Understanding Lesson Study for Mathematics: A Practical Guide for Improving Teaching and Learning

Routledge, 2020/06/04 - 262 ページ

Using the latest research, this book provides an insight into how learning in mathematics can be improved through a lesson study approach. This highly practical resource explores the research and theory that underpins lesson study, and shows the significant impact it can have on teacher development.

Divided into ten accessible main chapters that focus in depth on an individual mathematics lesson, each chapter provides research and background to the lesson, an outline of key features, a detailed description and analysis of the lesson in practice, post-lesson discussions and reflections which generalise from the experience, as well as links to helpful resources. Some of the key topics explored include:

  • Fractions
  • Proportional relationships
  • Probability and statistics
  • Geometry
  • Modelling
  • Algebra
  • Dialogic reasoning.

Understanding Lesson Study for Mathematics is the perfect resource for all mathematics teachers, trainee teachers, and professional developers who are looking to develop the use of lesson study in their own practice or for those simply seeking new inspiring ideas for the mathematics classroom.


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An introduction to lesson study
Perimeter and mastery
Developing understanding of fractions through context
Proportional relationships and the double number line
Communicating mathematically about shape
Constructing deep geometrical understanding
Modelling through openended tasks
Early algebra using reallife scenarios
Sustaining argument about randomness
connecting statistics to student experience
Teaching logarithms through problem solving
mathematics pedagogy professional development and research

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著者について (2020)

Rosa Archer, University of Manchester, has worked on lesson study for ten years with colleagues from Japan and from England.

Siân Morgan, Manchester University, is a teacher educator, researcher and professional developer with a passion for mathematics education and lesson study.

David Swanson teaches at Manchester University and researches mathematical and pedagogical concept development and critical social perspectives on education.