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Macmillan, 1906 - 429 ページ

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xvi ページ - Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five; Hardly a man is now alive Who remembers that famous day and year. He said to his friend, "If the British march By land or sea from the town tonight, Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch Of the North Church tower as a signal light,— One, if by land, and two, if by sea; And I on the opposite shore will be, Ready to ride and spread the alarm Through every Middlesex village and...
34 ページ - A wizard of such dreaded fame That when, in Salamanca's cave, Him listed his magic wand to wave, The bells would ring in Notre Dame...
330 ページ - Here in this lone little wood," I exclaimed, " With a maid who was lovely to soul and to eye, Who would blush when I praised her, and weep if I blamed. How blest could I live, and how calm could I die ! " By the shade of yon sumach, whose red berry dips In the gush of the fountain, how sweet to recline, And to know that I sighed upon innocent lips, Which had never been sighed on by any but mine ! -
105 ページ - That, if by faithfulness I had recommended myself to Gen. Howe, I should be loth, by unfaithfulness, to lose the General's good opinion ; besides, that I viewed the offer of land to be similar to that which the devil offered Jesus Christ, "To give him all the kingdoms of the world, if he would fall down and worship him ; when at the same time, the damned soul had not one foot of land upon earth.
xv ページ - The eyes are blue, the cheeks pink, the complexion clear, and the expression sedate; rings are in the ears; beard and moustache are at an incipient Stage, and are of the same bright auburn hue as the hair in a picture of Southampton's mother that is also at Welbeck. But however scanty is the down on the youth's cheek, the hair on his head is luxuriant. It is worn very long, and falls over and below the shoulder. The colour is now of walnut, but was originally of lighter tint (pp.
94 ページ - So that the mountains were still green, and so the forests still grew into cathedral aisles. And with every summer the wilderness was alive with glories for which there is no comparison. Then, alas 1 Satan came walking up and down. And he devised methods of making paper from wood pulp.
86 ページ - Mr. Patterson told me that when he himself was a student he assisted one of the professors who bound together a number of little elms, each as big as your thumb perhaps, and planted them together in this corner of the quadrangle. They have grown together and are now one tree. As for the Academy at Exeter, it won its honors early, and it holds them with pride to this day. One of the Phillipses of Andover endowed the school, and he buildcd a great deal better than he knew.
xii ページ - His four great works executed in the rotunda of the Capitol at Washington — the Declaration of Independence ; the Surrender of Burgoyne...
93 ページ - ... them stay ! But let no man dare to fire till he gives the word to all, Let no man let the buckshot go astray. Fire ! Fire ! Fire ! Fire all along the line, When we meet those bloody Hessians in array ! They shall have every grain from this powderhorn of mine, Unless the cowards turn and run away. Home ! Home ! Home ! When the fight is fought and won, To the home where the women watch and pray! To tell them how John Stark finished what he had begun, And to hear them thank our God for the day....
59 ページ - Wherever he was he made a circle of youngsters who loved him and perhaps worshipped him, and so he lifted them into the Higher Life. When I made that visit, his charming sisters were in the home. One of them, who left us not long ago, married into the Greenleaf family. I think Henry Longfellow was there at the same time. I have tried to express in public once and again the blessing which he brought to Harvard College. I mark its history with a line for the day when he came there, only twentynine...