Autobiography of Joseph Lister, of Bradford, in

Yorkshire, to which is added a contemporary account of the Defence of Bradford, and Capture of Leeds by the Parliamentarians in 1642, edited by

Thomas WRIGHT, 8vo. only 250 copies printed, cloth, 48 Love Letters of Mrs. Piozzi, written when she was

Eighty, to the handsome Actor, William Augustus Conway, aged Twentyseven, 8vo. sewed, 28

“ written at three, four, and five o'clock in the morning) by an Octogenary pen, a heart (as Mrs. Lee says) twenty-six years old, and as H. L. P. feels it to be, all your own." - Letter V. 3rd Feb. 1820. Collection of Letters on Scientific Subjects, illustra

tive of the Progress of Science in England temp. Elizabeth to Charles II. edited by J. 0. HALLIWELL, 8vo. cloth, 38

Comprising letters of Digges, Dee, Tycho Brahe, Lower, Harriott, Lydyat, Sir W. Petty, Sir C. Cavendish, Biancker, Pell, &c.; also the autobiography of Sir Samuel Morland, from a MS. in Lambeth Palace, Nat. Tarpoley's Corrector Analyticus, &c. Cost the Subscribers £1. A Rot among the Bishops; or a Terrible Tempest

in the Sea of Canterbury, set forth in lively emblems to please the judicious Reader, by THOMAS STIRRY, 1641, 18mo. (a satire on Abp. Laud,) four very curious woodcut emblems, cloth, 38

facsimile of the very rare original edition, which sold at Bindley's sale for £13. Bibliotheca Madrigaliana.-A Bibliographical Ac

count of the Musical and Poetical Works published in England during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, under the titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, &c. &c. by Edward F. Rimbault, LL.D., F.S.A., 8vo. cloth, 58

It records a class of books left undescribed by Ames, Herbert, and Dibdin, and furnishes a most valuable Catalogue of the Lyrical Poetry of the age to which it refers. Who was “Jack Wilson” the Singer of Shake

speare's Stage ? An attempt to prove the identity of this person with John Wilson, Dr. of Musick in the University of Oxford, A.D. 1644, by E. F.

RIMBAULT, LL.D. 8vo. 18 Popular Poetry, Stories, and Superstitions. The Nursery Rhymes of England, collected chiefly

from Oral Tradition, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL. The Fourth Edition, enlarged, with 38 Designs by W. B. Scott, Director of the School of Design, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 12mo. in very richly illuminated cloth, gilt leaves, 48 6d

« Illustrations! And here they are; clever pictures, which the three-year olds understand before their A, B, C, and which the fifty-three-year olds like almost as well as the threes."'-Literary Gazette.

“ We are persuaded that the very rudest of these singles, tales, and rhymes, possess a strong imagination-noorishing power; and that in infancy and early childhood a sprinkling of ancient nursery lore is worth whole cartloads of the wise saws and modern instances which are now as duly and carefully concocted by experienced litterateurs, into instructive tales for the spelling public, as are works of entertainment for the reading public. The work is worthy of the attention of the popular antiquary."— Tait's Mag, Wonderful Discovery of the Witchcrafts of Margaret

and Philip Flower, daughters of Joan Flower, near Bever (Belvoir), executed at Lincoln for confessing themselves actors in the destruction of Lord Rosse, son of the Earl of Rutland, 1618, 8vo. 18

One of the most extraordinary cases of Witchcraft on record.

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Russell Smith, 4, Old Compton Street, Soho. Saint Patrick's Purgatory; an Essay on the

Legends of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, current during the Middle Ages, by Thomas WRIGHT, M.A., F.S.A., &c. post 8vo. cloth, 68

« It must be observed that this is not a mere account of St. Patrick's Purgatory, but a complete history of the legends and superstitions relating to the subject, from the earliest times, rescued from old MSS. as well as from old printed books. Moreover, it embraces a singular chapter of literary history, omitted by Warton and all former writers with whom we are acquainted ; and we think we may add, that it forms the best introduction to Dante that has yet been published.”- Literary Gazctte.

« This appears to be a curious and even amusing book on the singular subject of Purgatory, in which the idle and fearful dreams of superstition are shown to be first narrated as tales, and then applied as means of deducing the moral character of the age in which they prevailed.”-Spectator. Trial of the Witches at Bury St. Edmunds, before

Sir M. HALE, 1664, with an Appendix by CHARLES CLARK, of Totham, Essex, 8vo. 18

“ The most perfect narrative of anything of this nature hitherto extant.”—Preface. Account of the Trial, Confession, and Condemnation

of Six Witches at Maidstone, 1652; also the Trial and Execution of Three others at Faversham, 1645, 8vo. 18

These Transactions are unnoticed by all Kentish historians. An Essay on the Archæology of our Popular

Phrases and Nursery Rhymes, by H. B. KER, 2 vols. 12mo. new cloth, 48 (pub. at 12s)

A work which has met with great abuse among the reviewers, but those who are fond of philological pursuits will read it now it is to be had at so very moderate a price, and it really

of gossiping matter. The author's attempt is to explain every thing from the Dutch, which he believes was the same language as the Anglo-Saxon. The Merry Tales of the Wise Men of Gotham, edited by JAMES ORCHARD HALLIWELL, Esq. F.S.A., post 8vo. 18

Miscellanies: Illustrations of Eating, displaying the Omnivorous

Character of Man, and exhibiting the Natives of various Countries at

feeding-time, by a BEEF-EATER, fcap. 8vo. with woodcuts, 28 Elements of Naval Architecture, being a Translation

of the third part of CLAIRBOIS' “ Traité Elémentairé de la Construction des Vaisseaux,” by J. N. STRANGE, Commander, R.N., 8vo. with 5 large

folding plates, cloth, 58 Poems, partly of Rural Life (in National English),

by William BARNES, Author of “Poems in the Dorset Dialect," 12mo.

cloth, 58 Waifs and Strays (a Collection of Poetry), 12mo.

only 250 printed, chiefly for presents, sewed, 18 6d Facts and Speculations on the History of Playing

Cards in Europe, by W, A. CHATTO, Author of the History of Wood Engraving, with Illustrations by J. Jackson,' 8vo. profusely illustrated with engravings, both plain and coloured, cloth, £1.1s

“It is exceedingly amusing."-Atlas. “Indeed the entire production deserves our warmest approbation."-Lit. Gaz. “A perfect fund of antiquarian research, and most interesting even to persons who never play at cards."-Tait's Mag.


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