Rethinking Japan Vol 1.: Literature, Visual Arts & Linguistics

Routledge, 2014/01/27 - 354 ページ
These papers explore the debate over new directions in Japanese studies.

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Rethinking Sosekis
Abe Kobos ªArk Sakura
Japanese Architecture Today
The Impact of Geographical Conditions on Japanese Creativity
AttitudesinEurope and Japan
On Problems ofLiterary Historiography
The Problem of Time in Japanese Literature MIKOLAJ MELANOWICZ
AEuropean Eye onJapanese Arts and a Japanese Responseto ªJaponisme
Reading Busons Paintingand Bashos
Towards a Definition of Tama
ªSleeves and ªTears in Classical Japanese Poetry and Lyrical Prose
its Experience in Western Approach
The Role of Word Systems in the Translatability
The Changing Language in a Changing Society
OntheNecessity of Contrastive Analysis of Japanese and Minor Languages

Chaos or Coherence? Sat Haruos Novel Dennen no ytsu and Yu Dafus
Winkedat Lives
Aesthetics and its Implications in Global Communication
Kami and Gaki in the Botanical Imaginationof of
A Contemporary View of the Japanese Verbal System
OnPrejudice Nominals in Japanese

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