The Travels and Adventures of the Turkish Admiral Sidi Ali Reïs: In India, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Persia, During the Years 1553-1556

Luzac, 1899 - 123 ページ

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70 ページ - EDKINS.— CHINA'S PLACE IN PHILOLOGY. An attempt to show that the Languages of Europe and Asia have a common origin.
65 ページ - The Biblical World makes a faithful record and helpful critic of present Biblical Work, as well as an efficient practical and positive independent force in stimulating and instructing the student, preacher and teacher" Bibliographical List of Books on Africa and the East.
76 ページ - Cardinals," &c., 2 vols. 8vo. 14s. Williams (Monier) Indian Wisdom. Or Examples of the Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Doctrines of the Hindus. With a brief History of the Chief Departments of Sanscrit Literature, and some account of the Past and Present Condition of India, Moral and Intellectual.
65 ページ - Bibliographical List of Books on Africa and the East. Published in England. 2 Vols. Vol. I. Containing the Books published between the Meetings of the Eighth Oriental Congress at Stockholm, in 1889, and the Ninth Congress in London in 1892. Vol. II. Containing the Books published between the Meetings of the Ninth Oriental Congress in London, in 1892, and the Tenth Oriental Congress at Geneva, in 1894. Systematically arranged, with Preface and Author's Index, by CG Luzac. I2mo.
76 ページ - This handy volume decidedly supplies a great want for those who make a serious study of Arabic .... The grammatical, historical, geographical and other notes comments and explanations are ample and thorough".
67 ページ - La Cultura. Budge, see Luzac's Semitic Text and Translation Series. Vols. I, III, V and VII. Cappeller (Carl) — A Sanskrit-English Dictionary. Based upon the St. Petersburg Lexicons. Royal 8vo.
69 ページ - Dr. CUST has put his very considerable knowledge to excellent purposes in this modest little publication. He seems most at home with the faiths of the East, but even the most elementary of savage creeds have not •escaped him".
73 ページ - THE PRINCIPLES OF HEBREW GRAMMAR. By JPN Land, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics in the University of Leyden. Translated from the Dutch, by Reginald Lane Poole, Balliol College, Oxford. Part I. Sounds. Part II. Words. With Large Additions by the Author, and a new Preface. Crown 8vo, pp. xx. and 220, cloth. 1876. 7s. 6d. LANE.— THE KORAN. See Triibner's Oriental Series.
80 ページ - Use. To which is added a Glossary of Terms used in District Work in the N. W. Provinces and Oudh., and also of those applied to Labourers. With an Appendix giving Computation of Time and Money, and Weights and Measures, in British India, and Forms of Address. Roy. Svo. Cloth. pp. IV, 332. js. 6d. "The book is moderate in price and clear in print." — Athenaum. "The book is handy, well printed and well got up and no student of Indian subjects should be without it.