The History and Antiquities of Bicester, a Market Town in Oxfordshire:: Compiled from Original Records, the Parish Archives, Title-deeds of Estates, Harleian MSS., Papers in the Augmentation Office, Scarce Books, &c., and Containing Translations of the Principal Papers, Charters, &c. in Kennett's Parochial Antiquities. To which is Added and Inquiry Into the History of Alchester, a City of the Dobuni, the Site of which Now Forms a Part of the Common Field of Wendlebury in the County of Oxford

Richard and Arthur Taylor, Shoe-Lane, 1816 - 156 ページ

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21 ページ - ... it was a general survey of all the lands in the kingdom, their extent in each district, their proprietors, tenures, value; the quantity of meadow, pasture, wood, and arable land, which they contained; and in some counties the number of tenants, cottagers, and slaves of all denominations, who lived upon them.
31 ページ - The bordarii often mentioned in the Domesday Inquisition were distinct from the servi and villani, and seem to be those of a less servile condition, who had a bord or cottage with a small parcel of land allowed to them, on condition they should supply the lord with poultry and eggs, and other small provisions for his board and entertainment.
128 ページ - By Writ of Privy Seal and of the date aforesaid, by authority of Parliament.
45 ページ - In a script and rescript, or in a part and counterpart, and in the middle, between the two copies, they drew the capital letters of the alphabet, and then tallied, or cut asunder in an indented manner, the sheet or skin of parchment, one of which parts, being delivered to each of the parties, were proved authentic by matching with and answering to one another. Deeds thus made were denominated "syngrapha...
153 ページ - Rome, and spake thus to the pope : ' Sir, you see that I am signed with the cross, and am on my journey with the King of France, to fight in this pilgrimage. My name is great, and of note, viz. William Longspe ; but my estate is slender, for the King of England, my kinsman and liege lord, has deprived me of the title of earl, and of that estate. But this he did judiciously, and not in displeasure, or by the impulse of his will; therefore I do not blame him for it.
168 ページ - Filton, who with other justices examined certain witches, reporteth that one of them, being bidden to say the Lord's Prayer, said it well; but being conjured in the name of Jesus that if she had bewitched his Honour she should not be able to say the same, she could never repeat that petition 'Forgive us our trespasses...
132 ページ - Kennett adds, might be the pure villanes, and villanes in gross, who, without any determined tenure of land, were, at the arbitrary pleasure of the lord, appointed to servile works, and received their wages and maintenance at the discretion of the lord. The other were of a superior degree, and were called villani, because they were...
67 ページ - King's precept was begun in that year (1288) and finished as to the province of Canterbury in 1291, and as to that of York, in the following year; the whole being under the direction of John, Bishop of Winton, and Oliver, Bishop of Lincoln. A Third Taxation, entitled, Nova Taxatio...
214 ページ - ... touching a bower erected by King Henry for the reception of " Fair Rosamond," round which he constructed a labyrinth, so artfully contrived, that no stranger could possibly unthread its mazes. Here Rosamond was hidden from the "jealous queen...
125 ページ - One penny paid at the Feast of Saint Martin by the servile tenants to their lord, as a commutation for the service of carrying their lord's SALT from market to his larder.