The Pattern Maker's Assistant; Embracing ... Practical Gear Construction: The Preparation & Use of Tools ... with a Large Collection of Useful & Valuable Tables

1877 - 324 ページ

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8 ページ - BLAKE, WP Report upon the Precious Metals. Being Statistical Notices of the Principal Gold and Silver producing regions of the world, represented at the Paris Universal Exposition. 8vo, cloth $2 . 00 BLAKESLEY, TH Alternating Currents of Electricity.
10 ページ - CORNWALL (Prof. HB) Manual of Blow-Pipe Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative, with a Complete System of Descriptive Mineralogy. 8vo, cloth, with many illustrations.
10 ページ - FANNING, JT A Practical Treatise on Hydraulic and Water-supply Engineering. Relating to the Hydrology, Hydrodynamics and Practical Construction of Water-works in North America.
10 ページ - DIXON, DB The Machinist's and Steam Engineer's Practical Calculator. A Compilation of Useful Rules and Problems arithmetically solved, together with General Information applicable to Shop-tools, Mill-gearing, Pulleys and Shafts, Steamboilers and Engines. Embracing valuable Tables and Instruction in Screw-cutting, Valve and Link Motion, etc. Third Edition. 16mo, full morocco, pocket form $1 . 25 DOBLE, WA Power Plant Construction on the Pacific Coast In Press. DODD, GEO. Dictionary of Manufactures,...
7 ページ - ALEXANDER (JH). Universal Dictionary of Weights and Measures, Ancient and Modern, reduced to the Standards of the United States of America.
7 ページ - ADAMS, JW Sewers and Drains for Populous Districts. Embracing Rules and Formulas for the dimensions and construction of works of Sanitary Engineers.