of St. Cesarea, on the Appian way, is computed at 600 l. The boy has near the Latin gate, they found, in confesied the fact, and is comtwo subterranean apartments fourmitted to Winchester goal, in order fepulchres of Greek marble, with to be tried at the next allizes. two superb vases of marble of a very Died the truly ingenious

22d. hard kind, used in baths; having a Thomas Simpson, F.R.S. beautiful head of a lion on each master of the royal academy at Side, and the head of another fierce Woolwich. animal in the centre, near the bot A curious botanist at Fulham, tom. These vases are said to be has imported from America, a ten palms in length, and four high; most wonderful production of the and the property of the jesuits of vegetable creation, viz. a kind of the Clementine college.

melon, which weighs fifty pounds, To raise the 150,000 crowns is four feet round, and thirty-two which the grand master of Malta inches long; the body is fluted like requests of the holy fee, a new a pillar of wood or stone, and bemount of piety has been erected at tween the flute is a regular number Rome, under the title of St. Paul, of prickles, as sharp as thorns, and of the Religion of Malta, the in shape resembling fpur-rowels ; actions whereof are said to be rearly these prickles are about an inch full.

long each, and at the exremity of The receivers of the order of the head are four round excresMalta have borrowed a considerable cences of solid substance, in the fum of the bank of Venice, the form of monks caps, and overreimbursement of which is alligned grown with a reddith briftly subupon all the commanderies.

tance as hard as a brush. This The Turkish armament has fo production is greatly admired by the much alarmed the Genocle, that virtuosi. they have concluded to send the Hans Stanley, Esq; his same succours to the Maltese, that majesty's minifter to the court they did in the year 1717; and all of France, set out to embark for their gallies are to join those of the Calais. iwo Sicilies and Malta.

Thursday fevennight the rev. Mr. Four hundred pounds William Cullis, at Bristol, stooping 21 ft.

eighteen shillings was col- down, in order to pick up a paper lected at the fermon and feaft of the he had drooped, instantly excity of London lying in-hospital. pired. What is somewhat re

About half an hour after nine in markable, his brother died in the the evening, the warehouse and fame manner some time fince, work shop belongirg to Mr. Pym's Capt. Edward Power flate of the paper mill at Bramshot in Hamp- fhip Dublin) of the Tuscany of Thire, were wilfully set on fire by Bristol, bound for Newfoundland, one of his apprentices. There be arrived at Belfast, brought advice ing a great quantity of pitched rope that on May 1, in an engagement and rags in the warehouses, they with the Duke de Biron privateer of were burnt to the ground in a few Dunkirk, the Tuscany blew up anci minutes ; and the mill was with funk in a few minutes ; and out of great difficulty saved. The damage 211 persons, including passenger -5,


on ly


only the captain and four or five and a chopping knife in his hand, were faved; among whom was a repeated to each new created knight young infant, that was blown into the following admonition: “ the privateer, and fourd on her you know what great oath

you have deck after the explosion, without taken, which, if you keep, it will having received the least injury. be great honour to you; but if 26th.

The new knights compa. pou break it, I mall be compelled

nions of the most honourable by my office to hack off your spurs order of the Bath, were installed in from your heels." Henry the VIIth's chapel, viz. The In consequence of a writ of manright hon. lord Carysfort ; the right damus, from the court of King's hon. lord Blakeney; the hon. lieut. bench, Dublin, for restoring Dr, gen. Sir Joseph Yorke; Sir James Charles Lucas, lately elected one of Gray, bart, Sir William Beauchamp the members for that city, to the Proctor, bart. Sir John Gibbons, liberties and franchises of the city bart. Admiral Sir George Pococke; of Dublin, when the doctor was major general Sir Jeffery Amherst; reftored accordingly. major gen. Sir John Griffin Griffin ; The house of lord Annes. Sir Francis Blake Delaval; Sir ley, at Castle Villain, in Ire.

29th. Charles Frederick; Sir George land, was burnt to the ground, and Warren ;

Admiral Sir Charles great quantities of houlhold furniSaunders.

ture, etc. consumed. After the procesion, the follow According to the last accounts, ing oath was administered by the received by the last Flanders mail, dean, Bath holding the book. the king of Prussia is likely to be in“ You shall honour God above all volved in' a quarrel wtth the canton things; you shall be stedfaft in the of Berne, on account of his interfaith of Christ; you shall love the posing as sovereign in some reliking your sovereign lord, and him gious disputes, relative to the puand his right defend to your power; nishments of the dead, which had you shall defend maidens, widows, been carried on with great veheand orphans in their rights, and shall mence in the province of Neufchatfuffer no extortion, as far as you tel; which this last canton resenting may prevent it; and of as great they have implored the protection honour be this order unto you, as of that of Berne. it ever was to any of your proge The academy of inscriptions at nitors, or others.”

