The Ballad Book: A Selection of the Choicest British Ballads

William Allingham
Macmillan, 1872 - 393 ページ

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357 ページ - I wish I were where Helen lies; Night and day on me she cries; And...
42 ページ - Tis not the frost, that freezes fell, Nor blawing snaw's inclemencie, 'Tis not sic cauld that makes me cry; But my Love's heart grown cauld to me. When we cam in by Glasgow toun. We were a comely sicht to see ; My Love was clad in the black velvet, And I mysel in cramasie. But had I wist, before I kist, That love had been sae ill to win, I had lock'd my heart in a case o' gowd, And pinn'd it wi
66 ページ - I must give; That I have but three days more to live: For if I do not answer him questions three, My head will be smitten from my bodie.
249 ページ - The warld's room : let them beg through life, Mither, Mither; The warld's room : let them beg through life ; For them never mair will I see, O.' 'And what will ye leave to your ain mither dear, Edward, Edward? And what will ye leave to your ain mither dear, My dear son, now tell me, O?' — ' The curse of hell frae me sall ye bear, Mither, Mither; The curse of hell frae me sall ye bear : Sic counsels ye gave to me, O...
61 ページ - They hoysed their sails on Monenday morn, Wi' a' the speed they may; They hae landed in Noroway, Upon a Wodensday. They hadna been a week, a week In Noroway but twae, When that the lords o' Noroway Began aloud to say: 'Ye Scottishmen spend a' our king's goud, And a
142 ページ - These pretty Babes with hand in hand Went wandering up and down; But never more they saw the Man Approaching from the Town. In both these stanzas the words, and the order of the words, in no respect differ from the most unimpassioned conversation. There are words in both, for example, ' the Strand,
283 ページ - Lay me a green sod under my head, And another at my feet ; And lay my bent bow by my side, Which was my music sweet ; And make my grave of gravel and green, Which is most right and meet. Let me have length and breadth enough. With a green sod under my head ; That they may say, when I am dead, Here lies bold Robin Hood.
143 ページ - His conscience felt an hell : His barns were fired, his goods consumed, His lands were barren made, His cattle died within the field, And nothing with him stayed.
62 ページ - To take my helm in hand, Till I get up to the tall top-mast, To see if I can spy land?' 'O here am I, a sailor gude, To take the helm in hand, Till you go up to the tall top-mast; But I fear you'll ne'er spy land.
271 ページ - O have ye na heard o' the fause Sakelde? O have ye na heard o' the keen Lord Scroop? How they hae ta'en bauld Kinmont Willie, On Hairibee to hang him up ? Had Willie had but twenty men, But twenty men as stout as he, Fause Sakelde had never the Kinmont ta'en. Wi