, I : 362 THE LADY'S MISCELLANY; they a, peared perfect adepts | lous. She advanced a sentiin the art of boxing, and each ment the most ridiculous that blow was leveled with a degree could posibly be conceivd ; of niceiy to be equalled only by be mildly informed her of the those who have studied the error into which that opinion dexterous art: The fight would lead her, and that people continued for several moments, would laugh should they be when the wife was declared, informed of the circumstancc by tbe beholders, to have gain that caused her to make the ased the victory; her husband sertion. However this mild carried as trophies of her ex rebuke only acted like fuel to cellence in scratching, a com- fire, for instead of replying in plete number of scars. Thus a fimilar tone of voice, she much for neighbour snip and

roared like some beast of prey, his wife; I might say a great and falling upon her better deal more were I not fearful of half, beat him most genteelly burting their feelings. People, indeed. I do not pity him in you know, do not like to have the least, he was deserving of themselves rediculed if they all he received, and more had are ever so wrong, and some she been capable of bestowing persons are so extremely ner. it, because he fet a woman govous that, were I not to han vern who was made and comdle them in a delicate manner, manded to obey. W. I might'frighten them intofits. I shall leave this happy couple,

COME ITE'LL TAKE THE for the present, to the enjoy.

TOTHER SIP. ment of their consciences.


drinker is not the Now for neighbour Flute, only man who takes the t'other who is an honest old rogue, but sip. The drone, the sluggard, has the misfortune of being u

eyes upon the moronited to a woman possessing ing dawn; he stretches ; rolls not a very lamb.like disposition; over; gapes ; feels drowsyshe will always insist upon says it is time enough yet ; being in the right, no matter hugs the pillow; and takes how absurd or inconsistate.' Il t'other sip. He naps away a well reinember to have heard precious hour or two, when he about some trifling thing, I be The gamester takes a hand lieve it was about the Theatre, at whist in the evening; a band or some thing eaqually frivo. or two can do no harm ; it is

opens his

an amusement ; a quarter of a anxious for good fortune ; he dollar a corner is a trifle ; his must stand byand see the draw. mind is engaged ; if he has losting ; a week more lost; time is a game, he must play another

m.oney; the price of the ticke to win ; if he has won, he hopes is ten dollars, and costs him to win again ; he must take twenty. The wheel of fortune t'other sip; and the t'other ; rolls and rolls and rolls him up the clock strikes nine; but one

-a blank.

But like the grog more hand can do no harm ; drinker, who takes the t'other who would go to bed with the sip, he must try his luck again, chickens? The clock strikes Luckless man! birty thousand twelve ; but one more hand to one, is odds

against bim. and I positively go ; the clock One certainly is better than a strikes one ;

'he starts ; damn thousand lotteries, where some his luck ; but the next evening | thousand of probabilities are he'll take another sip; he against a man.

G. gwears he'llrecover what he halost; he marches home, when not an animal should be awake,

For the Lady's Miscellany.. but owls, rats an thieves. The poor man, with

VARIETY. of bare-footed children, breathless and naked, works hard for a little meat to silence the demands of hunger, and a little wood to

warm their naked limbs, but there is a lottery

In the garden of Mr Rotha prize of thirty thousand dolls.

well of Harrowby, there is a and not two blanks to a prize! great natural curiosity ; a jaryes, one prize that is worth

gonelle pear tree in full blossom, having among thirty thousand

also a fine apple tree, of the tickets ! glorious chance! thirty species commonly distinguishthousand to one against him !

ed by the name of the black But a ticket he must have.bippin, in full blossom, for Four or five days labour, the the fourth time this year, and subsistence of several days must bas borne this year no less than be bartered for a ticket! Thirty three separate crops of fruit, thousand to one against him! viz, a Spring, Mid-summer and Is that all? No, no,

He is Autumn.

a score



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the son of Galen : and cast his THI ROBBER. A FRAGMENT

pocket book at the ruffian's From the Boston, Cabinet.

feet. He waits not for reply (Founded on Fact,) but applies the lash to the jad

ed steed. “ Speed thee, Ros“ The wearied animal can

inate, and bear thy master beproceed no further," said the lyond the reach of danger.” Doctor, as he stopped his horse 'The welcome glare of light soon at the turnpike inn. He enter

flashes on the Doctor's eyes. ed the bar-room, inwardly curs.

