The Spindle-Side of Scotish Song


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110 ページ - But she looked in my face till my heart was like to break : They gi'ed him my hand, though my heart was in the sea; Sae auld Robin Gray he was gudeman to me. I hadna been a wife a week but only four, When mournfu...
110 ページ - The waes o' my heart fa' in showers frae my e'e, While my gudeman lies sound by me. Young Jamie lo'ed me weel, and sought me for his bride ; But saving a crown, he had naething else beside. To make the crown a pound, my Jamie gaed to sea ; And the crown and the pound were baith for me. He hadna been awa...
54 ページ - I've heard them lilting, at our ewe-milking Lasses a' lilting before dawn of day : But now they are moaning, on ilka green loaning, The Flowers of the forest are a
149 ページ - John, And I'll welcome you To the land o' the leal. Now fare ye weel, my ain John, This warld's cares are vain, John, We'll meet, and we'll be fain, In the land o
42 ページ - this is a most extraordinary proposal indeed, Mr. Philosopher — for if you lose, you take your own name, and if I lose, I take another man's name.
55 ページ - Dool and wae for the order, sent our lads to the Border ! The English, for ance, by guile wan the day ; The Flowers of the Forest, that fought aye the foremost, The prime of our land, are cauld in the clay. We'll hear nae mair lilting at the ewe-milking ; Women and bairns are heartless and wae ; Sighing and moaning on ilka green loaning — The Flowers of the Forest are a
176 ページ - Or, if to touch such chord be thine, Restore the ancient tragic line, And emulate the notes that rung From the wild harp, which silent hung By silver Avon's holy shore, Till twice an hundred years rolled o'er ; When she, the bold enchantress, came, With fearless hand and heart on flame!
44 ページ - I've seen the smiling Of Fortune beguiling ; I've felt all its favours, and found its decay: Sweet was its blessing, Kind its caressing ; But now 'tis fled — fled far away.
99 ページ - I have been writing a ballad, my dear; I am oppressing my heroine with many misfortunes. I have already sent her Jamie to sea, and broken her father's arm, and made her mother fall sick, and given her Auld Robin Gray for her lover ; but I wish to load her with a fifth sorrow within the four lines, poor thing ! Help me to one." — "Steal the cow, sister Anne,
152 ページ - Wha'll buy my caller herrin'? They're bonnie fish and halesome farin'; Wha'll buy my caller herrin', New drawn frae the Forth.