The Religious System of China, 第 4 巻

Kessinger Publishing, 2003/01/01 - 484 ページ
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The ancient forms, evolution, history and present aspect, manners, customs and social institutions connected with the religious system of China. This volume contains Part I (Soul in philosophy and folk-conception) of Book II (On the soul and ancestral worship). Contents: Psychological philosophy; Cosmo-psychological philosophy, and Taoism; On the multiplicity or divisibility of the souls of man; On the parts of the body in which the soul specially dwells; Animistic ideas as suggested by shadows; On disease of the soul, its debility and derangements; On absence of the soul from living man; On reanimation after death; On the reincarnation of souls through birth; On Zoanthropy; On the descent of men from animals; On plant-spirits; On the animation of lifeless matter; On food and medicines prepared from animals and men; On apparitions, and their influence upon the fate of man; On retributive justice exercised by spirits.

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