Polynesian Researches During a Residence of Nearly Eight Years in the Society and Sandwich Islands, 第 3 巻

Fisher, Son & Jackson, 1832

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167 ページ - Lo, the poor Indian ! whose untutored mind Sees GOD in clouds, or hears Him in the wind ; His soul proud science never taught to stray Far as the solar walk or Milky Way...
28 ページ - I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.
9 ページ - Saviour comes ! by ancient bards foretold ! Hear Him, ye deaf; and all ye blind, behold ! He from thick films shall purge the visual ray, And on the sightless eyeball pour the day: 'Tis he the obstructed paths of sound shall clear, And bid new music charm th' unfolding ear: The dumb shall sing, the lame his crutch forego, And leap exulting, like the bounding roe.
303 ページ - In these regions may be seen islands in every stage of their formation : " some presenting little more than a point or summit of a branching coralline pyramid, at a depth scarcely discernible through the transparent waters ; others spreading, like submarine gardens or shrubberies, beneath the surface ; or presenting here and there a little bank of broken coral and sand, over which the rolling wave occasionally breaks...
134 ページ - Missionaries illustrated the general principles of scripture, that in all the public stations they sustained , they were to do unto others as they would that others should do unto them...
140 ページ - ... in eighteen articles. After reading and explaining the several articles, he asked the chiefs if they approved of them. They replied aloud, ' We agree to them ; we heartily agree to them.' The king then addressed the people, and desired them, if they approved of the laws, to signify the same by lifting up their right hands. This was unanimously done, with a remarkable rushing noise, owing to the thousands of arms being lifted at once.
71 ページ - If it is not proper you must tell me. But I do greatly desire to dwell with you in the fold of Christ.
407 ページ - Christianity teacheth people to beat their swords into plough-shares, and their spears into pruning-hooks, and to learn war no more...
403 ページ - The natives gave us all the assistance in their power from the time the ship struck to the present moment. The first day, while landing the things from the ship, they were put into the hands of the natives, and carried up to the Native Mission-house, a distance of half a mile ; and not a single article of clothing was taken from any man belonging to the ship, though they had it in...
71 ページ - This is the reason why I hope I have a new heart. The heart I have now is not like the heart I formerly had. The one I have now is very bad, it is unbelieving, and inclined to evil. But it is not like the one I formerly had. Yes; I think I have a new heart.