The Hermit in the Country, Or, Sketches of English Manners, 第 3 巻



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136 ページ - Long ere the lingering dawn of that blythe morn Which ushers in the year, the roosting cock, Flapping his wings, repeats his larum shrill ; But on that morn no busy flail obeys His rousing call ; no sounds but sounds of joy Salute the ear...
14 ページ - ... official character with which he was invested. On this occasion a ballad appeared, under the title of " Billy's too young to drive us," of which we prefer to copy the first rather than the last portion, I. " If life's a rough journey, as moralists tell, Englishmen sure make the best on't , On this spot of the earth they bade Liberty dwell, Whilst Slavery holds all the rest on't. They thought the best solace for labour and care Was a state independent and free, Sir ; And this thought, tho' a curse...
136 ページ - Salute the rear— the first foot's entering step. That sudden on the floor is welcome heard, Ere blushing maids have braided up their hair; The laugh, the hearty kits, the gord new year Pronounced with honest warmth.