the Hon. Thomas Hervey, 248– Memoirs of Miss Sydney Biddulplı,
to Mr. Baretti, 169, 174, 179 by Mrs. Sheridan, 182
-to Dr. Staunton, 170-to the Merit, intrinsic, why cannot make
Earl of Bute, 177, 178-to J. the only distinction among man-
Reynolds, Esq. 226, 303, 305 kind, 204
-to Charles Burney, Esq. 231 Money-getting, not all a man's busi-
-to the Reverend Mr. Warton, ness, 580, 589
153, 263, 287-to Mr. Francis Montague, Mrs. her Essay on Shakes-
Barber, 287-to Dr. Johnson, peare, 272, 273
301, 302, 303, 304, 306, 339— Mounsey, Dr. anecdotes of, 261
to Joseph Banks, Esq. 305---to Murphy, Mr. his Poetical Epistle to
the Rev. Mr. White, 340

Samuel Jobpson, A.M. 165-bis
Letters, various, 37 1 to 431, 442 to death at Knightsbridge, ib. -

455, 528 to 568, 632, 633, 675 to Orphan of China, by, 149
684,693, 701, 718 to 725, 756 National debt, effects of the, 295
to 759, 790 to 809, 827

Negroes, an argument in favour of
Levett, Mr. Robert, strange gro- the liberty of, 591, 592, 593, 598

tesque appearance of, 106-death Nonjurors, remarks on, 874
of, 794,795

Oat ale, and oat cakes, 473
Levellers down, cannot bear level- Oglethorpe, General, bis benevo-
ling up, 207

lence, 52
Lexiphanes, by Campbell, 253 Old age, state of the mind in, 621
Literature of Scotland, 256

Orange peel scraped, its uses, 828
Literary Club, the, wben founded, Original sin, real nature of, 785,

922—fraud, various instances of, 786
168-property, 368

Ossian Controversy, the good state-
Lives of the Poets, observations on, ment of, 854
741 to 755

Othello, supposed defect of this tra-
London, a Poem, rapid sale of, 52- gedy, 498

the best view of its magnitude, Oxford, advantages of, for learning,

196-its extensive influence, 293 256
Low spirits, or melancboly, the Pantheon, the, visited by Johnson,
common effects of, 22

Luxury, uses of, 505-defended, Paoli, General, presented to Dr.

Johnson, 269- his lofty port, 270
Lydiat, the history of, 83

Paper sparing Pope, 6o
Lyttleton, dialogues of Lord, 29+ Parliament, proper office of, 413—
Macaulay, Mrs. levelling opinions duty of a member of, 761

of, ridiculed by Dr. Johnson, 207 Parson Ford, account of his sup-
Macbeth, miscellaneous observa- posed ghost, 670

tions on the tragedy of, by Jobo- | Petitioning, a new mode of distress-
son, 75

ing government, 273
Macaronic verses, origin of, 636 Philosopher, the character of a, ge-
Madden, Dr. anecdote of, 145

nerally misconceived, 647
Mahogany, a liquor, 764

Philosophers, a city of, 473
Mallet, David, a poem by, 835 Piozzi, Mrs. incorrectness of her re-
Marchmont, Lord, acquaintance of lation, 34—her misrepresentation
with Pope, 667, 694

of Johnson's treatment of Garrick,
Marriage, thoughts on, 478 - the 223

nature of its obligations, 491 Pity, not natural to man, 202
Matrimonial thought, a, 285

Pope's recommendation of Johnson
Mean company and low jocularity, to Earl Gower, 54
their ill consequences, 208

Porter, Mrs. Lucy, 477
Melancholy, how best cured, 207- Predestination, how slightly men-
how to be diverted, 483

tioned in the Articles, 280
Methodists, the cause of their suc- Priestley, Dr. tendency of the Theo-

ceas in preaching, 212-six justly logical works of, 293
expelled from Oxford, 328, 329 Printer's Devil, a, married, 773

Pronunciation, the true English, 314, Scarsdale, Lord, seat of, described

Quakers, remarks on the, 470-dif- Scotch law, a question upon, 333,
ference between their precepts 334-militia, proposed, 458--na-
and practices, 833

tionality, remarks on, 399
Race, the, a Poem, by Mr. Cuth- Scoundrel, definition of a, 481
bert Shaw, 247

Second marriages, thoughts on, 267
Rain, what is good for, 198

-sight, remarks on, 235
Rambler, numerous subjects in the Severity of a schoolmaster, how far
93, 9+

necessary, 307, 312
Rats, the grey, Hanover, &c. 468 Seward, Miss Anna, 476
Razor, the various modes of apply- Sbebbeare, Dr. some account of,780,
ing it, 571

