Stephen Fair

HarperCollins, 2000/04/26 - 256 ページ
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A dark family secret ...

Stephen is fifteen when the nightmares begin. The dream is always the same: a crying baby, a wooden ladder, a house built in the branches, fire everywhere. Night after night, the fantastic images haunt him. More chilling than the dream itself, though, is the fact that this is the very same nightmare that haunted Stephen's brother, Marcus--the dream that drove Marcus to run away. Now Stephen is the age his brother was when he left, and he wonders what it all means.

Determined not to run from the truth, Stephen steels himself for a journey of remarkable discovery that he hopes will eventually lead him to the truth about the past and, ultimately, about himself.

00-01 South Carolina Book Award Nomination Masterlist (Grds 6-9)

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Recurrent nightmares and a strong feeling that his mother is hiding something haunt a teenager in this ethereal novel from Wynne-Jones (The Maestro, 1996, etc.). At 15, Stephen has disturbing dreams ... レビュー全文を読む

著者について (2000)

Tim Wynne-Jones has twice won the prestigious Governor General's Award for Children's Literature in Canada, most recently for his novel The Maestro. He makes his home in eastern Ontario, Canada.