and what now is the condition of the levi- logy is therefore needed for giving to them athans ? Just so was it with the patent a notice more commensurate with their theatres. Neither the editors nor the ma- deserts than it has been heretofore the nagers, unluckily for themselves, appeared, practice to concede. in those days, to be blessed with the lights of political economy. They saw not that THE OLYMPIC:Few women the population of readers, or of hearers, smile like Madame Vestris, and the smile waxed redundant; that the demand was that answered the hearty greeting of a becoming greater than the supply; and closely packed audience, on the opening that competition would soon assuredly of this charming little theatre, was the spring up and produce the effects which smile of the graceful woman, as well as have since been made so conspicuously of the flattered actress. visible by Mr. Macculloch and our own It must be a pleasant thing, in truth, beloved Harriet Martineau. From this to see well-thronged seats and laughing pernicious monopoly, it was (we leave faces, and a thriving treasury ; to hear of untouched the question of vested rights) theatrical distress, and feel it not. It that the minors were originally called must be a useful thing to others, moreinto existence; and by reason of gradually ever, for it induces thought, and makes accumulated accessions of assistance and managers refiect upon the wherefore and strength, their united power has, at last, the why: adversity, like prosperity, rareenabled them to wage a successful fight ly occurs without a cause, and when it for a participation in public favour. approaches, the wit to avert it becomes

There is, at this moment, scarcely a wonderfully sharpened, and gives a double minor theatre in London that does not force to example. The only addition of possess one or more stars, persons of esta- moment to the last year's troop at this blished celebrity either, or of rapidly house is Mrs. Orger. This lady, Liston, rising reputation. The pieces brought and Madame, are a triple surety for the forward, generally, are compositions of continuance of the success of this theatre, the most creditable kind, clever and at- which, according to Charles Kemlile's astractive from intrinsic merit, and valu- sertion, has hitherto exceeded that of any able as incentives to literary labour in a other in town. Vestris re-appeared as department long and grievously neglected; Fanny Bolton, in the old favourite of the while the performances are so skilful and “Grenadier," "ever verdant, ever fresh," well conducted, the scenic and decorative which, like our other popular friends, the displays so creditable, and the manage. “Revels” and the “Devils,” seems never ment so well appointed, that no reason. tiring. A new piece called the “Water able mind need regard with surprise the Party," launched from the pen of Mr. unequivocal encouragement these little Dance, has proved a hit, and bids fair to theatres have thus received. At some of become another of the undying ones, bethem, indeed, the proprietors have had gotten of the Olympic. “My daughter, the temerity to represent those plays which sir,” a light one act burletta, introduced constitute what is understood by the terin a Miss Murray, who, from not having “ legitimate drama ;” and though, in con- acquired that most necessary qualification, sequence of legal interference, they have self-possession, without which the latent burned their own fingers, it has been the abilities of a performer can never be dismeans of shewing the fitness of such plac played, is harlly amenable to critic law. ces for such a purpose, and the evident The house is constantly well and fully leaning of the public taste any thing in attended, it would seem. the Parliamentary investigation to the contrary, notwithstanding." Without THE SURRY.–At this house bas been wishing to make an invidious selection, performed a piece called “ The Tower of who, we would ask, that has witnessed Nesle," a translation or an adaptation of the performance of “ William Tell," a French original; and it has proved

Virginius,” and other “stock trage- highly attractive. The interest never for dies," at the Surry Theatre, and the very a moment flags, for the thing is full of excellent acting of Osbaldiston, Elton, incident; and well it may be, when the Mrs. West, and the rest of the corps ge. crimes of incest, parricide, murder, and nerally, will deny that the claim is pow. other revolting infamies, are freely made erfully made out, that here have been le. subservient to the plot. There are some gitimate representatives of the legitimate good situations for the actors, of course; drama, within walls that ought to be le. and Mr. Osbaldiston, Mr. Emphasis Bengitimatized. The minors, by their me. net, and Mrs. West, displayed their abilirits, have challenged a fair share of that ties to the greatest advantage. Howeğer critical attention which is almost exclu- suitable for the exhibition of histrionic sively bestowed on their more protected talent such plays may be, they are cerrivals, the patented majors, and no apo- tainly very great abominations ; for they

tend much to deprave our better taste by sated public. The management then familiarising the mind with the most desperately tried its hand at the shillingatrocious conceivable acts of guilt. It order scheme, by which the gods, if so it needs not the recourse to the worst pas- squared with their pleasure, might quit sions of our nature to produce interest their altitudes, and quaff gin cordial in and mental excitement in stage perform- the boxes ; and here abomination pretty ances, when our sympathies may be suffi- nearly reached its climax.

