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bozzi plus an na'i reportent jere qui which a month ago was covered peregrinantar adolefcentuli.

with the most beautiful verdure, and At Warwick atrizes, one was aiforded the prospect of a crop or the capitally convicted, but reprieved; fineti grals, there are thousands of at East. Griostead two; at Rochester uncommon maggots or grubs, two, one of them, a French priso- which have detroyed the grass ; ner, for murder; at Kingston three, and in some places the root also two of them were reprieved ; at is wholly eaten up and gone : the Taunton two ; at Stafford three, ground is leit entirely bare as a two of them were reprieved ; Co- foot path. These maggots are found yentry proved a maiden allize. under the surface of the earth, are Extract of a letter from capt. John about an inch long, and like those

Bell, of the Elizabeth of London, called bots, which fometimes de dated from Oporto.

stroy bowling-green, &c. They are 6. Since I have been here, a of the caterpillar kind; and it is Dutchman fell into the river, and imagined that in a few weeks they


froin the bottom a will be metamorphosed, and be bout three quarters of an hour af- furnished with wings and fly away. terwards; he was carried on board Some little trenches, dug to carry the ship he belong'd to, and orders off the water, are almost filed with were a&tually given for sewing him these vermin. We don t hear of up in a hammoc, in order to bury any such appearance in cther parts. him. The British vice consul, Mr. These insects live in the worm Gabriel Harvey, who is a very hu {tate two or three years according mane gentleman, hearing of the af to the mildness of ihe weather, fair took a boat,went on board, laid and the rooks are said to be great the fellow by the fire-side, and kepi devourers of them in that itate. rubbing hin with common salt till The third or fourth year they belife returned, and the man is now come fies, when they may be easily heariy and well. Mr. Hervey hath destroyed by means, which in due since told me, he has lown a dog time shall be communicated to our kept under water two hours, and readers. recovered by being covered with At the anniversary sermon and falt; and bis lady told me that the feart of the London hospital 1354 1. had recovered a car." See 17 5. was collected for that cha. second volume for 1759, p. 420.

fity. The court


Marshal Broglio having lately 28th

m.ouining for a fortnight fint notice to the hereditary prince for the late duke of Burgundy. of Brunswick, of his having been

The collection, at church and at created a prince of the empire, his the annual feast of the Middlesex ferene highness aniwered him by hospital, amounted to near 4001. the following letter.

Eleven dwelling houses, with bains, itables, &c. were consume! ". Titles, which do honour to þv fire, at Kine on, in Warwick. those on whom they are conferred, thire.

receive a new lustre when borne by > Chatham, April - 24.


your highrels. You are known to meadow adjoining to this town, Germany, only as a hero; and its




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head has decorated you with the lage of Treppendorff in the Upper most valuable gift he could bestow. Lusatia, aged 104; during his life What would not my countrymen he had no sickness till he was about do, if they durst regard you as their 100 years'; he could see to the last defender . Your highness may be without spectacles; his wife was roz assured that I take a fincere part in years old, when the died, with whom whatever personally concerns you; he lived 52 years, and hach a son' and that nothing would give me now living that has two children, greater pleasure, than, one day, af. who are grand fathers to two others. ter these troubles are part, to affure In the diocese of Lucon in you, by word of mouth, of the high France, one James Benerteau, au regard and efteem with which I have ged 104 years, two months, and the honour to be, sir, your high five days, who never had any illness's most humble, and most obe nefs but that which laid him in dient servant.

his grave, and never was subject Charles of Brunswick.” to the infirmities incident to old They write from Magdeburg of age. His father lived to be 107. the 14 inft. that a fisherman fish In the last Easter week, Mrs. Sarah ing for falmon in the river Elbe Hooper, at Exeter, an old maiden, near that place, caught a fea dog in her 105th year, whofe father was in his neis: it is surprizing how buried in the same church with that fish came there, being at such her 95 years ago. The same week, a vast distance from the sea, and one Cox, a gardiner in that city, how it could live in fresh water; who is in his 99th year, and has but it is supposed the late great all his fenfes perfect, 'went to the inundation brought it up.

Guildhall, and voted for Mr. TuckOn Eafter Tuesday, the elector field and Mr. Walter. palatine declared to his court, that Ifaac Duberdo, of Clithero, in the ele&tress, after being married Lancashire, aged 108. 19 years, and then 40 years of age,

Patrick M'Ewan, of Fordie, in entered that day into the 6th Perthshire, aged 109. month of her pregnancy.

