Doctrine and Development: University Sermons

Methuen, 1898 - 288 ページ

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26 ページ - REAL LIFE IN LONDON : or, the Rambles and Adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., and his Cousin, The Hon. Tom Dashall. By an Amateur (Pierce Egan). With 31 Coloured Plates by Alken and Rowlandson, etc.
166 ページ - For the bodies of those beasts, whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin, are burned without the camp. " Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate.
6 ページ - SIX LECTURES ON PAINTING. With 19 Illustrations. Third Edition. Large Post Svo. 3*. 6d. net. AIMS AND IDEALS IN ART. Eight Lectures delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy of Arts. With 32 Illustrations. Second Edition. Large Post Svo. Cleat her (AL). See Wagner (R). Clinch (G.), FGS See Antiquary's Books and Little Guides.
2 ページ - METHUEN'S Novels issued at a price above vs. 6./., and similar editions are published of some works of General Literature. Colonial Editions are only for circulation in the British Colonies and India. All books marked net are not subject to discount, and cannot be bought at less than the published price.
30 ページ - LONDON LYRICS . Edited by AD GODLEY, MA A reprint of the First Edition. Longfellow (HW). SELECTIONS FROM LONGFELLOW. Edited by LM FAITHFULL. Marvell (Andrew). THE POEMS OF ANDREW MARVELL. Edited by E.
26 ページ - FAIRLEGH. By FE Smedley. With 30 Plates by George Cruikshank. HANDY ANDY. By Samuel Lover. With 24 Illustrations by the Author.
26 ページ - REAL LIFE IN IRELAND, or, the Day and Night Scenes of Brian Boru, Esq., and his Elegant Friend, Sir Shawn O'Dogherty. By a Real Paddy.
26 ページ - PLAIN BOOKS THE GRAVE : A Poem. By Robert Blair. Illustrated by 12 Etchings executed by Louis Schiavonetti from the original Inventions of William Blake. With an Engraved Title Page and a Portrait of Blake by T. Phillips, RA The illustrations are reproduced in photogravure. ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BOOK OF JOB.
12 ページ - Keble (John). THE CHRISTIAN YEAR. With an Introduction and Notes by W. LOCK, DD, Warden of Keble College.
30 ページ - Smith (Horace and James). REJECTED ADDRESSES. Edited by AD GODLEY, MA Sterne (Laurence). A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. Edited by HW PAUL. Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). THE EARLY POEMS OF ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON. Edited by J. CHURTON COLLINS, MA IN MEMORIAM.