Redgauntlet. By the author of 'Waverley'.


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227 ページ - Ye maun have heard of Sir Robert Redgauntlet of that ilk, who lived in these parts before the dear years. The country will lang mind him; and our fathers used to draw breath thick if ever they heard him named. He was out wi' the Hielandmen in Montrose's time; and again he was in the hills wi...
250 ページ - Sir Robert's house at Pace and Yule, and such high seasons. They lap off, and my gudesire, as seemed to him, fastened his horse to the very ring he had tied him to that morning, when he gaed to wait on the young Sir John. "God!" said my gudesire. "If Sir Robert's death be but a dream!
248 ページ - But there may be some under the earth," said the stranger. "Come, I'll be frank wi' you; I could lend you the money on bond, but you would maybe scruple my terms. Now, I can tell you, that your auld Laird is disturbed in his grave by your curses, and the wailing of your family, and if ye daur venture to go to see him, he will give you the receipt.
244 ページ - He paused, and then added, mair sternly, 'If I understand your trick, sir, you want to take advantage of some malicious reports concerning things in this family, and particularly respecting my father's sudden death, thereby to cheat me out of the money, and perhaps take away my character, by insinuating that I have received the rent I am demanding. Where do you suppose this money to be? I insist upon knowing.
241 ページ - Stephen," said Sir John, still in the same soft, sleekit tone of voice — "Stephen Stevenson, or Steenson, ye are down here for a year's rent behind the hand — due at last term." Stephen. " Please your honour, Sir John, I paid it to your father.
235 ページ - gie Steenie a tass of brandy down stairs, till I count the siller and write the receipt." But they werena weel out of the room, when Sir Robert gied a yelloch that garr'd the Castle rock. Back ran Dougal — in flew the livery-men — yell on yell gied the Laird, ilk ane mair awfu
252 ページ - They that waited at the table were just the wicked serving-men and troopers, that had done their work and cruel bidding on earth. There was the Lang Lad of the Nethertown, that helped to take Argyle; and the Bishop's summoner, that they called the Deil's Rattlebag; and the wicked guardsmen in their laced coats; and the savage Highland Amorites, that shed blood like water; and...
260 ページ - Od, but for as queer as it is, it's a' the voucher I have for my rent," said my gudesire, who was afraid, it may be, of losing the benefit of Sir Robert's discharge. " I will bear the contents to your credit in the rental-book, and give you a discharge under my own hand," said Sir John, " and that on the spot. And, Steenie, if you can hold your tongue about this matter, you shall sit, from this term downward, at an easier rent.
1 ページ - From seventeen years till now almost fourscore Here lived I, but now live here no more. At seventeen years many their fortunes seek, But at fourscore it is too late a week: Yet fortune cannot recompense me better Than to die well and not my master's debtor.
242 ページ - I to believe a' this?" Stephen. " I dinna ken, your honour ; but there is a bit memorandum note of the very coins ; for, God help me ! I had to borrow out of twenty purses ; and I am sure that ilka man there set down will take his grit oath for what purpose I borrowed the money.