Vegetables from the Far East

Frances Lincoln, 2007 - 232 ページ
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Here is a revised edition of vegetable guru Joy Larkcom's guide to the vegetables of the Far East. Based on 10 years of research, it features a cornucopia of crops: a whole new world of vegetables that includes hardy leafy mustards, komatsuna, Chinese yams, lablab beans, Japanese pumpkin and water bamboo - all full of flavour, versatile and easy to grow.
Joy Larkcom shows how Western gardeners can grow these vegetables, whatever their weather, whatever their soil type. Using organic methods and both traditional and modern techniques, she takes you through each stage of cultivation, and provides over 50 of her own delicious recipes.

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著者について (2007)

JOY LARKCOM is Britain's most respected vegetable garden maker and gardening writer. She has contributed to many magazines and newspapers, radio and TV programmes and has lectured all over the world. Her accolades include the Garden Writer of the Year award (three times); Lifetime Achievement Award from the Garden Writers' Guild in 2003, and the Veitch Memorial Medal for horticulture, the RHS's highest honour, in 1993. Her other titles for Frances Lincoln are Grow Your Own Vegetables (ISBN 9780711219632) and The Organic Salad Garden (ISBN 9780711222045).