How long ciently called into vivid and delighted time it would have taken to effect its imaction by hom and domestic incidents pending self-destruction, was a subject for of far more profitable tendency. From amicable disputation. Its career, how. the number of clever people, however, ever, was checked in a happy hour. who are now beginning to give themselves Mrs. Fitzwilliam, aided by a male to dramatic composition, we hope for adjuvant, and fired with the chivalry better things to come.

which animates her Amazonian sisters, A “domestic drama,” called the “ Fac- Vestris and Waylett, came valiantly forth tory Lad,” which is intended to depict in the commencement of the summer the misery of that unhappy class of beings season, to peril her fame and fortunes in in its worst state, has gained great favour the undertaking ; since which tinie won. among those whose feelings were most ders have been indeed wrought. Some likely to be interested by it. Mr. Stuart pretty Vaudevilles, good scenery, costumes (a provincial) performs in it with much clean, wholesome, and sparkling, clever spirit. This gentleman aspires to the men and women actors, and well-selected higher walks of the drama. He may functionaries, have secured to her theatre do well in melo-drama, but we question that best of benefits--a good name, to his fitness as a substitute for Mr. Elton herself a respectable auditory, and to it a or Mr. Bennet, whom he has succeeded. fair and rational amusement; so that it

A series of “ Tableaux,” very pleasingly is now no longer debasing to avow a visit devised and arranged, has been got up to “ The Wells.” in honour of the “great minstrel of the The “ Pet of the Petticoats,” (a most north.” They are very effective, and infelicitous name by the by, bordering exhibit great taste.

on vulgarity for the sake of a sorry alli. Astleys and the Coburg (the neighbour- teration,) translated by Buckstone, and ing rivals of the Surrey) are now closed, garnished with some very pretty music so that its rule there is none to disputé, by Barnett, has had a long and deserved and the house is nightly filled.

run ; other novelties, though of less attraction, yet all amusing, have rapidly

succeeded. We counsel Mr. Buckstone, SADLER'S Wells.-From the abdica- however, (who is a clever writer as well tion of Grimaldi the Great, of joyous as a droll actor,) and all other authors memory, and the extinction of the “real and adapters whom it may conceru, to water " _ceral disasters—this theatre, up mark well that nonsense is a sorry subto the last season, had been sinking from stitute for humour. Another “Little a state of glorious renown into degrada- Red Man” will do more harm to his repu. tion the most pitiable. Countenanced by tation than the doing into English of half a community sui generis, artificers in a dozen “ Victorines ” will be able to rebricks, excavators of the earth, and folk pair: trash, however decorated, will pro. of that clique, Sadler's Wells was begin. voke something more than a yawn. The ning to be looked upon as but a con- fountain scene of “real water was one of venient arena for the congregational exer. the most delightful things of the kind we cise of those abilities, in whistling, screaming, yelling, and other laryngial energies, Here, also, has been produced another which so pre-eminently characterised its commemoration of the great bard,” condelighted audiences. If that the perform- sisting of several tableaux vivans, illusances comprehended a fair sufficiency of trative of several popular scenes in his bandit-ruffians, rant, fighting, fire, brim- novels and poems, very ably designed and stone, and devils of all degree, the pleased as ably executed. The representation is spectators complained not of the infecun- preceded by the “ Heart of Mid-Lothian," dity of dramatic authorship; they came Mrs. Fitzwilliam sustaining the characwith the two-fold purpose of being amused, ter of Madge Wildfire, to which she owed and of themselves amusing; and when all her original notoriety. Of the other the curtain fell, they went their ways re- performers, among whom are Mr. Manajoicing. But even this could not last for ger Williams, Hunt, unquestionably the ever; Tartarean horrors were wrought finest man on the English stage, Miss dry at length, and Pluto would have been Forde and Miss Somerville, we shall puzzled to devise novelties for a sulphur- speak on another occasion.

ever saw.

