Goethe's Faust

Cassell, 1909 - 419 ページ


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20 ページ - twill be the same story To-morrow — and the next more dilatory ; Then indecision brings its own delays, And days are lost lamenting o'er lost days. Are you in earnest? seize this very minute — What you can do, or dream you can, begin it, Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
146 ページ - Quid sum, miser ! tune dicturus ? Quern patronum rogaturus ? Cum vix Justus sit securus.
34 ページ - If feeling does not prompt, in vain you strive. If from the soul the language does not come, By its own impulse, to impel the hearts Of hearers with communicated power, In vain you strive, in vain you study earnestly...
30 ページ - Oh ! how the spell before my sight -.Brings nature's hidden ways to light: {.,'•'{' See I all things with each other blending — Each to all its being lending — 'All on each in turn depending — Heavenly ministers descending — And again to heaven up-tending — Floating, mingling, interweaving — Rising, sinking, and receiving Each from each, while each is giving.
88 ページ - Tis the same life, the whole year round, The self-same set together found; — Each night, their songs — their drink — their game Their mirth — their very jests the same; And as its tail diverts a kitten, So they with their own jokes are smitten: They ask no more than thus to sup — Without a head-ache to get up — And while the host will credit give Are satisfied — and thus they livel BRANDER.
34 ページ - Oh! these fine holiday phrases, In which you robe your worn-out commonplaces, These scraps of paper which you crimp and curl And twist into a thousand idle shapes, These filigree ornaments, are good for nothing, — Cost time and pains, please few, impose on no one; Are unrefreshing as the wind that whistles, In autumn, 'mong the dry and wrinkled leaves.
21 ページ - The sun, as in the ancient days, 'Mong sister stars in rival song, His destined path observes, obeys, And still in thunder rolls along : New strength and full beatitude The angels gather from his sight, Mysterious all — yet all is good, All fair as at the birth of light ! Gabriel.
4 ページ - As if I knew myself and could inform them. From heaven, through the world, to hell, would indeed be something; but this is no idea, only a course of action. And further, that the devil loses the wager, and that a man, continually struggling from...
176 ページ - The bell hath sounded ; the death-wand is broken ; They bind and blindfold me, and force me on : On to the scaffold they have hurried me ; Down in the chair of blood they fasten me : And now, through every neck of all that multitude Is felt the bitter wound that severs mine.
98 ページ - We have words, and we can link . Syllables that chime and chink ; » Sense unsought — thus is caught ; — Every jingle is a thought — Every word with meaning fraught — Language, glib and random, thus Does the work of thought for us ; Let but your own fancy mingle With the jargon and the jingle, ?;? / ^ As you listen to the lays ; Bring the meaning you are gleaning, Give the poet all the praise.