The Court Rolls of the Honor of Clitheroe in the County of Lancaster ...

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213 ページ - Wurston Greyne," and in that the said defendant has deforced and disseised him of the said land, and has wrongfully occupied and withheld the same, to his injury in the sum of xx1'. The defendant denies the allegation, and says that he is fined and seised of the said land, with other lands, to himself and his heirs for ever, according to the custom of the Manor ; and he prays for an enquiry by his country, viz., by xxiiij.
144 ページ - Elizabeth is, was seised of the tenements aforesaid, with the appurtenances, in his demesne as of fee and right, in the time of peace, in the time of the...
215 ページ - VIII., in the twentyseventh year of his reign, " to begin on the day next after the feast of the purification of the blessed virgin Mary, and to continue six days next following...
246 ページ - ... contrary to the Statute; and Richard Mersden, Christopher Robynson, Richard Mitton, and Margaret Mersden, widow, for obstructing the highway in the Prestfold. And they further present that the township [villatus] of Colne has not made " les stokks"! according to the ordinance ; and that all men and women who shall sell ale, after the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist [June 24] next ensuing, shall sell by stamped measure,§ under penalty of xijd [to be forfeited] so often as they do...
234 ページ - If the lord ousts his [copyhold] tenant he does him a wrong, for his tenant is as well inheritor to have the land to him and his heirs according to the custom of the manor as any man is to have his lands at common law.
116 ページ - Henry the Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of England, and of France, Defender of the Faith, Lord of Ireland, and in Earth immediately under Christ Supreme Head of the Church of England...
204 ページ - Common of estovers or estouviers, that is, necessaries (from estoffer, to furnish), is a liberty of taking necessary wood, for the use or furniture of a house or farm, from off another's estate.
xiv ページ - Also you shall inquire of Sleepers by day, and walkers by night, to steale and purloine other men's goods and Conies out of Warrens, Fish out of men's seuerall Ponds or Waters, Hennes from Henrouse, or any other thing whatsoeuer, for they are ill members in a Common-wealth, and deserue punishment : therefore if you know any such, present them.
360 ページ - Henry fforte is the relation and next heir of the said William Hyrd, chantry priest,* according to the intent of the said Indentures. Thereupon Agnes, Jennet, and Margaret Michell, daughters and co-heiresses of Nicholas Michell, forbad fine in right of their inheritance, * William Hyrd probably died during the summer of the year 1543. He must have been an old man at the time of his death. — (See Note, page 265.) and Henry Banester is found as surety to reply to the said forbid. Admittance granted,...
57 ページ - Monday next after the feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, in 1359, leaving his brother (of the same name, John), his heir,m then nineteen years of age.