Tirer to fasten, to fix the ta- || Type: distinguishing mark, show Unbated: not blunted. lons on.

or emblem.

Unbolt: to open, explain. Tire: to be idly employed on. Tything, a division of a place, a

Unbolted: coarse. Tired: adorned with ribands.


Unbookish: ignorant.

Unbreathed: unexercised, unpracTo: in addition to.

tised. Tod: to yield or produce a tod,

V. or twenty-eight pounds.

Uncape: to dig out, a term in

Tokened: spotted as in the plague. Vail: to condescend to look, to
Toll: to enter on the toll-book. let down, to bow, to sink. Uncharged: unattacked.
Tolling: taking toll.
Vailing: lowering.

Unclew: to draw out, to exhaust.

Uncoined: real, unrefined, unTomboy: a masculine, forward Vain: vanity. girl. Vain: light of tongue, not vera


cious. Topless: that which has nothing Valance : fringed with a beard.

Unconfirmed: unpractised in the above it; supreme.

ways of the world. Validity: value.

Under generation: the antipodes. Topple: to tumble. Vanity: illusion.

Undergo: to be subject to. Touch: sensation, sense or feeling. Vantage: convenience, opportu- Under skinker: a tapster, an unTouch: exploit or stroke.

nity, advantage.

der-drawer. = Touch: a spice or particle.

Vantbrace: armour for the arm.

Undertaker : one who takes upon Touch: touchstone. Touches: features.

Varlet; a servant or footman to himself the quarrel of another. a warrior.

Underwrite: to subscribe, to obey. Touched: tried. Toward: in a state of readiness. | Varnt: the avant, what went beVasts waste, dreary.

Under-wrought: under - worked,

undetermined. Toys : rumours, idle reports, fan

fore. cies, freaks of imagination.

Undeserving: undeserved.
Vaward: the fore-part.

Unearned: not deserved.
Toze: to pull or pluck.
Velure: velvet.

Uneath: scarcely, not easily. Trace: to follow.

Venew: a bout, a term in fencing. Unexpressive: inexpressible. Trade: a custom, an established Vengeance: mischief.

Unhappy: mischievously waggish, habit.

Vent: rumour, matter for dis unlucky. Tradition: traditional practices.

Unhidden: open, clear. 5 Traditional: adherent to old cus- Ventages: the holes of a flute.

Unhoused: free froin domestic toms.

Venys: hits in fencing. Trail: the scent left by the pas- Verbal: verbose, full of talk. Unhouseled: not having received sage of the game.

Verify: to bear true witness. the sacrament. Traitress: a term of endearment. Very: imicdiate.

Unimproved: not guided by knowTranect: a ferry.

Via: a cant phrase of exultation. ledge or experience. Translate: to transfer, to explain. Vice: the fool of the old morali- Union: a species of pearl. Travel: to stroll.


Unkind: contrary to kind or naTraverse: a term in military ex Vice: to advise.

ture. ercise.

Unmastered: licentious. * Traversed: across.

Vie: to contend in rivalry.

Unowed: that which has no owner. Tray-trip: some kind of game. Vied: bragged.

Unpregnant: not quickened. Treachers: treacherous persons.

Viewless : unseen, invisible. Unproper: common. Trenched: cut, carved.

Virginalling: playing on the vir- Unqualitied: unmanned, disarmed Trick: trick of the times. ginal, a spinnet.

of his faculties. Trick : peculiarity of voice, Virtue: the most efficacious part, Unquestionable: unwilling to be face, &c. valour.

conversed with. Trick: smeared, painted, in beVirtuous : salutiferous,

Unready: undressed. raldry.

Virtuous : belonging to good-Unrespective: inattentive to conTricking: dress.


sequences. Tricksy: clever, adroit. Visaments: advisements.

Unrest : disquiet.

Unrough : smooth - faced, Triumphs: masques, revels, pub- Vixen: or fixen, a female fox. lic exhibitions. Voluntary: voluntarily.

bearded. Trojan: cant word for a thief. Votarist: supplicant.

Unsisted: untried.

Unsisting: always opening, never Troll: to dismiss trippingly from Voucher: a law phrase. the tongue.

