The Tourist in Spain and Morocco, 第 1 巻

R. Jennings and Company, 1838 - 292 ページ


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140 ページ - Her lover sinks — she sheds no ill-timed tear; Her chief is slain — she fills his fatal post; Her fellows flee — she checks their base career; The foe retires — she heads the sallying host: Who can appease like her a lover's ghost?
291 ページ - Among the ruins to the SW of the bridge we have the greatest part of a triumphal arch called Cassir Goulah, or the Castle (as they interpret it) of the Giant, consisting of three arches, the middlemost whereof, as usual, is the most spacious. All the mouldings and friezes are curiously embellished with the figures of flowers, battle-axes, and other ornaments. The Corinthian pilasters erected on each side of the grand arch are panelled like the gates of the city, in a style and fashion peculiar to...
290 ページ - This indeed was a masterpiece in its kind ; the gallery, and the columns of the arches being adorned with cornices and festoons, ox-heads and garlands. The key-stones likewise of the arches are charged with Caducei and other figures.
156 ページ - Every eatable is infipid : the greens, wine, and meat, ieem the artificial forced productions of continual waterings and hot-beds. Here a man may labour for an hour at a piece of mutton, and when he has tired his jaws, find that he has only been chewing the idea of a dinner. The meat, as foon as it is cut into, yields abundance of gravy; and nothing remains but a mere withered caput mortuum.
228 ページ - With thee conversing I forget all time ; All seasons and their change, all please alike. Sweet is the breath of morn, her rising sweet, With charm of earliest birds ; pleasant the sun When first on this delightful land he spreads His orient beams, on herb, tree, fruit, and flower...
284 ページ - Scgnor, in ransom for one of their princes, whom Andrea had taken captive. This place is defended by a small castle, well armed, and in good order, and protected the coral fishery, which was carried on in these seas.
284 ページ - Sennis in Italy, the road lies upon the narrow ridge of a high mountain, with deep valleys and precipices on each...
284 ページ - Hippo Diarrhytus, but from being one of the royal cities of the Numidian kings ; it was created a colony of the Empire, and with Carthage it was one of the most opulent commercial centres of Roman Africa. St. Augustine, who had been converted four years before, was ordained priest here AD 390 ; here he resided, a priest and bishop, for 35 years ; and here also he wrote his "Confessions...
291 ページ - Below the gallery, betwixt the two principal arches, we see, in a bold relief, and well executed, the figure of a lady treading upon two elephants, with a large escallop shell for her canopy. The elephants, facing each other, twist their trunks together; and the lady, who appears dressed in, her own hair, with a close-bodied garment, like the women's riding habit of our times, raises up her petticoat with her right hand, and looks scornfully upon the city.
284 ページ - Constantina, it is diversified with a beautiful interchange of hills and plains, which afterwards grows less fit for tillage, till it ends, upon the Sahara, in a long range of mountains, the Buzara, as I take it to be, of the ancients.