Mrs. Gillam, of Aldersgate A letrer dated at Fort Prince street, aged 113. George in South Carolina, January g, says, • I have been several win.

M A Y. ters in the north of Scotland, and do not think I ever felt it colder A large collection was

2d. than here at this time; the fnow made at the Foundlingis in general three quarters of a Hospital for the benefit of that yard deep, attended with very charity, after a fermon preached sharp froits.'

on the occafion by the reverend Many people of fashion have Mr. Sterne. lately visited a tradesman's family On the 3d ult. there ran alhore at Brentford in Middlesex, to fee at Candia 'a little town in the nine fine healthy children, all of kingdom of Valentia, part of old whom were born in 28 months. Spain, a sea monster, 24 ells round

Died lately, Mrs. Jane Atkins, and only seven long, from head to of York, aged 100.

tail. It had two rows of teeth, One Klauk, a peasant of the vil- and its body was covered with large



50, oool.

black scales. It produced 1250 authority to suppress this growing quintals of oil.

evil, so contrary to the police of About one o'clock this morn3d.

the metropolis, and the security ing. a terrible fire broke out of its inhabitants." Which was reat a biscuit-baker's, on Wapping. solved in the affirmative, and ordewall, between Pelican and king red accordingly. James's, Itairs, Lower Shadwell, At a court of commonwhich consumed about 30 houses, council held at Guildhall, One fhip which was repairing in, it was unanimoully resolved," that the dock, took fire, but was soon the freedom of this city, in a gold extinguished; and eight other hips box of the value of 100l. be prewerc, with great difficulty, pre sented to the right hon, Arthur ferved. Several persons had their Onslow, Efq; speaker of the house limbs fractured, and several it is of commons in five successive parlia feared perished in the flames. ments, as a grateful and lasting teltiEight barges and lighters were mony of the respe&tful love and ve. destroyed, and three sunk, and neration which the citizens of Lon. the damage is computed at above don entertain for his perion, and

dittinguished virtue ; for the many A little after two o'clock eminent qualifications he displayed, 4th.

the people on the Royal Ex- the unwearied and disinterested lachange were much alarmed by the bours he bestowed, and the imparappearance of a cow (hard driven tial and judicious conduct he mainfrom Smithfield) at the fouth gate tained, in the execution of that are ard (though the beast did not run in duous and important ofice, during upon change,) great confusion en the course of three and thirty years ; sued; fome loang hats and wigs, and for that exemplary zeal, which, and some their shoes, while others upon all proper occasions, he exJay upon the ground in heaps, with erted with so much dignity and fuc : their limbs bruised, &ç, and during cess, in fupport of the rights, prithe alarm, a rumour of an earth-, vileges, and conftitutional indepenquake prevailing,

some threw dencies of the commons of Great themselves on the ground expe&a, Britain.” ing to be swallowed up. The Was tried at Guildhall, be

6th. cow, in the mean time, took down fore lord Mansfield, chief jus. Sweeting's alley, and was knocked tice, the cause so long depending down and secured by a carman in between Samuel Blackden, of HalGracechurch-ftreet. This accident lifax, in Nova Scotia, plaintiff, probably gave occasion to a mori- and capt, Gambier of his majeity's on niade the next day in the court ship Burford, defendant. The acof common council : “ That ma- tion was brought for damages the ny fatal accidents being frequent- plaintiff sustained in Nova Scotia, ly occasioned by the driving of by the defendants taking him by horned cattle through this city and violence from his freehold there, liberties, in a careless or inhuman burning his house, and detaining manner, it be earnestly recommen- the plaintiff unjustly on board the ded to the right honourable the Burford 125 days when after a. lord mayor and the rest of the hearing of three hours, a special. worthy magiftrates, to exert their



jury of merchants gave the plaintiff The defendants' appealed to the 800 l damages and costs of suit. parliament. One of the plaintiff's [This verdict must give great fatis- ' has produced letters from the gefaction to all his majelly's subjects neral of the jesuits, acknowledge in America, and increas: their elteem ing the doubt to be just, and alkand affection for their mother coun- ing him to have patience. If iç try, whole excellent laws will not be determined that these houses are fuffer any injury to the subject in the answerable for each other, their molt remote part of the British do- credit, and consequently their minions, to pass with impunity ; gains, will be immense. On the and convince all men in power, other hand, if their houses are ad. that they are accountable at home judged, not to be answerable for for every arbitrary act, even in the each other, the credit and trade moft distant parts of his majesty's of each fingly will be greatly didominions.]

