Elements of Science and Art: Being a Familiar Introduction to Natural Philosophy and Chemistry; Together with Their Application to a Variety of Elegant and Useful Arts, 第 1 巻

F. C. and J. Rivington, 1822

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384 ページ - Into each, except the two outer ones, is plunged a small plate of zinc, and another of silver. These plates are made to communicate with each other, by means of a thin wire, fastened so that the silver of the first glass is connected with the zinc of...
338 ページ - Leyden, of much eminence, said that "he felt himself struck in his arms, shoulders, and breast, so that he lost his breath ; and it was two days before he recovered from the effects of the blow and the terror ; adding, that he would not take a second shock for the kingdom of France.
337 ページ - ... been exposed, is taken away, it throws out a pencil of flame so long, that with this burning machine in my hand, I have taken above sixty steps in walking about my room. When it is electrified strongly, I can take it into another room, and there fire spirits of wine with it.
21 ページ - The broader the base, and the nearer the line of direction is to the centre of it, the more firmly does a body stand, and the narrower the base of a body, and the nearer the line of direction is to the side of it, the more easily will it be overthrown.
253 ページ - ABC sends out pencils of rays in all directions, some rays, from every point on the side next the eye, will fall upon the cornea between E and F ; and by passing on through the humours and pupil of the eye, they will be converged to as many points on the retina or bottom of the eye, and will there form a distinct inverted picture cba of the object.
176 ページ - The velocity with which water spouts out at a hole in the side or bottom of a vessel, is as the square root of the depth or distance of the hole below the surface of the water...
46 ページ - ... velocity of the power will be to the velocity of the weight, as 152 to 1. Hence it appears, that the longer the winch is, and the nearer the spirals are to one another, so much the greater is the force of the screw.
151 ページ - In foul weather, when the mercury rises much and high, and so continues for two or three days before the foul weather is quite over, then expect a continuance of fair weather to follow.
435 ページ - Now mark the answer to this question, for it contains the whole doctrine of the seasons THE AXIS OF THE EARTH IS INCLINED TO THE PLANE OF ITS ORBIT ; AND IT MOVES ROUND THE SUN IN A DIRECTION PARALLEL TO ITSELF.
141 ページ - Set a square phial upon the pump-plate, and having covered it with a wire cage, put a close receiver over it, and exhaust the air out of the receiver; in doing; which, the air will also make its way out of the phial, through a small valve in its neck.