of the freeholders of Kirkcudbright, where ter, should receive the earliest information he supported a petition, introduced for the possible, as otherwise the intended extension purpose of indirectly defeating the Reform of the elective franchise may in a great meaBill And yet the Political Union has sure be defeated.” This letter was signed thrown itself into the arms of this youngster. “ Edward Dwyer, Secretary to the Political We really expected more sense from the Union of Ireland.” Mr Stanley's answer is townsmen of Baird and M‘Laren. Dundee in these words :-“ Sir,—In answer to a promises to carry the Radical candidate letter which I have received this morning, through with a wet sheet. In the far Caith- signed Edward Dwyer, Secretary to the ness, a Tory Sheriff, devoting himself, like a Political Union of Ireland,' I must beg to second Curtius, for his party, contests the decline entering into communication with county, in opposition to its present reforming that body, or any of a similar description. I representative, with the prospect of having have,” &c. Mr Dwyer immediately replied : to denude himself of his snug semi-sinecure,

-“ Sir, I had the honour to receive your in the event of success. He has been letter of reply to mine of yesterday, in which rewarded with the promise of ten votes.

you decline entering into any communication The different ruses employed by the old fac- or correspondence with me, as secretary of tion, in order to bolster up a sinking cause, the Political Union of Ireland. On this are instructive enough. In one burgh, á letter I shall not presume to comment; but, neighbouring farmer, whose garden was in my private capacity as a freeholder of the included within the boundary, run up a brick city of Dublin, I again, with all due respect, tenement upon it, a few weeks before the reiterate the query contained in my letter, time fixed for the lodging of claims, and what taxes are meant by • municipal taxes,' demanded to be registered. Nay, when the which the Irish Reform Bill states must claim was discussed in court, an equivocating have been paid by each person seeking the witness was produced, in the bopes that his power of voting for a representative in Paroath to there having been an erection on the liament? I entreat the favour of an immelands for upwards of a twelvemonth, might diate answer, and have the honour to be, Sir, be left unsifted, and understood to mean the your inost obedient servant, Edward Dwyer.' new house. In one county, an Edinburgh To this letter no answer was returned. Bravo! practitioner of the law claimed to vote upon Mister Secretary. Tu me lo pagherai. a property which he sold nearly twenty years The clergy of the established church ago, having received part of the price at the are endeavouring to delude ministers into time, and drawn regular interest for what the belief that the payment of tithe may remained owing. In a western burgh, the still be enforced. They write the police agents of the two contending parties agreed bulletins, and uniformly represent the milito remit the estimation of some houses, the tary as triumphant or the peasantry as value of which was disputed, to the decision submissive. Meanwhile Mr O'Connell has of joint valuators. When these claims came solemnly pronounced his opinion, that the to be disposed of, the agents of the conform.

valuation of tithe before the crop is secured, ing candidate gravely stated, that although is illegal, and any intrusion into a field for they were determined to abide by the decision that purpose is a trespass. Those who of the valuators, the claimants insisted upon Jaid down by the liberator, will do well to

may incline to call in question the law as being heard for themselves. And these very consult the evidence delivered by Gerald agents proceeded to lead proof, in the name of the claimants. We could add many in- Fitzgerald, Esq. resident magistrate of police stances of a similar sort. We could, and for the county of Tipperary, before the 'Tithe without fear would, name place and person

Committee. That gentleman shews that concerned in these we have adduced; but we

this is likewise the opinion of the Crown think a better fate awarded them, when we

Counsel. The work goes on notwithstanding, let them,

and blood is daily shed in consequence, and

the peasantry are driven to desperation. On Not even damn'd to everlasting fame, Live without sex, and die without a name.

the 29th of September an unsuccessful

attempt was made to rescue the Walstown Of the fifty-three Scot:ish members, ten will prisoners. On Wednesday the 3d of October, be Tories.' In IRELAND, a veil of mystery a public meeting of the parishes of Connalmay, hangs over the electioneering proceedings, Old Connell, Great Connell, and the vicinity, which we do not presume to penetrate. Irish was held on the Curragh of Kildare, to tactics are a pitch beyond us.