STRAND THEATRE._ This is about one the Angels and of the Devils," have been of the prettiest places of amusement in severally produced with great success, both London, at once homely and unexception- emanating from the immortal mind of Mr. able. That calamity in all others-a gal. L. Rede, who, like Knowles and Serle, lery-exists not here, and the consequent Shakspeare and Selby, (Gods! what names absence of all the noise and vulgarity, to mix in one short line,) unites the qua. which invariably proceed from such a re- lifications of an actor with the attributes gion, renders the performances doubly at- of an author. The former is a kind of tractive, and gives a tone to them which para rastic version of Moore's prototype the cultivated taste of a respectable assem- without the feathers, and gives to Mrs. bly must of necessity impart. The thea- Waylett a happy opportunity for the distre is compact almost, yet not to a fault, play of a very handsome pair of legs, and and its aspect is truly English; neat, clean, of her powers as a vocalist, in a situation and_fie! for the inelegancy-snug to a so well calculated to give value to the plainluxury; the quiet audience can see and tive and gentle music of her voice. Her hear with pleasure to themselves, and ad- duets with Mrs. Chapman (who is daily vantage to the actors. No rant or facial becoming a greater favourite) are charmcontortions are necessary for “ effect," so ing; the singing of these two ladies is harthat the performances have the most con- mony itself. versational character imaginable; while

The « Loves of the Devils" is more crethe sterling merit of most of the pieces pro- ditable to the author as a composition; duced prevents any sense of tedium steal. for it may be classed as one of the clevering over the house. The Strand Theatre est and most stinging satires that have ap(house, actors, audience, and all in lump) peared on the stage. It abounds in puns ought to have been summoned one night and pungent allusions to the existing before the Parliamentary Committee, as a naughtiness of the day, whether in law, practical refutation of the arguments of politics, or morals, and lashes human “inthe monopolists, and a crying rebuke to firmities” with merciless rigour. The actilliberal licensers. It is opened in defiance ing of Mr. Rede as “. _"was very good, of the law; it has been threatened exter. and gave greater piquancy to this two-act mination by the law, yet it constantly ex- sarcasm. We wish him success in his bi. hibits that which the law is unable to en. farious efforts. force among those which it protects; an A light amusing trifle, called “ Captain audience in the enjoyment of theatric plea- Stevens," composed by Mr. Selby, who sure, without any violation of the decen- also shines in the double glory of actor cies of society, unannoyed by noisy uproar, and author, has been well received, whom, and unpolluted by the presence of those if we cannot compliment in the former “ chaste stars” who outrage and infest capacity, we are ready to yield him much every other house in London. Two my- praise in the more distinguished character thological burlettas, called the “ Loves of of a writer of interludes.



On the 18th September, the Lady of LieutenantAt Poooah, on 12th February last, the Lady of Colonel Henry Smith, of Baltiboys county Captain Stirling, commanding the 17th Regiment Wicklow, of a daughter. Bombay Native Infantry, of a son.

At Uddens House, Dorset, on 20th September, At Gazeepore, on 20th May, the Lady of Cap- the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir James Fraser, tain Thomson, Bengal Engineers, of a daughter. Bart. of a son.

At Overton House, in the county of Cork, on On 21st September, the Lady of Sir Thomas 3d September, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel St. Fellowes, of a daughter. John Clerke, K.H. of a son.

At Montrose, on 21st September, the wife of At Cupar-Fife, on 3d September, the Lady of Captain Bertram, of a son. Captain Ashe, of the Bengal Army, of a son. At Darnhill, on 21st September, the Lady of

At Duke Street, Edinburgh, on 5th September, Captain F. E. Loch, R. N., of a son. Mrs Waterston, of a daughter.

At Hartham Park, Wilts, on 21st September, At Fenwick, on Ilth September, Mrs Dr Cur- the Lady of H. Joy, Esg. of a son and heir. rie, of a son,

At the Palace, Hereford, on 220 September, the Át Forss, on 12th September, the Lady of James the Hon. Mrs. Gray, of a daughter. Sinclair, Esq. of a son.

