Baby Names For Dummies

John Wiley & Sons, 2011/04/27 - 380 ページ
The fun and easy way to name the new bundle of joy
Brimming with over 5,000 names, from traditional to unique, this is the perfect reference for parents-to-be looking for naming guidance. It features a an impressive assemblage of options for both boys and girls-from Biblical, medieval, and Shakespearean names to musical and international names-along with a list of today's most popular names and the favorite names of previous decades. Each entry contains variant spellings as well as the name's meaning, history, and derivations. Plus, fun sidebars offer examples of celebrities who chose unique names for their little ones and perfect suggestions for future political leaders, artists, and movie stars.

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Qietting Ready to Name Your Baby
Putting the Name Together
Finding Names from Religion and Literature
Writing Your Childs Story Literary Names from Shakespeare
Naming through the Ages
Naming Reyolutions From the Reformation to the yictorians
Coming Up to Date Names of the 20th Cengigl
De cribin the orld Names of ualit haracter an Location
Advertising Attributes
Moving In When Place Names and Natural Features Become First
Exploring the World of Names
Seeking the Stars Names from Popular Culture
Playing the Field Names from the Sports World
The Part of Tens

Designing the Future Created and Constructed Names

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Margaret Rose, PhD is a freelance writer and an authority on baby naming practices. She's authored journal articles on the art of historic names and historic name communities.