petition for the abolition of tithes. Strong IRELAND.-MR STANLEY.–MR O'Con- bodies of military and police were hovering NELL—THE WORKING OF THE COMMUTA- in the neighbourhood, but did not interfere ; Tiox BILL-On the 24th of September, a and the assembly dispersed without any letter was addressed to the Secretary for disturbance. Blood has been shed, in the Ireland, from which what follows is an county of Waterford, in an attempt to enforce atract:-“ What taxes are meant by the provisions of the new Tithe Bill. An ' municipal taxes,' which the Irish Reform attorney in the county of Kildare has been Bill states must have been paid by each per- forced to resign the office of tithe collector son, seeking the power of voting for a repre- by the threatened secession of all his clients, sentative in Parliament ? As the period for and is now acting for the parishioners of registering is so near at hand, it'is of the Kill in opposition to their incumbent. Anoutmost consequence that those persons who ther Dublin editor has been bound over in have given notice of their intention to regis- heavy recognisances to stand his trial for


alleged offences committed so far back as has attained the age of twenty-one years, and March last. The parties prosecuted for the has occupied a house within the island, either anti-tithe meetings have been allowed to as owner or tenant, for two years preceding traverse until next session. This will never the election, is eligible as a member of do.

assembly. The qualification of an eleetor is SLAVE COLONIES.—The slave-holders are exactly the same; but in this latter case, still determined to drive matters to the ut- occupancy for one year is held to be suffimost. In the beginning of August, the cient. Baptist preachers resident in Jamaica addressed the Earl of Musgrave. His Lordship observed, in his answer,—“ With regard to In FRANCE the Duchess of Berri has been any regulation touching the exercise of your decerned to be tried in absence, par contusacred calling which the constitution may mace, before the Court of Assizes, by the have reserved, I cannot too strongly recom- Chamber of Accusation. The lady is said to mend, on your parts, submissive deference, be in the meantime snug at Frankfort on the in the first place, to the decisions of those Maine. An army of 25,000 was some time authorities to whom the administration of ago reported as assembled on the norththe law is intrusted, and who are themselves eastern frontier, for the purpose of interfering responsible for the due exercise of the func- in the affairs of Belgium. ' A feet has been tions committed to their charge."* A per- fitted out for the purpose of co-operating spicuous commentary on this obscure text with the English in the investment of Antwas published on the 8th of August. Sub- werp: Soult is at last prime minister, and sequent to the cessation of martial law, Mr has issued (an order of the day, we had Kingdon, a Baptist missionary, took up his almost called it) a notification of the ereat residence at Savannah-la-mar. The North- to all counsellors of state and local magis. side union had previously declared that no trates. He declares, “ the system of policy Baptist preacher should in future be allowed adopted by my illustrious predecessor will be to preach in the island. Representations to mine. It is the true national system -- the this effect were made to Mr Kingdon, and two Chambers have declared it to be such.” offers made to pay his passage money. A He afterwards assures his attentive auditors sense of duty forbade him to desert his sable that " anarchy was conquered at Paris on flock. His house was attacked on the even the 5th and 6th of June by the noble ing of the 8th, firearms were discharged on devotedness of the national guards and the both sides, and finally the missionary was troops of the line.” His views regarding forced to abandon his house, which was foreign policy are thr's oracularly expressed : “gutted from top to bottom." The same “A government which makes itself regarded evening the house of the Messrs Deleon, at home may, without danger, employ abroad friends of Mr Kingdon, was pulled down a firm and independent policy. In concert about the owners' ears; and on the following with the powers, our allies, we shall urge evening, two other persons of the Baptist the solution of all the great European ques. persuasion were destroyed. On the 9th, Mr tions. Our armies, ardent but docile, lend Kingdon was lodged in the common gaol; to our moderation the support of strength." the Deleons, and some dozen more, were This antithetical document is wound up by likewise committed. These transactions a pretty epigrammatic turn :-“ It is in me admirably illustrate the dark sayings of the an ancient habit to refer every thing to the Earl of Musgrave. While this frolic was honour of France." This ape of Napoleon acting in the West, the men of the East have will endeavour to keep a tight bridle-hand not been idle. Mr Jeremie, author of a on the French people. They may enjoy very temperate pamphlet on the subject of quiet under him--but liberty ! " Lord love colonial slavery, was some time ago appo nted ye, that is quite a different sort of thing." Advocate-General and Protector of Slaves Miguel's troops have at last mustered for the Mauritius. The white population courage to attack Oporto. The town was were in arms to oppose his landing. On furiously assaulted on Michaelmas day, and the 3d of June, he disembarked under the defended with difficulty. Pedro's affairs cover of several barges, each armed with an seem hopeless. Either the Portuguese eighteen pounder. Sir Charles Colville, the nation is utterly spiritless, or it thinks the governor, lost heart, however, and Mr one brother as good as the other. Jeremie was under the necessity of reimbark- No decided step has yet been taken in ing for England. Surely such open defiance GERMANY. Holland and Belgium were of law and justice must drive ministers to threatening a few weeks ago to go together take some decided step.

