On Tuesday night, at a negro darice

MARRIED, in Chapel-street, James Johnson stab

Al Burlington, N. J. by the Rev. bed Lewis Robinson in the groin, and

Dr. Wharlon, MIr. Anthony Schuja he bled to death on the spot. Johnson is committed for trial.

ler, merchant, of this city, to Miss Sarrah. Ann Ridg.

In Salem, Capt. Joseph Perkit, A duel took place at Savannah on

to Mrs. Elizabeth Scias. the morning of the 10th inst. between the Captain of a French privateer and Paut Rossignol, in which the former

DIED was mortally wounded.

On Tuesday morning, about 2

o'clock. after a short, but severe On Thursd:y evening last, the shop illness, which he bore with chrisljan of Mr. Trask, cooper, at Charlestown, fortitude and resignation, Simeon near Boston, was burnt ; and, on the

N. Brocver, merchant, of this city; same evening, the whole of that four

aged 23 years and 2 days. story building, in Fore.street, corner of Central-wharf, Boston, known by the

On Tuesday last, Isaac Comb, name of Godfrey's Bakery, two other

aged 34. bouses, a barn, and 600 cords of wood, were consumed. From this building,

At Albany, William P. Beers, the fire communicated to another (for

esq. Clerk of the city and county' merly owned by Mr. Ingersol) from whom Mr. Shaw lately purchased it.

of Albany. The store part of which on Fish-street,

On Tuesday evening last, Cunt. was occupied by Mr. Fuller. The dwelling house by Mr. Grice, Mr. Fales,

Elihu Doty. Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Brewer, with their families. Mr. Grice also occupied a large

On the 22d inst. after a short barn on the premises which was like.

illness, Mrs. Mary Bloomer, wife wise consumed, together with another of Michael Bloomer, piilot. belonging to the same, including a large quantity of hay, grain, &c. On the

On Saturday last, after a very estate adjoiniog, belonging to the heirs severe illness, Mr. William Thomas, of Dr. J. C. Howard, deceased, two an old and respectuble merchant of barns were burnt, and about 150 cords of wood, the property of Mr. Bignall. The next evening, an attempt was

At Savannah, Dr. Rosswell B. made to set fire to the Carpenter's shop Tracy, doctor to the Savannah poor at the head of Columbia-wharf.

house and Miss Myra Newell, Oct. 22.

aged 16.---In North Carolina, Col. James Richardson, aged 76 ; and

Mrs. Elizabeth Bunting, aged 43. Wanted. At this Office, an Intelli. gent LAD : As an Apprentice to the

In the parish of Portland, 1. S. ?'rinting Business

Oct. 26." James Eagles, aged 49.

this city.

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WHAT waibles in meads,

FOR teaching various kinds of In the season of spring,

Musical, Wind and String InstruAnd what Boreas breeds,

ments, in a short, true, and comIn despite of the King.

prehensive manner as will be most. Like Tris array'd,

advantageous to those who learn as Through the lawns what.parade 3 above specified, and render themWhat the Romans display'd,

selves capable of enjoying the Before their brigades.

pleasure of this art, on moderate

terms, by What can soon be destroy'd,

And yet has no end.
What is daily employ'd,

No 51, Anthony-Street.
For what need not be penn'd.

( Also, Military Bands, may, What all aged have been,

upon application as above,be taught Yet forever have lost,

correctly, and receive the true The initials spell plain,

method for any instrument to comWhat Americans boast.

plete the same.

Oct 13

liree and Easy. ON HOPE.

Sir, VAIN phantom Hope--delusive cheat !

The favor of your company is Thou lovely idol of the mind; requested at Richard Ford's Large Still hush my fears-my woes defeat,

Room, No. 1-2, Rosevelt Street, to Be to thy sorrowing vot'ry kind.

akend à Convivial Society, on

Monday Evening next. Hail ever young, and ever gay,

Mr. My troubled thoughts to comfort lead;

In the

Chair: Chase, quickly chase, my

doubts away, In smiling pastures let me feed.

