History of the Late War, Between the United States and Great Britain: Containing a Minute Account of the Various Military and Naval Operations ; Illustrated with Plates

Published and sold by Cushing & Jewett, 1818 - 348 ページ

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302 ページ - I have seen the walls of Balclutha, but they were desolate. The fire had resounded in the halls: and the voice of the people is heard no more. The stream of Clutha was removed from its place, by the fall of the walls. The thistle shook there its lonely head: the moss whistled to the wind. The fox looked out from the windows, the rank grass of the wall waved round its head.
306 ページ - August, stating that, having been called on by the governor-general of the Canadas, to aid him in carrying into effect measures of retaliation against the inhabitants of the United States for the wanton...
38 ページ - Detroit. It is far from my inclination to join in a war of extermination, but you must be aware that the numerous body of Indians who have attached themselves to my troops will be beyond my control the moment the contest commences.
ii ページ - An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the time* therein mentioned," and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints.
xx ページ - I understand them, are whether or not the importation in question is a species of the genus marble and was known as a variety of marble commercially and in common parlance. These are questions of fact and are presented to the court upon the same record that was presented to the board. I do not think it necessary to enter into a discussion of these matters at length, for the reason that the question now presented to the court is not whether the court would have reached a different conclusion from...
225 ページ - Creek warriors and their prophets. In the course of the summer, a treaty of peace was dictated to them by Jackson, on severe but just terms. They agreed to yield a portion of their country as an indemnity for the expenses of the war ; they conceded the privilege of opening roads through their country, together with the liberty of navigating their rivers. They...
224 ページ - Among their slain was their great prophet Manahoe, and two others of less note. About three hundred women and children were taken prisoners. Jackson's loss was twenty-six white men killed, and one hundred and seven wounded ; eighteen Cherokees killed, and thirty-six wounded; and five friendly Creeks killed, and eleven wounded.
185 ページ - ... getting in motion broke through the enemy with irresistible force. in one minute the contest in front was over. the British officers seeing no hopes of reducing their disordered ranks to order, and our mounted men wheeling upon them and pouring in a destructive fire immediately surrendered.
249 ページ - ... which were worked with such bravery and skill, as in half an hour, to do so much injury to the enemy, as to compel them to haul off and repair. It was evident that commodore Hillyar meant to risk nothing from the daring courage of the Americans; all his...
343 ページ - American entrenchments, the men carrying besides their muskets, fascines, and some of them ladders. A dead silence prevailed, until they approached within reach of the batteries, which commenced an incessant and destructive cannonade: they, notwithstanding, continued to advance in tolerable order, closing up their ranks, as fast as they were opened by the fire of the Americans.