Large and Small Holdings: A Study of English Agricultural Economics

The University Press, 1911 - 249 ページ

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32 ページ - The man of wealth and pride Takes up a space that many poor supplied ; Space for his lake, his park's extended bounds, Space for his horses, equipage, and hounds...
37 ページ - Young men and women in the country villages fix their eyes on London as the last stage of their hope. They enter into service in the country for little else but to raise money enough to go to London...
38 ページ - While, scourged by famine from the smiling land, The mournful peasant leads his humble band, And while he sinks, without one arm to save, The country blooms — a garden and a grave.
230 ページ - Homer (Essay on the Nature and Method of ascertaining the Specific shares of proprietors upon the Inclosure of Common Fields (1766), p.
233 ページ - Selkirk, Earl of, Observations on the Present State of the Highlands of Scotland, with a view of the Causes and probable Consequences of Emigration, 1805.
51 ページ - Speculation in the purchase, improvement and inclosure of Land ; Money was borrowed on the paternal Estate for Speculations of this nature, which, at the time, were not considered improvident. Prices have fallen, the Debt still remains, or the Estate has changed Owners, and the interval between the fall of Prices and the adjustment of Charge and of Expenditure to the altered value of Money, has been most pernicious to this body of men.
30 ページ - But when he goes on to contrast the conduct of the Norfolk yeoman and to declare ' that many, seeing men whom they lately held their inferiors raised by an excessive profit which had been recently made by farming, became dissatisfied with the homeliness of their situation and sold their comparatively small patrimonies in order that they might — agreeably with the fashion or frenzy of the day — become great farmers', I regret to say that my evidence, so far as it goes, does not support him.
41 ページ - Such was the policy of former times. — Modern policy is, indeed, more favourable to the higher classes of people ; and the consequence of it may in time prove, that the whole kingdom will consist of only gentry and beggars, or of grandees and slaves.
131 ページ - Act, 1892, or take land on lease. (2) If a county council are unable to acquire by agreement and on reasonable terms suitable land for the purpose aforesaid, they may acquire land compulsorily in accordance with the provisions of this Act relating to compulsory acquisition of land.
5 ページ - ... comfortable living. Their land furnishes them with wheat and barley for their bread, and in many places with beans or peas, to feed a hog or two for meat, with the straw they thatch their cottage, and winter their cow, which gives a breakfast and supper of milk, nine or ten months in the year, for their families. These almost universally disapprove of inclosing, and their number is considerable in many open villages.