Allium Crop Science: Recent Advances

CABI Pub., 2002 - 515 ページ
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Evolution, Domestication, and Taxonomy. Florogenesis. Genome Organization in Allium. Exploitation of Wild Relatives for the Breeding of Cultivated Allium species Diversity, Fertility and Seed Production of Garlic. Genetic Transformation of Onions. Doubled Haploid Onions, B Bohanec, Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Breeding. Agronomy of Onions. Onion Pre- and Postharvest Considerations. Bacterial Diseases of Onion. Monitoring and Forecasting for Disease and Insect Attack in Onions and Allium Crops Within IPM Strategies. Virus Diseases in Garlic and the Propagation of Virus-Free Plants. Sulphur Compounds in Alliums in Relation to Flavour Quality. Health and Alliums, M Keusgen. Onions in the Tropics: Cultivars and Country Reports. Shallot (Allium cepa, Aggregatum group). Leek: Advances in Agronomy and Breeding. Ornamental Alliums.

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著者について (2002)

H. D. Rabinowitch, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Services, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.