An Enquiry Into the Origin of the Authorship of Some of the Earlier Waverley Novels

Jas. Hudsmith, printer, 1856 - 61 ページ

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26 ページ - On hearing from Mr. Croker (then Secretary to the Admiralty) that Scott was to be in town by the middle of March (1815), the Prince said, ' Let me know when he comes, and I'll get up a snug little dinner that will suit him...
43 ページ - The story is a dismal one, and I doubt sometimes whether it will bear working out to much length after all. Query, if I shall make it so effective in two volumes as my mother does in her quarter of an hour's crack by the fireside. But nil desperandum. You shall have a bunch tomorrow or next day — and when the proofs come in, my pen must and shall step out.
56 ページ - Well do I remember his first appearance after this calamity was divulged, when he walked into Court one day in January 1826. There was no affectation, and no reality, of facing it ; no look of indifference or defiance ; but the manly and modest air of a gentleman conscious of some folly, but of perfect rectitude, and of most heroic and honourable resolutions.* It was on that very day, I believe, that he said a very fine thing.
15 ページ - Send me a novel intermixing your exuberant and natural humour, with any incidents and descriptions of scenery you may see — particularly with characters and traits of manners. I will give it all the cobbling...
11 ページ - I shall be well enough presently, if you will only let me sit where you are, and take my chair ; for there is a confounded hand in sight of me here, which has often bothered me before, and now it won't let me fill my glass with a good will.
6 ページ - I had nourished the ambitious desire of composing a tale of chivalry, which was to be in the style of the Castle of Otranto, with plenty of Border characters, and supernatural incident.
47 ページ - ... concealment of the authorship of the novels was intended to make mystery heighten their effect, it completely succeeded. The speculations and conjectures, and nods and winks, and predictions and assertions were endless, and occupied every company, and almost every two men who met and spoke in the street. It was proved by a thousand indications, each refuting the other, and all equally true in fact, that they were written by old Henry Mackenzie, and by George Cranstoun, and William Erskine, and...
11 ページ - ... hot, we adjourned to a library which had one large window looking northwards. After carousing here for an hour or more, I observed that a shade had come over the aspect of my friend, who happened to be placed immediately opposite to myself, and said something that intimated a fear of his being unwell.
50 ページ - Now this is always taken as a compliment of the first class, whether applied to an actual cur or parabolically to a biped, and upon the same principle it is with no small pride and gratification that...
7 ページ - The first was the extended and wellmerited fame of Miss Edgeworth, whose Irish characters have gone so far to make the English familiar with the character of their gay and kind-hearted neighbours of Ireland...