Final Report of the Royal Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Elementary Education Acts, England and Wales: Appendix


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356 ページ - That in the schools provided by the board the Bible shall be read, and there shall be given such explanations and such instruction therefrom in the principles of morality and religion, as are suited to the capacities of children : provided always— 1.
361 ページ - Lessons from the Pentateuch, with special reference to the lives of Abraham, Isaac* Jacob, Joseph, and Moses, with the practical lessons to be derived therefrom.
454 ページ - The local authority shall not out of the local rate supply or aid the supply of technical or manual instruction to scholars receiving instruction at an elementary school in the obligatory or standard subjects prescribed by the minutes of the Education Department for the time being in force...
440 ページ - Any proceeding to enforce any byelaw may be taken, and any penalty for the breach of any byelaw may be recovered, in a summary manner ; but no penalty imposed for the breach of any byelaw shall exceed such amount as with the costs will amount to five shillings for each offence, and such byelaws shall not come into operation until they have been sanctioned by Her Majesty in Council.
337 ページ - Provided always, and it is hereby agreed and declared between and by the parties hereto, and the presents are upon this express condition.
365 ページ - ... and Managers of each School, with the right of appeal to the Board by Teacher, Managers, Parents, or Ratepayers of the District: Provided always— That in the offering of any prayers, and in the use of any hymns, the provisions of the Act in Sections VII. and XIV. be strictly observed, both in letter and spirit, and that no attempt be made to attach children to any particular denomination.
440 ページ - ... does not exceed five shillings, then, except so far as the court may think fit to expressly order otherwise, an order shall not be made for payment by the defendant to the informant of any costs; and the court shall, except so far as they think fit to expressly order otherwise, direct all fees payable or paid by the informant to be remitted or repaid to him ; the court may also order the fine or any part thereof to be paid to the informant in or towards the payment of his costs.
432 ページ - DEAR FRIENDS, — If my will were of rock, your letter would melt it down. Never were more persuasive influences brought into one appeal than it sets before my thoughts: surviving friendships, that must be severed soon; tender memories of lost associates and past toils; the inspiriting...
365 ページ - They are requested to make the lessons as practical as possible and not to give attention to unnecessary details.
337 ページ - ... not be added to them, at the discretion of the managers of individual schools, or by the special direction of the Board. The instruction in discretionary subjects shall not interfere with the efficiency of the teaching of the essential subjects. (18.) The following subjects shall be essential : — (a) The Bible, and the principles of religion and morality, in accordance with the terms of the resolution of the Board passed on the 8th March, 1871. (4) Reading, writing, and arithmetic ; English...