Paris has lately lost a valuable Divine service being ended, the member, or rather prodigy, in dean gave the following admoni. Abbé Fenel; when only in his 14th

" I exhort and admonith year he undertook a treatise of you to use your sword to the glory geography; at seventeen he ex, of God, the defence of the gospel, ercised his pen on divination, herthe maintenance of your sovereign's metic philofophy, and the conright and honour, and of all equity struction of the univerfe ; at twenty aná justice, to the utmost of your he immersed himself in the depth's power."

of metaphysics; thence proceeded On their return, the king's mal to morality, the law of nature ter cook, having a linen apron on, and nations, polity, and all the

[1] 2




branches of philosophy; he ascend. best manner. It makes all the ed the heights of fublimer geo- wind it wants; and lays the grain, metry; penetrated into algebra; the chaff, and the cobs, in three dife applied calculations to optical, af. ferent heaps.—That it has been tronomical, and physical problems, tried at Wrentham with the before. and extended his knowledge thro' mentioned sorts of grain; and anall the sciences, divinity, physic, , swers the utmost expectation, the Oriental languages, and uni- ' That two boys, about 15 or 16 versal history, sacred and prophane years of age; winnowed 21 bushels not excepted.

of rye, in 50 minutes, in the best Extract of a letter from Copenhagen manner; which a gentleman, with Apil 12.

his watch, who was present, can “ Of 4335 burials in this capital attest to ; and since which, it winduring the year 1759, 1079 were

nowed bushels in one hour and a the effects of the small.pox; that half, done as well as the other.-It is to fay, within the compass of on- is esteemed a useful inftrument for a ly one year, this distemper, which farmer; and being not very cumto fome authors seems lo mild and bersome to move from place to clement, has laid in their graves the place, might serve a large neighbourhundredth


of the inhabitants hood,--The director of this inftruof this city. How may they con ment expresses himself thus; “ I gratulate themselves, who, by in- should be glad if the most useful oculating their children, have pre- arts, and best methods in husbandry vented those affictive cases, which were more generally known; it are so bitterly lamented by those would afford the husbandman reunfortunate parents who are sway- newed cause of praise and thankfuled by old prejudice. Of 200 in- ness to that God who doth instruct oculated, not so much as one di- him with direction.“We are fur. ed,"

ther informed, that on Monday laft, “ Bishop Pontoppidan, so well it winnowed 40 bushels in one hour, known for his history of Norway, as can be attested by many withas nearly finished a large work on nesses, the antiquities of this capital; Petersburg, April 10. On the which will be found much more 30th past arrived here with a retinue curious than foreigners imagine, of 76 persons, the reigning prince and in regard to them, he has writ of Georgia, father of the prince it in Latin,"

Heraclius who has rendered him. Bolton, March 30. From Wren- self famous in the civil wars of Pertham we are informed, that there fia. He comes, after the example * bath been lately made in that town, of his predecessors, to pay his com. a Dutch machine, for winnowing pliments to the Czarina, and was grain, viz. wheat, rye, barley, oats, received with all the honours due Indian corn, fiax-Seed, clover-feed, to his high rank. &c.-It was made by the direction He had not been here above five of a gentleman in the Jersies: or six days, when he received letters From thence we are affured, that, from prince Heraclius, advising that two boys can winnow 100 bushels of the disturbances in Perfia are greatwheat in one day, and do it in the er than ever ; each chan or lord


ufurping the sovereignty of his par- and saddle horses from Hanover, ticular district; and these usurpers were landed at Tower-wharf fór his make war upon one another in fup- majesty service. port of their usurpations: whilst the Boston, March 16. Last Thursgreat lords fight with the utmost day morning about half an hour animosity for the crown itself. after two, the people of this town

Florence, April 14. The knights were awakened with an earthquake, of Malta, residing in the empress which lasted about twenty seconds, queen's dominions, are forbid by but without doing any damage to her majesty to go to the assistance our houses. It was divided into of their island, for fear of disoblig two shakes, with a short pause being the Turks. According to the tween; and the laft was the greatinost common estimate, it consists eft. --The weather was moderate of 20 hips of the line, fix galleys, for the season, like that of the pre. many smaller vessels, and some cor- ceding days, and a perfect calm fairs that were ordered to join it. rested upon both land and water,

