Memoirs of His Own Life, 第 4 巻


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71 ページ - Heaven doth with us as we with torches do, Not light them for themselves ; for if our virtues Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike As if we had them not.
179 ページ - em as they're new. — To one at least your usual favour show; A female asks it, can a man say no? Should you indulge our novice yet unseen, And crown her with your hands a tragic queen, Should you with smiles a confidence impart, To calm those fears which speak a feeling heart; Assist each struggle of ingenuous shame, Which curbs a genius in its road to fame; With one wish more her whole ambition ends — She hopes some merit to deserve such friends.
119 ページ - I stand upon the stage, talk aloud and stare about, which confounds the actors and disturbs the audience ; upon which the galleries, who hate the appearance of one of us, begin to hiss, and cry
1 ページ - In four Volumes. — If I had held my PEN but half as well as I have held my BOTTLE — what a charming hand I should have wrote by this Time.
36 ページ - ... and won many a theatrical plate. The public were so infatuated (and indeed he was so superior) that he cast all others at a distance in his York situation; and the audience too blindly and too partially (for his good) approved all he did beyond comparison...
196 ページ - I imagined, long be" fore this, to have met with some " oddities worth acquainting you " with. It is grown a fashion of " late to write lives — I have now, " and for a long time have had, " leisure enough to write mine — " but want materials for the latter " part of it. For my existence " cannot properly be called living, " but what the painters term still" life ; having, since February '* 13th, been confined in this town
182 ページ - I hope, be imputed to my reciting them, as I have already obferved, entirely from memory; and the deviation, I truft, will be excufed by you and my readers, as the incidents themfelves, though perhaps erroneous in point of time, are real facts. And was I now to fet about correcting the error by an alteration of the dates, I fear, as many of them happened at fo diftant a period, fuch a ftep would only be productive of greater miftakes.
197 ページ - With an economy, which till now I was a stranger to, I have made shift hitherto to victual my little garrison ; but then it has been with the aid of my good friends and allies — my clothes. This week's eating finishes my last waistcoat ; and next I must atone for my errors on bread and water.
40 ページ - Grarrick, is one of your first characters ; but I must say, I flatter myself I play it almost as well ; for comedy, my good sir, is your forte. But your Brute, d — n it, Mr.
40 ページ - Well, Mr Frodsham, why now, well, that is, I suppose you saw my Brute last night? Now no compliment, but tell Mrs Garrick; well now, was it right? Do you think it would have pleased at York? Now speak what you think!