At 130, George Street, on 220 September, Mrs At 6, Elm Row, on 14th September, Mrs Wil. Alexander Clapperton of a daughter. liams, of a son.

At Windsor Street, Edinburgh, on the 22d SepAt Conisbro' Priory, on 15th September, the tember, Mrs Maule, of a daughter. Lady of George Ramsden, Esq. of a daughter, still At Craigton, on 220 September, Mrs Henry born.

Dunlop, of a daughter. At 13, George's Square, Edinburgh, on 16th At Goodwooul, on 24th September, the Countess September, Mrs John Paul, of a son,

of Mountcharles, of a son, At the Forbury, Reading, on 17th September, At Kells Manse, on 26th September, Mrs Mait. the Lady of the Rev. F. Valpy, of a son.

land, of a daughter.

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At Letham House, near Haddington, on 26th At 21, Dublin

Street, Edinburgh, on 9th Octo-
September, the Lady of Thomas Hog, Esq. of a ber, Mrs James Tod, of a daughter.

Át Hethe House, Oxon, on 10th October, the
At Tunbridge Wells, on 26th September, the Lady Louisa Slater, of a son.
Lady Catherine Bouleau, of a daughter.

At Shelf bill, on 10th October, Mrs Grieve, of a
At Newbyth, East Lothian, on 27th September, daughter.
tbe Lady Anne Baird, of a son.

On Ilth October, Mrs Macalister of Glenbarr, of At Cainberwell, on 27th September, Mrs Amot, a daughter. of a daughter.

At 8, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, on 11th At Edinburgh, on 29th September, Mrs Camp- October, the Hon. Mrs Ramsay, of a son. bell, of Strachur, of a son and heir.

At Stratford Green, Essex, on 11th Oct., Mrs At Melborne Port, Somerselshire, on 29th Sep Alexander M`Neill of Collonsay, of a daughter. tember, the Lady of W. C. Medlycott, Esq. of a At Trinity Terrace, Southwark, on 12th Octoson.

ber, Mrs Tims, of a son,
At Garnkirk, on the 29th September, Mrs At 2, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, on 12th
Sprott, of a daughter.

October, Mrs Stoddart, of a son.
At Aldbury, Herts, on 30th September, the At the Rectory, East Clandon, on 12th Octo-
Lady of the Rev. James Galloway, of a daughter. ber, the Lady of the Rev. Edward J. Ward, of a

At Duddingston House, on 30th September, daughter.
Mrs Hay, of a son.

At 16, Fettes Row, Edinburgh, on 14th Octo.
At Teignmouth, Devon, on 1st October, the ber, Mrs William Anderson, of a daughter,
Lady of Richard Corbet, of Adderly Hall, Shrop- At 8, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh, on 14th
shire, of a son and heir,

October, the Lady of William Robertson, Esq.,
At the Bishop's Palace, Rochester, on Ist of a son.
October, the Lady of the Rev, Robert W. Shaw, At 3, Great Steuart Street, Edinburgh, on 14th
Rector of Cuxton, of a son.

October, Mrs Christison, of a son.
At Friar Bank, Jedburgh, on 28 October, the At Coupland Castle, Northumberland, on 14th
Lady of James Grant, M.Ď. of a son.

October, the Lady of Matthew Culley, Esq. of a
At I, Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh, on 2d Oc. son and heir.
tober, Mrs. Steuart, of a son.

At Tealington, 15th October, Mrs FotheringAt 22, Howe Street, Edinburgh, on 3d October, ham, Ocrymsoure, of a daughter, still born. the Lady of James Veitch, Esq. younger of Eliock, At 15, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, on of a daughter.

16th October, Mrs Badenoch, of a son. At Dunbar, on 3d October, Mrs. C. L. Sawers, At Warwick, on 15th October, Mrs Geo. Bukof a son.

nell, of Cadogan Place, of a daughter. At Maxweltown, Dumfries, on 3d October, At St. Patrick Square, Edinburgh, on 17th OcMrs. D. B. Douie, of a son.

tober, Mrs Peter Tait, of a daughter. At Moray House, Canongate, on 3d October, On 19th October, the Hon. Mrs. Seymour BaMrs. Cowan, of a son.

thurst, of a son, At Clapham Common, on 4th October, the At St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh, on 20th Lady of Charles Thorold, Esq. of the Hon.' East October, the Lady of Colonel Stewart, East India India Company's Bengal Military Establishment, Company's service, of twins. of a daughter.

