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Winter may clothe in white the plain,

And bind in ice the limpid stream, But genial Spring dispels his reign,

And wakens Nature from her dream.

Ah! when thy morn of youth is ned,

No second Spring to thee returns ; When age with snow shall crown thy

head, The lamp of life but faindy burns.

MUSICAL ACADEMY. FOR te: ching various kinds of Musical, Wind and String Instruments, in a short, true, and comprehensive manner as will be most advantageous to those who learn as above specified, and render themselves capable of enjoying the pleasure of this art, on moderate terms, by JAMESH HOFFMAN

No. 51, Anthony-street* Also--Military Bands, may, upor application as above, he taught correctly. and receive the true method for any instejament ta compiere the same. Oct 13

Then be prepar'd to meet thy God:

Let not thine eyes be fix'd on earth : But upwards look to that abode,

Where love eternal claims its birth.

Years may

in swift succession roll, And each in full fruition bring; But that immortal spark, the Soul,

Shall flourish in perennial Spring:


By Robert Burìs.

MUSING on the roaring Ocean,

Which divides my love and mę: Wearying in warm devotion,

For bis weal where'er he be. Hope and Fear's alternate billow

Yielding late to Nature's law, Whispering spirits round my pillow,

Talk of him that's far awa.

TO LET. AT Richard Ford's Porter House; No. 12, Rosevelt-street, a large and commodious Room, suitable for a School, or Military instructions, Balls, Societies ; and the same having a stage with scenery, is well adapted for Pubïick Recitations, Lecturing, or Juvenile performances.

N. B. Free and Easy, on every Tuese day Evening Commence at 7 o'cl ck at the above place.

Dec 22 NOTICE. VALUABLE Land for sale in seves ral Country's and States, in small or large quantities to suit purchasers ; and property of every description taken in payment, or part, and liberal credit giv. en for the reinainder. Also, Land war. rants to locate land in the best climate and soil in America; will be sold low, and on very accommodating terms, with the Governor's recommendations and patents , all which may be seen by Apa plying to T. H. BRANTINGHAM,

No. 97, William-Street:

Ye whom Sorrow never wounded ;

Ye who never shed a teatr ; Care untroubled, joy surrounded,

Gaudy day to you is dear. Gentle night do you befriend me :

Downy sleep, the curtain draw : Spirits kind, again atiend me,

Talk of him that's far awa.

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EPITAPH On a Tailw, who was given to dunning. Here lies W. W. Who ne'er more will trouble you, trouble



SAMUEL B. WHITE, No. 317 Vl'ater-street, New-York:







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lovers. He wisely thought the ALBERT AND EMMA.

impassioped adieu of Albert An Interesting Tale.)

might leave an impression too

tender on the heart of Emma, Continued.

and which, as he foresaw, Albert had listened in silent

would endanger her peace of admiration to the words of l mind, if indulged; he thereEmma's venerable father, when

fore determined to use every Bernard eeased to speak, he | argument, which could banish thus replied, “Could I offer a the flattering hope from her diadem to your incomparable

bosom. daughter, she would by accept

Bernard returned not to his ing is, confer, and not receive

cottage till Albert had quitted the honour. I would not have

the village ; when he entered, presumed to solicit her affec

Emma advanced to meet him, tions or her hand, could I have

her eyes surcharged with tears; admitted a doubt of my father's

she presented him with a let. approbation of a choice direct

ter which Albert, retiring to ed by reason and sanctioned

write for a few moments beby virtue.

