Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores: Or Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland During the Middle Ages. No. 01-, 第 40 巻、2 ページ



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180 ページ - ... golden crowns lately offered us ; for being more desirous of peace than riches, we have preferred enjoying the patrimony left us by our venerable ancestors, with our very dear cousin Catherine, your noble daughter, to iniquitously multiplying our treasures, and thus disgracing the honour of our crown, which God forbid ! " Given under our privy seal, in our castle of Southampton, the 5th day of the month of August.
210 ページ - ... helmets; wherefore this weight of armour, with the softness of the wet ground, as has been said, kept them as if immovable, so that they could raise their clubs only with great difficulty, and with all these mischiefs there was this, that most of them were troubled with hunger and want of sleep. There was a marvellous number of banners, and it was ordered that some of them should be furled. Also it was settled among the said French that everyone should shorten his lance, in order that they might...
211 ページ - Thus they went forward a little, then made a little retreat, but before they could come to close quarters, many of the French were disabled and wounded by the arrows ; and when they came quite up to the English, they were, as has been said, so closely pressed one against another that none of them could lift their arms to strike their enemies, except some that were in front,.
279 ページ - ... with her, and showed her as much kindness as before. He soon afterward held a council with the principal persons of Ghent, Bruges, and Ypres, and then took possession of the country of Flanders, without paying any attention to his liege lord. He departed thence for Mechlin, where he had a conference with the duke of Brabant his cousin, John of Bavaria his uncle, and his aunt the countess of Hainault, on several matters ; and from Mechlin he went to Lille. From this day he styled himself duke...
302 ページ - ... exchanged within the time that shall be agreed upon. For such is our pleasure. In witness whereof, we have caused our Seal to be put to these presents. Given at Versailles the 7th day of the month of February, in the year of Grace 1763, and of our reign the forty-eighth.