minshed. James Grattan, Erq; recorder, Mr. Gleditsch fome time since and Charles Lucas, M. D. read to the royal academy of scichosen members for the city of ences at Berlin, a memoir, the Dublin, after a poll of 13 day!.. substance of which may not be dif

A cause is depending before the agreeable, as explaining a phæno. parliament of Paris, which deeply menon which may have been ofconcerns the jesuits. The point ten observed : it is that a dead mole to be decided is, whether the whole being left on the ground, after a order be bound to make good the few days is no longer to be seen, obligations of any particular house, and this sooner or later, according or whether each house is to be anf- to the season, and the nature of the werable for itself alone. The je. soil. suits, the defendants, demand that Mr. Gleditsch, in the month of the houses of the society may be May, left in his garden a mole, on considered in the same light, as the a moist foft, and black earth ; two regular abbeys, and other rented days after he found it a hand's monaiteries. What gave occasion breadth deep in the ground, and to this trial was, that father de la the day following this cavity was Valerte, procurator-general of the half filled up : examining further, professed house at Paris for its pof- under the corpse he found four beeieffions in French America, had tles, which he immediately conpurchased estates and effects in je&tured to be the grave diggers ; Martinico and elsewhere, for which this was further confirmed about a be gave bills on the professed week after when, within the mole, house. The remittances he sent he saw three or fourscore whitish from the West Indies, either in maggots, unquestionably the issue silver or goods, being intercepted of the beetles, who had there pro. by the English, or lost at sea, the vided them with plenty of fuste.

houfe at Paris refused to honour nance in their infantine itate. Far· his bills, because they had no ef- ther, by repeated experiences, this

fects in hand. This affair being indefatigable naturalist has been brought before the judge confols, frequently entertained with a large shey gave a decree for the plaintiffs. fight of' beetles from the same



parental cause, inferring moles, the garrison, the French commar frogs, birds, fishes, &c. and con dant judging it to be a person of cludes with this pious observation, distinction, fent out a drummeš That animals, when become unfit to general Hodgfon, to request for the uses annexed to their life, im- him to send for the corpse; which mediately after their death acquire drummer shot dead by an others; and thus, even in their de- over-forward soldier in our army, struction, concur to the universal who, for this breach of the laws of design of the Creator, whose wif- war, was ordered to be hanged ; dom and goodness is over all his but the French commandant, judgworks.

ing it to be a mistake, proceeding The reading the history and from ignorance and zeal to revenge memoirs of the foreign academies the death of fir William, sent off of sciences, muft neceffarily hinder another drum:ner with a polite inthe notion of our vart superiority tercesory letter on behair of the dein scientific abilities and im- linquent, who has been pardoned provements, from degenerating in consequence, and the corpse of into a contempt of foreigners, fir William was brought back to like the narrow question of Na our camp. 'Tis said fir William thanael, Can there any good thing had in his pocket, notes to the acome out of Nazareth? On the other mount of 250l. which were rea hand, as there may be foreigners, turned with the body. though probably very few, in Was held the anniversary fected with the like national pre- feast of the sons of the clergy. judices, we would refer them to The collection at the church, and our Transactions and other publica- after dinner, (including a benefac. tions, as thining proofs that the tion of 2001. by the hands of poet did not flatter his country earl Talbot) amounting to 1078 1. when he fays, its natives are besides inol. given (as usualy by In genius and fubftantial learn- Sampfon Gideon, esq; ing high

Ended the sessions at the Her ions of glory many.


Old Bailey, when feven were The following are some parti- capitally convicted; one for horse culars relating to the death of fir stealing ; one for ftealing mercery William Peere Williams, lately goods out of his masters's warekilled at Belleifle. Being eager to house; three for robbing on the reconnoitre the works of the cita. highway, one for forgery; and one del, he drew near the glacis, not for sodomy. Thirteen were orderwithstanding the repeated warning ed to be transported, two were of his servant, whom he ordered to branded, and eight were dischargattend him, and who was very fen- ed for want of prosecution. Of fible of their being within the these capitally convicted, four reach of a musket: But his advice were executed the 27th, the rest being disregarded, fir William have been pardoned ; one was rewas shot by a centinel, and expired prieved at the place of execution, on the spot. His body being taken and fince pardoned on condition of up by some men belonging to serving his majesty.

A book

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