At Edinburgh, on 20th October, the Lady of
At Williamfield, on 4th October, Mrs Robert William Penny, Esq. ad vocate, of a son.
Macredie, of a daughter,

In Dublin, the Lady of the O'Connor Lon, M.P.
At 20, York Place, Edinburgh, on 4th October, of a daughter.
Mrs Lee, of a daughter.

In Great Stanhope Street, London, the Coun-
At Millfield, near Moffat, on 4th October, Mrs. tess of Clanwilliam, of a son and heir,
Jardine, of a son.

The Lady of Louis Mirville. Esq. of York Gate,
At Moffat, on 5th October, Mrs Wm. Younger, Regent's Park, London, of a daughter.
of a son,

At Mersham Patch, the Lady of Sir E. Knatch.
At Arlary, Kinross shire, on 5th October, the bull, Bart. of a son.
Lady of G. A. Walker Arnot, Esq. of Arlary, of At 35, North Hanover Street, Glasgow, Mrs
2 son and heir.

James Muirhead, of a son, who survived only a
| At the Manse of Kilmancraig, on 5th October, few hours.
Mrs M Intyre, of a son.

At Montague Square, London, the Lady of St.
At Edinburgh, on 5th October, Mrs Spence, 13, G. Caulfield, Esq. of a daughter.
Montgomery Street, of a daughter.

At the Rectory Livermere, Suffolk, the lady of
At2), Nicolson Street, on 5th October, Mrs Dr. the Rev. Asgill Colville, of a son.
Fairbairn, of a daughter.

At Sutton Court, the Lady of Admiral Sir R.
At Valleyfield, on 6th October, Mrs C. Cowan King, Bart. of a daughter.
of a daughter.

At Tagmon, County Wexford, the wife of Mr
On 6th October, the Lady of the Rev. W. S. N. White, innkeeper, of two sons and a daughter.
H. Braham, of the Precincts, Canterbury, of a The Lady of Henry Tredcroft, of a son.

The wife of Mr Edwards of Tregare, Mon.
At 26, Home Street, Edinburgh, on 7th Octo- mouthshire, of three daughters.
ber, Mrs Renton, of a son.

At York, the Lady of J. Wood, Esq. M. P. of a At 105, Constitution Street, Leith, on 7th Oc- daughter. tober, Mrs Dean, of a son.

MARRIAGES. On 7th October, the Lady of the Rev. J. Binney, of London, of a son.

At Holland House, Papa Westray, on 8th Oc- At Meereet, East Indies, on 8th March last, tober, the Lady of George Traill, Esq. of Hol. William Henry Graham, Esq., engineer service, Land, of a son.

to Margaret Reid, eldest daughter of George Sted. At Albany Street, North Leith, on 8th October, man, Esq. S.S.C., writer in Kinross. Mrs William Shiels, of a son.

At Delhi, on 5th May last, Brigade-Major On Sth October, Mrs Mathers Fleming, Moore William Rainsay, Hon. East India Company's Place, Glasgow, of a daughter.

service, Bengal establishment, to Miss Susan Hay On 8th October, Mrs Williamson, Newton Chrichton, eldest daughter of the late William Grange, of a son.

Ballantyne Chrichton, Esq., Dalkeith, At Rempstone, on 8th October, the Lady Caro- At the Cape of Good Hope, on 10th July last, line Calcraft, of a dau, hter.

Captain Robert Dampier Tallifax, of the 75th Op 9th October, the Lady Lucy Eleanor Low. Regiment of foot, to Harriet, daughter of Lieute. ther, of a daughter.

nant-Colonel Thomson, commanding engineer at On 9th October, the Lady of William Dug. the Cape. more, Esq. barrister at law, of a daughter.

At the Island of Trinidad, on 31st July last, his Ai Annfield, near Glasgow, on yth October, Excellency Major-General Sir Jervis Grant, Mrs G. M. Auld, of a son.

K.C.H., Governor of Trinidad, to Isabella ElizaAt Rockbank, Milngavie, on 9th October, Mrs beth, only daughter of the late Alexander Grant, Smart, of a son.