Vouchsafed: vouchsafing.
Vor: tone or voice.

Unsmirched: clean, not defiled. Trol-my-dames: a game. Vulgar: common.

Unsquared: unadapted to their Trossers: trowsers. Vulgarly: publicly.

subject. Trow: to believe.

Unstanched : incontinent. True: honest.

Untempering: not tempering, not Truth: honesty,


softening. Tucket, or tucket sonnuance: a flourish. Umber: a dusky yellow coloured

Untraced: singular, not in com

earth. Turlygood, or turlupino a species Umbered: discoloured by the Untrimmed: undressed.

gleam of fire.

Untruth: disloyalty, treachery. Turn: to become acescent. Unaccustomed: unseemly, inde Unvalued: invaluable. Turquoise: a precious stone. cent.

Upon: but for. Twangling: an expression of con Unaneled: without extreme unc-Up-spring: upstart. tempt.


Urchins: hedge-hogs, or perhaps Twigging: wickered. Unavoided: unavoidable.

fairies. Tyed: limited, circumscribed. Unbarbed: untrimmed, unshaven. | Usance: usury.

Vice: grasp


at rest.

mon use.

of gypsy


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Use: practice. long countenanced || Whelked: varied with protuber- | Words: dispute, contention. by custom.

Work : a term of fortification. Use: to make a practice of. Whe'r: whether.

Workings : labours of thought. Use: interest. Where: whereas.

World, to go to the: to be anarUsed: behaved.

Whiffler: an officer who walks ried. Usurping: false.

first in processions.

Worm: a serpent.
Ulis: a merry festival.
Whiles : until.

Worship: dignity, authority. Uiter: to vend by retail. Whip: the crack, the best.

Worth: wealth or fortune, the Whipslock: a carter's whip.

value, full quota or proportion. W.

Whirring: whirring away.
White: the white mark in archery. Wot: to know.

Worts: cabbage.
Waft: to beckon.
White death: the chlorosis.

Wound: twisted about. Wage: to fight, to combat, to Whiting-time: bleaching time, Wreak: resentment. prescribe to.


Wreak: to revenge. Waist: the part between the quar-Whitsters: the bleachers of linen. Wrest: an instrument for tuning ter-deck and the forecastle. Whittle : a species of knife.

the harp Waist: the middle.

Whooping: measure or reckoning. Walk: a district in a forest. Wide: remotely from, wide of the

Wrested: obtained by violence. Wannion : vengeance.

Writ: writing, composition.

mark. Ward: posture of defence. Wilderness: wildness,

Writhled: wrinkled. Warden: a species of pears. Will: wilfulness.

Wrongs: the persons who wrong. Warder: guard, centinel. Wimple: a hood or veil.

Wrongs : injurious practices, Warn: to summon. Winter-ground: to protect against

Wroth: misfortune, Wassels: meetings of rustic mirth. the inclemency of winter.

Wrought: worked, agitated. Watch: a watch-light. Wis: to know.

Wrung: pressed, strained.
Water-work: water-colours. Wish: to recommend.
Wax: to grow.

Wit: to know.
Waxen: increase.
Witch: to charm, to bewitch.

Wealth: advantage, happiness. Wits: senses.
Wear : the fashion.
Wittol: knowing, conscious of.

Yarely: readily, nimbly.
Wee : little.
Willy: judicious, cunning.

Yearns: grieves or vexes.
Weeds: clothing.
Woe: to be sorry.

Yeasty, or yesty: foaming er Ween: to think, to imagine.

frothy. Woman: to affect suddenly and Weet: to know.


Yeild: to inform of, condescend to. Weigh: to value or esteem, to Woman-tired: hen-pecked.

Yeild: to reward. deliberate. Wondered: able to perform won

Yellowness : jealousy. Welkin: the colour of the sky, ders,

Yeoman: a bailiff's follower. blue. Wood: crazy, frantic.

Yesty. See Yeasty. Well found: of acknowledged ex Woodman: an attendant on the cellence.

forester. Well-liking: plump, embonpoint. Woolward: a (unexplained) phrase

Z. Wen: swollen excrescence.

appropriated to pilgrims and Wend: to go.


Zany: a buffoon, a merry Andrew.

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