Reading, the art of, 829, 830 Sheridan, Mr. his unforgiving tem-
Readings, various, in the lives of

per, '182—what the effect of his
Cowley, 743–in Waller, ib. teaching, 209
in Milton, 745—in Dryden, 746 Sleep, various methods of being
-in Pope, 748—in Parnell, 750 roused from, 574
--in Blackmore, ib.-in Philips, Smith, Dr. Adam, on the Wealth of
751-in Lyttelton, 752—in Swift, Nations, 457
- 75+

Smollet, Dr. letter from, to Mr.
Retirement, a Poem, 298

Wilkes, soliciting the release of
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, visits Devon- Dr. Johnson's black servant, 162
shire, 177

Snakes, observations concerning, 634
Reviews, the Monthly and Critical, Soame Jenyns on the Origin of Evil,

143- epitaplı ascribed to him,
Rheumatism, a medicine for, 416 144-View of the Internal Evis
Rhyme, the excellency of, over dence of the Christian Religion,
blank verse, 198

by, 639
Rignarole, how applied by Sir John Soldier, the character of a, 485
Hawkins, 162, 163

Spectator, who the writers in the,
Riots, account of, in 1780, 715 to 495

Spelling book, a, dedicated to the
Rolt, author of a dictionary, a sin- universe, 10

gular character, 167-personates Stanza, licentious in Pope, 669
Akenside in Dublin, 168

Stealing, what turpitude is attached
Rome, remarks on the tenets of the to, 204
church of, 875

Strahan, Mr. proposes Dr. Jobpson
Roman Catholic religion, abuses of as a proper representative in par-
the, 488

liament, 301
Rousseau's Treatise on the Inequality Student, the, or Oxford and Cam-

of Mankind, when a fashionable bridge Miscellany. 90
topic, 203—censured, ib.

Style, thoughts on that of different
Rudd, the celebrated Mrs. Marga. sermon writers, 617
ret Caroline, 518

Subordination, remarks on, 236
Ruddiman, Mr. Thomas, zeal of decrease of, remarkable, 625

for the Royal House of Stuart, Swallows, where deposited in winter,

Russia, how a great empire, 279 Swift, how treated by Johoson, 261
Sacheverel, Dr, at Litchfield, 8 Tacitus, deficiency of, as an author,
Savage, Richard, the life of, 69– 329

letter from, to a noble peer, ib. Tea, how made by Mrs. Williams,

talents and endowments of, 74 277
Savage in Scotland, how the object Temple and Johnson, the difference
of a, may be frustrated, 200

between the styles of, 95
Savage lite, on the happiness of, 266 Tenants and landlords, the mutual
Savage's parrative, falsity of, 73, 74 dependence of, 279


on, 261

Theory, continually contradicted by racter of, 157-compared with
human experience, 209

Jobason's Rasselas, ib.-observa-
Thinking too deeply, not to be en- tions on Pope and Dryden by, 233
couraged, 159

Ushers, various in Litchfield school,
Thomson, poet, Johnson's thoughts

Walton's Lives, a favourite book,417
Thrale, Mr. the rise of the father of, Warburton, Dr. on Biography, 2, 3,

from working at six shillings per 4-Dr. Johnson's predilection for,
week, 228, 229-death of his son, 116
477—death of Mr.766

Warton, Dr. Joseph, a very agreeable
Thrale, Mr. and Mrs. described,

man, 207
228, 229-her three warnings, Waste of wealth, how unaccouat-
244 - her correspondence with able, 626
Dr. Johnson at Bath, 712

Weather, the disagreeable effects of.
Toleration discussion, 363,364,365, bad, 208, 209

Whig, the devil the first, 658
Tory and Whig, on the difference of, Whitehead Paul, 52

Whoremonger, a, defined, 321
Towers, Dr. Joseph, 396

Wild prospects, many, in Scotland,
Trade, why much money is not Norway, and Lapland, 198

brought into a country by, 277- Wilkes, the celebrated Mr., Jeu.
its real utility, ib.

d'Esprit of, 136, 137
Tragedy of Sir Thomas Overbury Williams, Mr. Zachariah, account
brought out, 541

of, 137
Translation, remarks on, 496 Williams, Miss, makes tea for Dr.
Travels, propriety of publishing, 645 Johnson and his friends, 195, 196
Truth, disadvantage of disputing in Wine, its real properties,658,659,663.

favour of, 486, 487—its import- / Winter, an Ode, 78.
ance in trifles, 608, 609

Witches and Ghosts, 324, 326
Verses to a young lady, 15

Woodhouse, tbe poetical shoemaker,
Virgil, translation of, 13

Visitor, the Universal, 139

Women, how enjoy less. liberty
Union with Ireland, effects of, anti- than men, 638

cipated by Johnson, 704, 705 Young, Dr. mode of folding the
Universities, poverty of the, in Eng. Rambler by, 93
land, 487

Young's Night Thoughts, 276
Voltaire's Candide, object and cha- Youth's entry, 38


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