Esq. of Tullochgritan, North Britain.

At Brockville, Canada, on 15th August, Francis of the Bombay Army, to Emma, third daughter Robert Foote, Esq. assistant commissary general, of Dr. Mann, Borrows of Larkhall Rise, Clap. son of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward James Foote, ham. K.C.B., to Charlotte, daughter of Dr. Habbell, At Nicholas's Church, Great Yarmouth, on M.D.

25th September, Richard Gwyn, Esq. of LongAt Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 22d August, Mr. Stratton in Norfolk, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter Alexander Henry of Greenock, to Jean, eldest of Isaac Preston, Esq. of Great Yarmouth. daughter of Mr James Reid, of Edinburgh.

At St. George's, Hanover Square, London, on At Bahia, on 230 August last, Frederick Robil 25th September, the Honourable Russell Barliard, Esq. to Juliana, second daughter of John rington, to Maria, only daughter of the late John Parkinson, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's Consul in Lyon, Esq. of Hetton House, in the county of that province.

Durham. At Copenhagen, on 25th August, Benjamin At Teignmouth, on 25th September, James Wolff, Esq., formerly of Calcutta, to Julia, third Staunton Lambert, Esq. M.P., to the Honourable daughter of the late Admiral Sneednoff, Cham. Camden Elizabeth, only child of the late Camden berlain to his Majesty, Knight Commander of the Gray, ninth Lord Kidcudbright. Dannebrof, &c.

At Footing Church, on 25th September, the At Goosnargh, on 27th August, Mr Thomas Rev. Benjamin Chapman, Rector of Westley, Smith of Inglewhite, to Mrs Parkington of the Cambridgeshire, to Laura Maria, eldest daughter Field Foot of Goosnargh. The bride is in her 64th of the late Jonathan Wilson, Esq. of Footing year, and has given birth to 27 children; the bride. Common. groom is the same age, and is the father of 23. At Heath Cottage, near Inverness, on 26th

This is the seventh time of his appearance at the September, Lieutenant-Colonel R. Robertson, of hymeneal altar-four times at the English church, the Bombay Army, to Harriet, second daughter and three at the Roman Catholic.

of Robert Peirson, Esq. of Riga. At Musselburgh, on 13th September, the Rev. At London, on 28th September, Robert Paton, James Forsyth, Morham, to Elizabeth, eldest Esq. W.S., to Isabella, only daughter of Thomas daughter of Robert Brown, Esq., of Gilston. Phipps, Esq. London.

At South Ronaldshay, Orkney, on 13th Septem- At Tyningham, on 26th September, Mr. James ber, Mr. John Brotchie of Thurso, to Ann, eldest Forest, Baker, Belhaven, to Jane, the daughter daughter of the Rev. Theodor Rainy.

of Mr Adam Dickson, Tyningham. At St. George the Martyr, Queen Square, Lon- At Aberdeen, on 27th September, John Smith, don, on 16th September, John Middleton Meggi. junr. Esq. advocate, to Margaret, daughter of son, to Emilia, eldest daughter of Sharon Turner, William M'Kinnan, Esq. Esq.

At Arden, Lanarkshire, on 27th September, On 18th September, Francis Hall Tepping, James Winstanley, Esq. Newcastle-upon.

Tyne, second son of the late Francis Tepping of Bellur. to Christian Speid, youngest daughter of Robert gaw Park, Esq. to Louisa, second daughter of Jamieson, Esq. w.S. Henry M'Clentock, Esq. collector of the post At Kensington Church, on 27th September, of Dundalk,

William Trighi Hamilton, Esq. barrister-at-law, to At St. James's, London, on 18th September, Ann Louisa, eldest daughter of the late MajorFrederick Seymour, Esq. to the Lady Augusta General the Hon. Sir William Ponsonby, K.C.B. Hervey, eldest daughter of the Marquis of Bristol. At the New Church, St. Marylebone, on 27th

At Trinity Church, St. Marylebone, on 18th September, Horatio Clagget, Esq. to Letitia, only September, Lieutenant General White of Upper daughter of Charles Day, Esq. of Hartley House, Berkeley Street, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of New Road. the late Alexander Davidson, Esq. of Swarland At 27, Albany Street, Edinburgh, on 28th Sep. Park, Northumberland ; and also Captain S. E. mber, N. Gordon Cobbett, Esq. R. N. second Cook, R.N., only son of the Rev. Jos. Cook, of son of the late James Cobbett Porterfield, Esq. of Newton Hall, in the same county, to Dorothy Porterfield, to Margaret, daughter of Patrick Davidson, youngest daughter of the above. Borthwick, Esq.