by the ears, conclusively, but nothing has NEWFOUNDLAND. - The Newfoundland been done on either side. Charles X has Royal Gazette of the ) Ith of September con- by this time taken up his abode in his tains a copy of the proclamation for sum- Austrian city of refuge.' Francis of Austria, moning a General Assembly, by which also and Frederic William of Prussia, are to the colony is subdivided into districts, and have an interview at Toplitz. Lord Durham the qualitication both of the electors and the has returned from Russia, via Berlin. Every members is determined. Every man who thing is in uncertainty.

* Is this English ?


OCTOBER, 1832.

We are able to confirm the pleasing accounts bring that nutritious article of food into more given in our last, of a decided improvement general use in this country. Indigo, at the in trade, and in the prospects of the country: East India Company's sale this month, A large increase in the public revenue, shared fetched higher prices by about 3d. per lb. pretty equally by the customs and excise than at the July sale ; the purchases were departments, affords unquestion able proof of chiefly for exportation. The last advices increased comfort and prosperity in the body from Calcutta state, that the prospects of the of the people. It will, moreover, tend to the

new crop are favourable. restoration of that confidence in our financial The Cotton MANUFACTURE continues to condition, which the unfavourable state of improve, and the manufacturers of Lancashire the revenue, for many months previous, had and Glasgow are well employed. The demand necessarily impaired.' The cholera, our for- for cotton goods for the home market is midable enemy, still hangs upon our quarters, great, and this is clearing off the heavy stocks and restricts our operations; but the good which the manufacturers had accumulated ; harvest will be a countervailing agent, and payments are also made with tolerable puncwill materially assist in bringing back such a tuality, so as to shew that the retail dealers degree of prosperity as the nation can be throughout the country are doing a safe and expected to enjoy under its present burdens. avantageous business. Prices of goods, The tranquillizing and healing effects of the however, have not risen in proportion to the Reforın Bill are proved by the restoration of recent advance in the price of the raw matecommercial confidence, and the total cessation . rial. We announced last month a rise of of the agitation and uncertainty which last d. per lib.* in most kinds of cotton wool, year pervaded the mercantile world. Trade and we have now to notice a farther advance is now in a healthy state : there is almost an of yd. per lib. on American, West Indian, entire absence of speculation; the increased Egyptian, and most other kinds; which is demand for manufactured goods springs from to be ascribed, in a great measure to specuthe actual wants, and the enlarged means, of lation, as the stocks of cotton in the ports the consumers. Stocks are generally low ; at are less than they were at this time last year least in the hands of the retail dealers, and by 61,000 bags; the quantity in October, are in course of being replenished. The farmer 1831, having been 350,050 bags, and in has obtained a remunerating price for his October, 1832, being 288,680 bags. It is wool, and his crops of corn are abundant; also anticipated that the difference will be and the nation generally will enjoy the still greater before the end of the year; and benefit of comparatively cheap, provisions. as the consumption is not lessened, the dimiWere it not for the cholera, we should doubt- nished stock will naturally cause an advance less have to say, that trade was not merely of price. healthy, but in a state of high vigour.