Immediately, an accomplished TazShew to my aching sight a close,

loress. Enquire at No. 212 Greenwich Of all! dread-of all I want ;

Street. A triumph o'er ten thousand foes, N. B. Wanted Two female apprentices 'Tis thou can’st give, 'tis thou can'st to the above business.--Enquire as above grant!



No.317 Water-street, New York: On the Death of Mr. Foote. in half-yearly volumes, containing twenty.

six numbers each, (issued weekly) at Satire and Irony no more

One Dollar the volume, payable quarShall forth their arrows shoot ;

terly, and no Snbscribers taken for less Ev'n Wit must fall.--the reason's plain,

than half a year.

Distant patrons to Because she's ne'er 2 Foote!

pay in advance. Postage to be paid on all letters directer! to the Editor,








Saturday, November 3,...1810.


letter from him. It was daALBERT AND LAURA.

ted in the canton of Uterwal. A Swiss Tale.

den, and containing the most

disastrous intelligence ; the (Concluded.)

concluding words were thesc:

All is ruin and destruction ; My gallant son,' cried Basil,, ' you claim

on every side we meet the fir my warm

ard sword of our barbarous and est fondness : you have deci. ded as I wished.'

unprovoked enemies, Some

mothers are lamenting their Albert turned to embrace lost sons slain in battle ; others Laura.

hang with terror ovr thir

bleeding infants, stabbed while 'Go,' said she, attempting clinging to their breast. Our to stifle her tears : I' sacrifice dispirited forces forget their every hope for your reputá. || duty, and are deserting from tion I must not regret your the banners ; every regiment absence, for I consider that

is returning to its particular it is the duty of every one to

canton, and the one in which I protect his country when its

am enrolled is on its march: welfare'is endangered. homewards ; so th Albert would have replied,

short time you may expect me but the horn resounded through

with my comrades in the neighthe valley, and he perceived

bourhood of our cottage, where his comrades already on their ! "

I will conquer or perish in your

defence.' march. Ha! cried he rushing from the cottage, I shall

Tears trickled down the be the last. Dearest father! | cheeks of Basil as he read this dearest Laura ! farewell." inelancholy recital. He lifted

up his eyes to Heaven, and Some days after the depart- offered a silent prayer for th: ure of Albert, Basil recsived a selfare of his unhappy couns

in a very

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try. The amiable Laura hung of the disturbance, and was over his shoulder with looks of met at the door by his son.doubt and apprehension whilst | The old man shook with transD read the letter: and, when port, and claspeck Albert in he had concluded, she burst bis arms, calling him by the into a flood of tears. • Weep tenderest names ; wlien hi not! weep not !' cried Basil, || feelings had subsided, he said, • The tree, overgrown with • What have you to tell me?' age, is encumbered by the weight of its branches, and

• But little, father,' replied sees its trunk almost borne to

Albert, • We are vanquished': the earth ; so France may ex

nothing remains for us now but tend her conquests for a time,

to live in slavery, or suffer

death." but she will at length become the victim of those whom she

The latter is preferable, now insolently tramples upon. cried Basil ; . but we will first Dry your tears, my girl, and

convince our foes that we believe ine, though the virtu.

not to be conquered without ous may sometimes smart un


Come,, enter the der the iron rod of affiction

cottage, and see your dear a day of retribution is always Laura; let her smiles for a prepared for the wicked.'

moment dissipate the anxiety

Alas! After a little persuasion, he which fills your breast. restored the sweet orphan's

we shall not long be able to courage, and she endeavoured call this delightful residence 10 bear the sorrowful news with

our own. some degree of fortitude.

The meeting of the two Three days elapsed, and no

lovers after so short an abfresh intelligence arrived from

sence was very affectionate ; Albert. On the fuurth morn but their recollection soon ing the inhabitants of the val. turned to the future, and they ley were awakened before day knew not but this was the last light by the sound of clairons: time they should

see each it was a division of troops be

other longing to the canton, which bad left the main army, and Their apprehensions was not just reached their camp, about | without foundation, for before a quarter of a mile distant. the day closed news arrived Basil rose to learn the cause that the enemy were within an


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