I will renew no fore lie mounted his horse, more my humble suit till au.

had ordered his servant to thorized by him to demand the

leave as he passed the door.. hand of Emma; Farewell! my It breathed the language of return hither shall be as rapid eternal love, and assured her, as the impatience of love and that as he quitted her only to hope can render it.'


accelerate their union, she separated the venerable Ber- might soon expect his return nard and the youthful Albert; to claim her promised band ; nor could the moving rheto Bernard folding up the letter rick of the latter prevail upon when he had read it, and putthe father of Emma to permis ting it in his pocket, thus ad a parting scene between the " dressed his trembling daugka

change for one more conve So saying, he mounted his aient and comfortable. My horse, and returned to the lord,' replied Bernard, ' in castle, revolving in his mind, this hu nble dwelling my in every practicable seheme for fant eyes first opened, and the seduction of the devoted here I would wish to close Emma. He reflected that he their aged lids.'

never had beheid a female half

so lovely ; and as he on no oc"But,' interrupted the baron,

casion had accustomed himself vou begin to bow under the

to combat his inclinations, or weight of years, and stand in

subdue his passions, he reneed of rest and indulgence ; l solved to lose no time in acI shall feel a true satisfaction complishing his design. The in rendering your latter days bumble situation of Emma, happy.' Permit me to as

gave him in his opinion, an sure you,' said Bernard, 'that

uncontrouled right to her suba life of honest industry, and mission ; but he was solicitous, uncorrupted innocence, has al- || if possible, to gain an ascendready insured to me that hap

ency over her heart, by awakpiness in its closing scene, ening with her gratitude tenwhich an irreprochable con derer sentiments; for this purscience only can bestow, but

pose he determined to wear which riches can never give.' ll the mask of hypocrisy a little 'You have a daughter, how | longer, and then to attempt by ever,' interrupted the baron,

every art of soft deception, to smiling, 'too young to have

secure her affections in his faadopted your stoical ideas.'

A week elapsed after Jhave a daughtır,' retorted the baron's visit at the cottage, Bernard, who inherits her

without any renewal of his mother's virtue, and has been

great offers ; a circumstance taught by precept and exam

that contributed to dispel those ple, to follow virtue.' The

fears, which had been awakenbaron replied, that he still

ed in the bosom of Bernard, hoped, mature reflection would

by the interview of the baron induce him to accept the fa

with Emma, and his generous vours he was anxious to confer professions of friendship to apon a man, whose respecta- himself,--professions, so opbic character, and long life of posite to the natural ferocity unsullid virtue, claimed a sia

of his temper. Bernard conFar reward.



'sidered them no longer in any

History of light, but in that of a tempora KITTY WELLS. ry inclination toward humani.

(A PRUE STORY.) ty and kindness, which could Dot have root in a soil so barHe pursued, therefore,

(Concluded.) without further suspicion, his

He no longer doubted her usual labors : taking, however, sincerity. Nature was in her the precaution never to leave face; she had testimonies of his daughter without a com

truth in her features and be. panion, in his abscene.

haviour, which could not be One morning when he had

feigned, and which he could quitted the cottage about an

not mistake,

But this was hour, a hasty messenger from

not enough to deter him from the castle terrified Emma with

an attempt on her virtue. He an account that her father was

was the slave of passion. His taken with a sudden indispo- habits had given such ascen. sition as be passed the gates ; deney to his desires over rea-' and having been supported in

son, morality and honour, that to the house by some of the he was constantly in pursuits domestics, who observed him

of objects of intrigue ; and a sinking on the ground, the mind not by nature vicious, was housekeeper had thought pro- rendered so by indulgence.--per to send for his daughter, He attacked her with all the who, by being accustomed per- violence of ungovernable aphaps to those seizures, knew

petite. He promised her imbest how to treat them. The

mense sums, threw his purse trembling Emma, alarmed to

upon the table, and used every the utmost degree at a disorder art that desire or gallantry which had never yet attacked could invent to procure he her beloved father, delayed not compliance; but Kitty resisted a moment to follow her cen

him with the native dignity of ductor ; and taking the arm of innocence. She broke from her friend Agnes, who had his arms, reproached him with been listening to her as she be baseness of insulting an um. vas xeading aloud, proceed protected female, whom mised with tottering steps to the fortune, and not error, had Castle, distant from her hum. put into his power ; and overble cottage about a mile.

whelmed with grief and fa- To be continued:s)

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