The foreign demand for cotton goods is Our representation (last month) of the gradually, though slowly, improving. To result of the harvest, is borne out by subse- those markets which have suffered from glut quent events: the crops were exceedingly shipments are cautiously resumed. The abundant; but in the north a large propor- Brazilian market, as noticed in our last, is in tion of the corn received some injury from a greatly improved state. Trade is reviving the rains. The damaged corn has of course at the ports on the western coast of South lowered the average prices : wheat, which America; but the utmost caution is still was 67s. 8d. per quarter in the middle of requisite in sending goods thither. In the July, is now, by the official return, 54s. Id., Mediterranean, from one end of it to the and the duty on foreign wheat has arisen to other, there are appearances of a sound and 295. 8d. But, as it is fully proved that a healthy, though by no means a spirited, or considerable quantity of corn was damaged, particularly profitable, trade. The prospects sound wheat is rising again in price both in in the United States are somewhat more the London and the provincial markets. On favourable. At New York, and other places, the whole, however, the harvest may be the cholera had so completely suspended regarded as above an average; and, in the business, that mercantile engagements in south of England and Ireland, it has been very many cases could not be met, and bills very plentiful.

and credits had been largely renewed, proTrade continues dull in London. The ducing, of course, very great inconvenience. prices of colonial produce tend downwards. From these effects the markets were obviously Some kinds of sugar, especially Mauritius recovering at the date of the last advices, and Brazilian, are quoted lower than last and there was every prospect of business month; there is a considerable reduction in proceeding again in its usual manner. The the price of British refined sugar. Januaica, crops in the United States — always of Brazilian, and Havannah coffees, have also suffered a decline of from 2s. to 4s.

per Cocoa, owing to the reduction of the duty, 1s.* 4d. instead of a., in our last number ;

* This was, by a typographical error, printed has fallen 10s. per cwt., which will probably which, however, could mislead no one.


importance to trade — were great; that of bursed for the rise in the price of wool. wheat particularly so, and of very superior For the lower kinds of woollens there is a quality. The accounts from the East Indies large demand, and at present superfine cloths are better : trade was improving at Calcutta, sell better than they have done for many where it had for some time been stagnant, months past. The WORSTED STUFFS, and it continued to be in a favourable state FLANNEL, and BLANKET trades, continue at Bombay. Freights from the East Indies active. An advance of wages has been given generally have been at very satisfactory rates at Bradford and Rochdale. English long for the ship owners, who have done, and are wool commands about the same price as it still doing, well. To the Continent of did last year ; South Down wool is lower in Europe, the business through the season has price; and German wool, from the very been considerable. On the whole, the short supply received this year, has advanced; foreign trade wears an encouraging aspect. yet it is actually dearer in some parts of Of course, every thing depends on the pre- Germany than in England, owing to the servation of peace; the effect of war upon great demand of the German woollen manuour trading interests would be desolating. facturers. At the Frankfort fair just ended,

The Woollen MANUFACTURE is in the wool was 10 to 15 per cent dearer than at same state of improvement as the cotton, the spring fair. though by no means enjoying high prosperity: The Revenue. We have referred to the The demand for the "home market is good great improvement in the quarter's revenue, and regular. In some qualities of goods an Itsextent and the departments in which it has advance of price has been obtained, equal to taken place, will be seen from the following the advance in the raw material; but in table :others the manufacturer has not been reim

Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and

Quarters ended 10th October, 1831, and 10th October, 1832; shewing the Increase or Decrease on each Head thereof.

[blocks in formation]

Thus the actual increase on the quarter is election, by stating the possibility that such close upon £700,000; but, when it is taken candidates will advocate a change in the into account that the candle tax, of which Corn Laws, and that the present Ministry the annual produce was £480,000, came are meditating such a change ; one of into the corresponding quarter of 1831, and the wealthiest and most truly noble of the is now repealed, there will appear to have landed aristocracy is addressing his fellow been an improvement in the other branches “ landowners of England," to convince of the revenue equal to £800,000. The them of the injustice and folly of the increase of £356,188 in the customs, shews present laws against cheap bread.

