of such: I catch stood

Knowledge of objects, wonders yet Among them, but not of them,

thee! shroud

To hold thee lightly on a gentle knee, 1080 Of thoughts which

their And print on thy soft cheek a parent's thoughts, — and still could,

kiss, Had I not filed my mind, which thus it This, it should seem, was not reserved self subdued.

for me; Yet this was in my nature: as it is,

I know not what is there, yet something I have not loved the world, nor the world

like to this. me,

CXVII But let us part fair foes; I do believe, Though I have found them not, that there Yet, though dull hate as duty should be

taught, Words which are things, hopes which will

I know that thou wilt love me; though not deceive,

my name And virtues which are merciful nor weave

Should be shut from thee, as a spell still Snares for the failing: I would also deem

fraught O’er others' griefs that some sincerely With desolation, and a broken claim; grieve;

Though the grave closed between us, That two, or one, are almost what they

'twere the same,

I know that thou wilt love me; though seem,

1065 That goodness is no name and happiness

to drain no dream.

My blood from out thy being were an aim
And an attainment, all would be in

vain, My daughter! with thy name this song

Still thou wouldst love me, still that more

than life retain. begun My daughter! with thy name thus much shall end

CXVIII I see thee not, I hear thee not, but none

The child of love, though born in bitterCan be so wrapt in thee; thou art the friend

And nurtured in convulsion, - of thy To whom the shadows of far years extend: sire Albeit my brow thou never shouldst be

These were the elements, and thine no hold,

less. My voice shall with thy future visions

As yet such are around thee, but thy fire blend,

Shall be more tempered and thy hope far And reach into thy heart, when mine

higher. is cold,

Sweet be thy cradled slumbers! O'er the A token and a tone even from thy father's

sea, mould.

And from the mountains where I now

respire, CXVI

Fain would I waft such blessing upon thee, To aid thy mind's development, to watch As, with a sigh, I deem thou mightst have Thy dawn of little joys, to sit and see

been to me!











And thought of shaking off my bonds of

clay: But now I fain would for a time survive, If but to see what next can well arrive.

My sister! my sweet sister! if a name Dearer and purer were, it should be

thine, Mountains and seas divide us, but I claim No tears, but tenderness to answer mine: Go where I will, to me thou art the



A loved regret which I would not resign. There yet are

two things in my destiny, A world to roam through, and a home

with thee.

Kingdoms and empires in my little day
I have outlived, and yet I am not old;
And when I look on this, the petty

spray Of my own years of trouble, which have

rolled Like a wild bay of breakers, melts away: Something — I know not what — does still

uphold A spirit of slight patience; - not in vain, Even for its own sake, do we purchase

pain. Perhaps the workings of defiance stir Within me

or perhaps a cold despair, Brought on when ills habitually recur Perhaps a kinder clime, or purer air (For even to this may change of soul

refer, And with light armor we may learn to

bear), Have taught me a strange quiet, which


[blocks in formation]



was not

The chief companion of a calmer lot.

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