The Works of Walter Scott, Esq, 第 2 巻

James Ballantyne and Company, 1806

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206 ページ - Knight; And naebody kens that he lies there, But his hawk, his hound, and lady fair. "His hound is to the hunting gane, His hawk to fetch the wild-fowl hame, His lady's ta'en another mate, So we may mak our dinner sweet. "Ye'll sit on his white hause-bane, And I'll pick out his bonny blue een: Wi' ae lock o' his gowden hair We'll theek our nest when it grows bare.
257 ページ - ... What gat ye to your dinner, Lord Randal, my son? What gat ye to your dinner, my handsome young man?" "I gat eels boiled in broo; mother, make my bed soon, For I'm weary wi hunting, and fain wald lie down.
109 ページ - Of airy Elves by moonlight shadows seen, The silver token, and the circled green, Or virgins visited by Angel-pow'rs, With golden crowns and wreaths of heav'nly flow'rs ; Hear and believe!
210 ページ - And put on your armour so bright ; " Let it never be said, that a daughter of thine " Was married to a lord under night. " Rise up, rise up, my seven bold sons, " And put on your armour so bright, " And take better care of your youngest sister, " For your eldest's awa the last night.
284 ページ - And we will talk of bonny Bewick, Where he was teaching his scholars five. When he had taught them well to fence, And handle swords without any doubt, He took his sword under his arm, And he walk'd his father's close about. He looked atween him and the sun, And a...
269 ページ - The King said unto Rodingham, " What news have you to me," He said, " Your Queen's a false woman, As I did plainly see.
332 ページ - They eat sae much o' the venison, And drank sae much o' the blude. That Johnie and a' his bluidy hounds, Fell asleep as they had been dead. And by there came a silly auld carle, An ill death mote he die! For he's awa' to Hislinton, Where the Seven Foresters did lie. " What news, what news, ye gray-headed carle, What news bring ye to me?" — " I bring nae news," said the gray-headed carle, " Save what these eyes did see.
212 ページ - ... a drink Of the spring that ran sae clear, And down the stream ran his gude heart's blood, And sair she gan to fear. "Hold up, hold up, Lord William...
191 ページ - Betwixt the hours of twelve and one, A north wind tore the bent ; And straight she heard strange elritch sounds Upon that wind which went. About the dead hour o...
344 ページ - I WILL sing, if ye will hearken, If ye will hearken unto me; The King has ta'en a poor prisoner, The wanton laird o'. young Logie. Young Logic's laid in Edinburgh chapel: Carmichael's the keeper o' the key ;S And may Margaret's lamenting sair, A