Sunrise (Noon, Sunset) [quotations] by H.L.S. Lear, 第 245 号、第 2 部

Henrietta Louisa Lear


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80 ページ - It is indisputably evident that a great part of every man's life must be employed in collecting materials for the exercise of genius. Invention, strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory: nothing can be made of nothing: he who has laid up no materials, can produce no combination.
42 ページ - K^verence, for what is pure and bright in your own youth; for what is true and tried in the age of others ; for all that is gracious among the living, great among the dead, — and marvellous in the Powers that cannot die.
45 ページ - Uninterrupted sunshine would parch our hearts : we want shade and rain to cool and refresh them.
15 ページ - ... watch only for the smiles and neglect the frowns of fate, to compose our lives of bright and gentle moments, turning always to the sunny side of things, and letting the rest slip from our imaginations, unheeded or forgotten ! How different from the common art of self-tormenting ! For myself, as I rode along the Brenta, while the sun shone hot upon its sluggish, slimy waves, my sensations were far from comfortable ; but the reading this inscription on the side of a glaring wall in an instant restored...
75 ページ - ... we may be free from the impotencies of fear, envy, malice, covetousness, ambition; that we may be clear of these, considered as vices seated in the heart, considered as constituting a general wrong temper; from which general wrong frame of mind, all the mistaken pursuits, and far the greatest part of the unhappiness of life, proceed. He who should find out one rule to assist us in this work, would deserve infinitely better of mankind than all the improvers of other knowledge put together.
14 ページ - Horas non numero nisi serenas — is the motto of a sun-dial near Venice. There is a softness and a harmony in the words and in the thought unparalleled. Of all conceits it is surely the most classical. " I count only the hours that are serene.
25 ページ - Tis the good reader that makes the good book ; a good head cannot read amiss, in every book he finds passages which seem confidences or asides hidden from all else and unmistakably meant for his ear.
39 ページ - We may recollect when children, perhaps, once seeing a person, and it is almost like a dream to us now that we did. It seems like an accident which goes and is all over, like some creature of the moment, which has no existence beyond it. The rain falls, and the wind blows ; and showers and storms have no existence beyond the time when we felt them ; they are nothing in themselves. But if we have but once seen any child of Adam, we have seen an immortal soul.