Lord a material improvement in the foreign trade, Milton has, on this subject, displayed that at least in the quantity of our imports. rare disinterested pers, that superiority to

The Corn Laws. --Whilst some of our prejudice, that independence and Tory contemporaries are endeavouring to patriotism, which led him, though educated deter the agricultural interest from support- an anti-reformer, and though heir to one of ing liberal candidates at the approaching the largest borough properties in the kingdom, to become a hearty Reformer ; though long the present Corn Laws; and he was only politically connected with the manufacturers prevented from pressing a motion on the of Yorkshire, and depending upon them for subject in the last session of Parliament, by his return to Parliament, to combat their the fear of prejudicing the still more imporopposition to the exportation of English tant question of Reform. He has now wool; and though he had retired from the published an Address to the Landowners representation of Yorkshire, under the anti- of England on the Corn Laws. Let the cipation of being soon called to the Upper landowners weigh, mark, and learn from House, to throw himself into the contest for the striking, clear, and candid appeal made one of the most Tory counties of England, to them by one of the most judicious of Northamptonshire, at the late memorable their own number; and let them virtuously election, against the wishes of his colleagues reject the system which, for the sake of and his friends, and to inflict on the enemies securing to them an unjust, temporary, and of Reform one of the most signal defeats they even dubious, advantage, lays an almost then sustained. This enlightened and vir- insupportable burden on every other class of tuous nobleman has for some time made it the community. his principal object to obtain the removal of



SARRANS' LAFAYETTE, Louis PHILIPPE, acclaim. Sarrans may hate this wily and AND THE REVOLUTION OF THE THREE Days. hypocritical enemy of freedom the more that 2 vols. Effingham Wilson, London. – his patron Lafayette has been the dupe of This work of Sarrans' is the best narrative the fudge and cajolery which has made cat'swe have yet seen of the late events in France, paws of much shrewder men than an openand a most important contribution to French minded old soldier, more exalted by the moral history. If published earlier, which it might qualities of his mind than distinguished by have been, it would have been less candid, the strength of his intellect. The interest and not so full. It comes just in time to of the work, as we have said, commences afford a key to the events rapidly developing, with the promulgation of the memorable and to the course of action and prospective ordonnances, which Sarrans clearly shews the policy of the subtle founder of the new court of Charles X. were fully prepared to dynasty. The memoirs of Lafayette are support by arıned force. We have seldom identified with the history of the two French had so good an opportunity of close and Revolutions, and the first part of Sarran's distinct inspection of the manner in which book is devoted to the events of 1789, and great political events are managed, or manage their consequences; but its interest com- themselves, as in this rapid narrative of mences only with the THREE Days of July, hasty, confused meetings, and abrupt ad1830. Those memorable days found the journments, and all the cross and by play author the editor of a newspaper in Paris, of passions and interests among the different the Courrier des Electeurs, and who can great actors, each, the moment the victory ever forget the exalted patriotism and noble was gained, studying how to make his own courage of the persons connecteil with the advantage of the battle gained by the people. public press in Paris at that crisis? They Those chapters which give so steady a view and their heroic auxiliaries of the Barricades of what passes behind the scenes, are for the were the real authors of this bloodless revolu- diligent study of the people of every country. tion -- the triumph of opinion over despotism. From these we make our extracts, which Their only error lay in reposing too blind a can, however, give but a very inadequate trust in trading politicians and intriguing idea of the work, nor can we at all approach

Sarrans, who had been known that portion of it which shews what the from his youth to Lafayette, enrolled himself cause of freedom has yet to dread from this in the National Guard, and when the General new “ hollow ally” Louis Philippe, between was appointed commander of it, he became whom and his venerable predecessor on the one of his aids-de-camp, and held that throne of France there seems nothing to confidential situation, which brought him choose but deeper design and viler hypocrisy. into close contact with the great leaders of Lafayette was at his seat of La Grange when the different parties. As a warm friend of the ordonnances üppeared. Several of those liberty and France, and a grateful admirer confused conferences were held ; and in the of Lafayette, he is disposed to place every course of the 27th Lafayette arrived in Paris, thing in which the General is concerned in and attended a meeting of deputies at the the fairest_light. His opinion of Louis house of M. de Puyraveau, of which Sarrans Philippe, Europe has anticipated. If at this gives this lively account:--moment it were asked, which is the most

"I shall now retrace my recollections, and relat detested sovereign in Europe, the answer that which, with my head leaning on the edge of might be Nicolas or Miguel: which the a window.frame, my ear attentively listening, and most contemptible? no satisfactory reply: my eye fixed on that large ground-toor apart. but that Louis Philippe is the most suspected people, or rather the deties of all Europe, I saw and odious, would be shouted with one and heard at that awful moment; I am at the bar NO. VIII.-VOL. II.



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