Assistance is procured, and a ing the bad roads, which pre- full pursuit of the robber is vented his reaching Salem be

commenced. They reach the fore night, and sested bimself

scene of villainy ; and, monby the blazing fire. Gloomy

strum horrendum! the terrifice where his meditations, which

bandit still maintains his post; became more horrific at the en

the weapon of death still extrance of two men, whose faces

tended, and the robber had not presented to his disturbed ima

yet stooped to raise the booty gination pictures of fierce ban

which lay at his feet. A pump, ditti. “ Six hundred dollars,

with the handle frozen in a horthought he“why did I bring | izontal position, was found to it with me? and proseed alone!

have been inistaken by the sabut perhaps they may not be robbers; perhaps they may not

pient Doctor, for a mourderous

highwayman. overtake me ; at any rate I will proceed." After an inspirit. ing draught, the journey is

Remarkable traits in the character of recommenced, and tremblingly

American Indians. alive is the doctor to each lit. tle noise.-Ha! a robber; and

One Indian happened to kill with the deadly weapon aimed | another. The brother of the at that head, which had so of deceased called upon the mur. ten directed the councils of the derer, and seeing a woman and commenwealth. And shall a children in his hut, asked-wbose life so precious to the nation they were ; The murderer debe sacrificed for a little pelf? clared them to be his family. Shall one fell blow deprive the The other then said, though country of a hero and states. his brother's blood called for man 2 No. “Take my money, i revenge, yet as the chi.dren but spare my life," exclaims

exclaims were

were young, and not able to

provide for their mother and chips formed of cork shavings. themselves, he would remain He suggests, that if each matdeaf to these calls for a while ; trass was filled with the above and so left them. Belonging in proportion equal to the sup. to the same tribe, they conti port of a single man, a mass nued to live sociable together of them thrown averboard, linkuntil the eldest son of the mur. | ed together by ties at each corderer killed a deer in hunting. ner, would form an extensive So soon as the brother of the raft, capable of sustaining a deceased was informed of this, | number of men, and convey he again called on the murderer

them to the rocks or shore, and told him, that his brother's with far more safety than comblood called so loud that it must

mon rafts, which are frequentbe obeyed, especially as his | ly disjoined by the blows they

receive. son, having killed a deer, could support the family. The mur A countryman from the wilds derer said he was ready to die, 1 of Cumberland, several years and thanked the other for so ago, came to London on some long a delay : on which the

business respecting his uncle's

affairs who had died intestate, wife and children broke into

and bad left two young

children tears. The murderer repror- without a guardian or execụ. ed them for their weakness, and tor. Before departing from his son ; saying to him, did

home the man had got advice

as to the mode of conducting you shed tears when


himself, but not being much ed the dear ? and if you saw

versed in the technical lore of him die with dry eyes, why do the inns of court, had substiyou weep for me, who is will- || tuted in his mind expressions ing to suffer :what the custom

more familiar. On knocking of our nation renders necess

at the door of the civilian to

whom he had been recomary? With an undanted coun

mended, the genileman himself tenance he then called on the

came to admit him ; when the brother of the deceased, to Cambrian accosted him as fola strike , and died without a lows : “ Pray, sir, does there

a civilvillian live here?' 'woat!' says the other, do you come

to insult me? Yes, sir,' said A gentleman of Bristol has

the countryman, 'I came on proposed a new method of

purpose; my uncle is dead preserving the lives of persons detested; he has left two young shipwrecked, principally by || infidels, and I am câine to see having the mattrasses used in ll if I can be their executioner!"

groan !

