Miss Gwynne of Woodford, 第 1 巻

Smith, Elder and Company, 1861

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1 ページ - Poor race of men!" said the pitying Spirit, "Dearly ye pay for your primal Fall — Some flow'rets of Eden ye still inherit, But the trail of the serpent is over them all...
264 ページ - O'er joys that God hath for a season lent Perchance to try thy spirit, and its bent, Effeminate soul and base — weakly to mourn. There lies no desert in the land of life, For e'en that tract that barrenest doth seem, Laboured of thee in faith and hope, shall teem With heavenly harvests and rich gatherings, rife.
69 ページ - Between two worlds life hovers like a star, 'Twixt night and morn, upon the horizon's verge. How little do we know that which we are ! How less what we may be ! The eternal surge Of time and tide rolls on, and bears afar Our bubbles ; as the old burst, new emerge, Lash'd from the foam of ages ; while the graves Of empires heave but like some passing waves.
176 ページ - He fed on poisons, and they had no power, But were a kind of nutriment; he lived Through that which had been death to many men, And made him friends of mountains: with the stars And the quick Spirit of the Universe He held his dialogues; and they did teach To him the magic of their mysteries...
247 ページ - Such gain the cap of him that makes 'em fine. . . ." or " Come, our stomachs Will make what's homely savoury: weariness Can snore upon the flint, when rusty sloth Finds the down pillow hard.
285 ページ - No woman's sides Can bear the beating of so strong a passion As mine is for Olivia.
227 ページ - ... minutes the desired volumes will be in your hands. DE LINIERES. Very well, then. If the history of the house of De Vaudrey is there, let that history be complete! CLERK. I shall obey you, my lord! [He salutes and exits c. L. at the same moment as PICARD enters c. R.] DE LINIERES. [Seated.] Ah, Picard! I am glad to see you. I wish to speak to you of your master ! How is he behaving himself?