Poems, 第 2 巻

J. Hatchard, 1812

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211 ページ - I never addressed myself in the language of decency and friendship, without receiving a decent and friendly answer; with man it has often been otherwise.
65 ページ - That weight of wood, with leathern coat o'erlaid ; Those ample clasps, of solid metal made...
22 ページ - Shame knew him not, he dreaded no disgrace; Truth, simple truth, was written in his face...
25 ページ - In times severe, when many a sturdy swain Felt it his pride, his comfort, to complain ; Isaac their wants would soothe, his own would hide And feel in that his comfort and his pride. At length he found, when seventy years were run, His strength departed, and his labour done ; When he, save honest fame, retain'd no more, But lost his wife, and saw his children poor : Twas then, a spark of — say not discontent — Struck on his mind, and thus he gave it vent : — " Kind are your laws, ('tis not...
27 ページ - And view his seat and sigh for Isaac there : I see no more those white locks thinly spread Round the bald polish of that...
24 ページ - Pride, in the power that guards his country's coast, And all that Englishmen enjoy and boast ; Pride, in a life that slander's tongue defied, — In fact, a noble passion, misnamed pride. He had no party's rage, no...
60 ページ - The soul's best cure, in all her cares, behold ! Where mental wealth the poor in thought may find, And mental physic the diseased in mind; See here the balms that passion's wounds assuage ; See coolers here, that damp the fire of rage ; Here alt'ratives, by slow degrees control The chronic habits of the sickly soul ; And round the heart and o'er the aching head, Mild opiates here their sober influence shed.
59 ページ - This, books can do ; — nor this alone ; they give New views to life and teach us how to live ; They soothe the griev'd, the stubborn they chastise, Fools they admonish, and confirm the wise : Their aid they yield to all : they never shun The man of sorrow nor the wretch undone : Unlike the hard, the selfish, and the proud, They fly not sullen from the suppliant crowd ; Nor tell to various people various things, But show to subjects, what they show to kings.
24 ページ - twas not their vulgar pride, Who, in their base contempt, the great deride ; Nor pride in learning, though my clerk agreed, If fate should call him, Ashford might succeed ; Nor pride in rustic skill, although we knew None his superior, and his equals few : But if that spirit in his soul had place, It was the jealous pride that shuns disgrace...
187 ページ - Now within the gate rejoice, Safe, and owned, and bought, and blest. Safe, from all the lures of vice ; . Owned, by joys the contrite know ; Bought, by love, and life the price ; Blest, the mighty debt to owe.