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7 WANTED immediately NEI.ICRK, March 30, 1811. an Apprentice to the Printing busi" Be it our task,

ness, apply at this office.
To note the passing tidings of the time.


On Saturday evening last, by the rev. On Saturday Morning last, the dwell. Dr. Miller, Captain Thomas Heartie, to ing-house of Samuel Lewis, at Walling

Mrs. Maria + Dick. ford, G nnecticu:, was destroyed by fire ; By the rev. Mr. Kuypers, Mr. George and his mother, Mrs. E. Lewis, aged 83 W. Currie to Miss Mdry Aun Weeks, perished in the flames.

daughter of George Weeks of this city.

On Saturday evening last, by the reo, ACCIDENTS-On saturdav afier. Mr Stebbens, Mr. Peter R. Livingston, noon, of Corlaer's-Hook, a small plea. of Livingston Manor, to Miss Jane sure.boat was upset by a sudden gust of

Thorn of this city wind, and the man and four boys on On Saturday evening last, by the rev. board of her, were drowned.

Mr. Moore, captain John Mansfield, to On Friday night, Dr Cutter was go.

Miss Maria Reeder fourth daughter of ing over to Gibit Island in a small skitt,

the widow 7. Reeder, all of this ci y. rowed by two men, who were intoxicat. May this Man's field ;) olific prove ed. On the passage ; the oar of one of In flowers of joy and fruits of love. them slipped out of the thowls, fell back, On Welnesilay evening last, by the rev. wards, and upset the boat. The Doc Mr Loure, Mr. Joseph P. dams, to tor made ase of every exertion to save Miss Eliza Willson alluf this city. the men, but in vain. He, almost ex

At Hye, (Wesichester county) on Sa, hausterl, afier swiming io save the o.

tur diy evening last, by the rev Nathaniel thers, regained the skiff, and was carried Finch, Mr Samuel Brower, printer, of by the tide on her bottom to Staten Is. this city, to Miss Oharlotte De Wolfe, land, bul, so far exhausted, as to render

daughter of Gupt. y De Wolfe of Rje. his recovery doub'ful.

At Middletown, N- Jersey, by the re.

John Cooper. Mr. Peter Stewart, to Miss
ROBBERY OF THE MAIL. Mary Tunis daughter of Capt. Jonathan

Tunis, all of that place.
Extract of a letter from the Postmoster
at Greensburg. Pa to the Postmaster

At Newark, on Tuesday coening last, at New.lork, dated the 14th March Mr. Jamı's Neilson, of N Brunswick, The Portmauleau containing the west

to Miss Rivina Forman, daughter of the

late Gin. Forman. ern mail, via. Kentucky, Ohio, &c. was last night cut open in the stage office, in At St Mary's Jamaica, Mr. Law. this place, and the whole mail stolen. As rence Read Stephens, esq. late of this city, it is very probable that many remittan.

to Mrs. Catharine Nagle of the former ces may have been made to the cities, | place you will, therefore, please to give such At Lancaster, Penn on Thursday the notice as you may think best, in order 21st in-t. Mr. Richard Saydam, of the to stop payment on all checks or drafts | firmn of David 1. Boyd & Co.f this city, that may liave been stolen.'

to Viss Rachel Eliza Hencierson, of the

former place.
Capt Stevens, arrived at Boston, says it

was reported at St. Domingo. that the On Sunday last, Fane Wendover, aged
whole Island of Curracoa, with little

1 Curracoa, and part of Bonair, was sunk On Frılay evening last. Mrs Chatha. by an earthquake on the 9th of Feb, rine M. Graham, wife of Charles I Gra. with all the vessels in the harbour, a. ham, merchant of this city mongst which was a vessel from Lon. On Sunday morning last, Col. James don with a corgo worth 200, 000 dollars. Graufærd, formerly Gov. of Bermuda.

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10 years

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