We learn from Holland, that a The ftars over head fhone clear ; little while ago, the Narden wag. but the horizon all round was cogon was stopt by the French, who vered with a whitish fog, which aptook out of it a large sum of money, peared as if there had been a light and other effects. The Dutch am behind it. bassador at Paris presented a memo We also learn by some fishermen rial demanding restitution. The that were upon the water coming French minister at the Hague hath in at that time, that the course of fince represented to the states ge- this earthquake was nearly from neral, “ That the king his master the S.W.to the N.E. and that they was surprized, that they should perceived the noise, as of a distant claim money which could be unde- rifing wind, some considerable time niably proved to be designed for before the shaking came on. the allied army; that it had indeed The colony of Connecticut has been seized on the territory of the provided for raising and equipping republic; and therefore when their 2300 effective men ; Rhode Idand high mightinesses should give his 665 men ; Massachusets Bay 3000, majesty satisfaction for the out and New York 1787 men, for the rages and damages fuffered by his ensuing campaign in America. fubjects from the English on Dutch Augsburgh, where the congress territory, particularly in the affair is to be held, is a very large and of the Felicité frigate, his majesty elegant city of Suabia, (a circle in would give them just fatisfaction, Germany, subject to several princes being desirous, that their high migh- and states) situated on the river tinesses should enjoy the benefits of Lech and Wardour, 36 miles east their neutrality in its full extent; and of Ulm, and 65 south west of Ratisthat in the mean time he would restore bon, 220 'west from Vienna, and all the merchandizes belonging to 33 north west from Munich. It is the subjects of the republic, which an imperial city or sovereign state, were taken out of the waggon.” being governed by the town coun

A fet of fine cream coloured cil, and the representatives of the zoth. horses, and several other coach burghers; in the first, the execu

[7] 3


tive power is lodged, and in both had all his senses perfe&t, and in the legislative authority; there is a appearance seemed to be but 70; large territory about Augsburgh, he would, with chear fulvefs, relate subject to this city. Half of the what happened remarkable in his burghers are protestants, and the o. youth, with clearness and perfpither half papists, who have an equal cuity ; in his decline, he was plea. share in government, and the choice fant in conversation, and in raparof their representatives. Here it tee jocose and agreeable. Being was the Lutherans presented their lately told by a young lady, how confession of faith to the emperor handsome he looked (which was the Charles V. at the diet of the em- case, considering he was 103) he pire, in the year 1550, from hence replied; “ I thank you for the comcalled the Augsburgh confeffion, pliment, madam, but what would which occasioned a civil war be. you have said if you had seen me tween the protestants and papists, 100 years ago ?" He still continued that lasted upwards of twenty years. his pleasantry, for he told them as The bishop is one of the ecclefiaf. they were taking him from his bed, tical princes of the empire, by vir- “ They were carrying him to Rumtue of the territories annexed io his ford to haye his backside newbishoprick, but has no share in the bottomed.”

His illness was civil government of the city. The fever, in which he laid about four johabitants, in expectation of a vast teen days. concourse of illuftrious strangers, demand excellive prices for their

JUNE. houses. They ingift on from 15 to 18 thousand florins per ann. for Was decided a remarkable

ift. indifferent houses, and if they are wager of 1000 guineas, beto be accommodated with stables, tween Mr. Shaftoe and Mr. Mey&c, they must pay 3000 more.

nell, that a man rode 29 hundred An ass went 100 miles in ' miles, 29 days successively, which 31 ft.

21 hours at Newmarket. The was performed, without much dife bett was 100l. to 101. he did not ficulty, by Mr. Woodcock. perform it in 24 hours, and the M. Bully waited on Mr. fecreowner won 40 1. to 20.

tary Pitt, the earl of Bute, and the Arrived in town M. Bussy, the duke of Newcastle, and afterwards French minifter. He was detained went to court.

Began paying at the pay office winds. Mr. Stanley and he met the sum of 20,000l. granted to the there, and had a conference of some crews of his majesty's tips Nassau, hours.

Harwich, Rye, and Swan Noop, as Died lately Peter Champagne, also the marines, who were on board of Mayac, in Perigord, France, at the conquest of Senegal, May 1; aged 100.

1758, which sum has been raised William Bruguier, a French re from the effects taken at that place. fugee, at Berlin aged 103.

At one o'clock in the morn

zd. Joseph Standiey, of Afon, ing, it being high water, and near Birmingham, in the 106th the wind at north, the cartoon, beyear of his age: af a hundred he longing to the intended bridge at


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