At 251, Portland Street, Laurieston, on 19th At Kirkbride, on 1st October, Montgomery September, Alexander Mitchell, Esq. of Peter. Cunninghame, Ésq, second son of Sir James Mont. head, to Catherine, third daughter of the late gomery Cunninghame, Bart. of Corsehill and Kirk. Mr. George Cadenhead, supervisor of Excise. tonholm, to Miss Charlotte Niven D. Hutcheson,

At Thrumster, on 19th September, James of Southfield. Gregg, Esq., advocate, Sheriff-substitute of Caith- At Charley, Sussex, on 24 October, the Rev. ness-shire. to Williamina, youngest daughter of Charles Goring, to Maria Arabella, eldest daughJames Innes, Esq., of Thrumster.

ter of General the Hon. Frederick St. John. At the residence of the British Ambassador, At Collegiate Church, Southwell, on ed Octo. Berne, on 19th September, Charlotte, eldest ber, Hugh Bruce Campbell, Esq. of Nottingham, daughter of Major General Sir John Foster, Fitz- to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of E. Werge, Esq. gerald, K.C.B., to Otho Leopold Baron Ende, of Hargreave Park, in that county. Chamberlain to his Majesty King of Saxony, At Liplithgow, on 2d October, Robert Speeden,

At Bolney, Sussex, on 20th September, H. C. Esq. tanner there, to Elsie, eldest daughter of the Huntly, Esq. R.N., third son of the late Rev. R. Rev. Alexander Knowles, Minister. Huntly, of Boxwell Court, Gloucestershire, to At Smith's Place, on 20 October, Mr. R. C. Anne, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant. Smart, engraver, Edinburgh, to Emily Margaret, General Skinner of Chesterfield Street, Mayfair, daughter of Mr. Samuel Morton.

At Dumfries, on 20th September, James Dykes, At St. George's, Hanover Square, London, on Esq., writer, Port-Glasgow, to Mary, eldest 20 October, Captain R. Wetherell, of the Royal daughter of 'John Pagan, Esq., St. Catherine's Sussex Militia, eldest son of the Rer. Richard House, Dumfries.

Wetherell of Pashley House, Sussex, to Editha At South Stonehaven Church, on 20th Septem- Lee Tebitt, of Park Farm, Hawkhurst, Kent. ber, Captain Lewis Shedden, late of the 15th At Glasgow, on 4th October, William Todd, Hussars, eldest son of Colonel Shedden of the Esq. merchant, Cork, to Miss Helen King, daughElms, Symington, to Agnes, only child of the ter of the late John King, Esq. of Fowlwood. late James Eastmont, Esq. of India Street, Edin. At Knockdrin Castle, near Mullingar, on 4th burgh.

October, Viscount Forbes, to Frances Mary, At Dollar Bank, on 21th September, Mr D. daughter of William Ferritt, Esq. of Chilton Hall, Scott, Edinburgh, to Alison, second daughter of Suffolk. the late Adam Allan, Esq. of Bushel Hill, Ber. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, on 4th Octo. wickshire.

ber, Lewis Robert, youngest son of John Bellamy, At Edinburgh, on 24th September, Mr. George Esq., of the House of Commons, to Harriette Jane, Goldie, accountant, to Marion, eldest daughter of second daughter of the late William Gunnell, the late Mr. James Anderson, 40, Hanover Esq, of Margate. Street.

By special license, at Tralee, on 6th October, At Belgrave, near Leicester, on 25th Septem- Maurice ('Connell, Esq. M.P. for the county of ber, Mr William Charles of Huntingdon, to Anne Clare, to Mary Frances, only daughter of Blinden Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Barnart of Herts. Scott, Esq of Cahercon.

At Clapham, on 25th September, Major Casson At Moffat, on 8th October, the Rer. Coll Tur.

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