and the house de la Couche. That men of genius enjoy under the authe others should be placed at that spices of Louis le bien amié. Some age with burghers, labourers, shop- persons, as creditors of M. Crebilkeepers, or tradesmen, who should lon, the celebrated writer, took on apply for them, till they attained them to get an attachmest laid the age of 25:

That the hospital both on what copies were in the should give with the boys, till they hands of the booksellers and of the were 12 years old, 40 livres by the players, of his tragedy of Catiline. year; 30 livres from the


12 On this, the tragedian preferred a to 14; and with the girls 40 livres, petition to the king's council, settill they compleated their 16th ting forth, that to class the produce year. And on their first receiving tions of the mind among seizable the facrament, 30 livres to cloath effects was a thing unheard of; that them : that their masters and mif- fhould such an abuse take place, tresses should give an account of they who had devoted themselves to them to the board, every fix months, Atudy, in order to make themselves and of their progress in religion useful members of society, would and other neceffary knowledge, and not publish works, often very va. fuffer them to contract no matri- luable and of importance to the monial or other engagement, with. ftate. A torturing case! that most out the consent of the board. of the votaries of literature stand in

These resolutions being presented absolute need of the produce of their to the king, and his majesty finding compofitions ; and that in France, that they tended to promote popu- the fees of counsellors, the perļation and the culture of the ground, quisites and emoluments of persons was pleased to order, that male of liberal profession, were never foundlings, of the age of 16, and allowed to be seized. On this an properly qualified to bear arms, shall act of council was issued againft bis be admitted to draw lots to serve in presumptuous arrest, which was pubthe militia, in the room of the sons, lished with this title : “ Act of the brothers, or nephews, of the persons king's council of state in behalf of who bring them up, who shall be the fieur de Crebillon, author of exempted from serving : and that the tragedy of Catiline, declaring this exemption shall extend to all that the productions of the mind are others who shall bring up the chil- not seizable," dren put out by other hospitals, Cologn, June 26. A letter from communities, &c. throughout the Lisbon, dated the 15th paft, fays, kingdom.

“ All our regiments are learning a Extract of a letter from the same new exercise ; and orders are given place to an English gentleman. to raise recruits in all parts of the

" You expatiate very eloquently kingdom, in order to put ourselves on the endowments of your young on a respectable condition, tho' the king; we are not totally ignorant funds for that purpose åre very des of them here : for my pari, I can ficient. The pay of the army is 14 feparate the qualities from the per months in arrear; and tho' all the fon, and eiteem virtue in a heretic; coffers have been swept, there is but give me leave to relate to you a not enough to make them a payfingular instance of the favour which ment; and there are fill owing to


the persons who furnished corn last bourhood in every respect live like year to the troops in the province the Canadians, have their houses of Alanteja, the sum of 400,000 built and furnished after the fame grusades (about 2 s. 6d. each] The manner, plough their ground, sow advantages derived from the erection their corn, &c. and are more indusof companies do not answer ex trious in the chace than they; they pectation. The Maranham com all speak French, and have a handpany is still in arrear. The Oporto some church in their village of Locompany, tho' they do not know retto, where I have sometimes been yet what their gainis, regu to see their ceremonies and enterlarly pay every year to the count d' tainments, which are curious eOyeras the free gift of 70,000 cru- nough. fades. The king hath just granted Other accounts from Quebec by to that minifter, and his heirs for the fame conveyance say that the ever, a pension, payable out of the troops there enjoyed good health, customs at Paco d'Arcas.”

and that it being winter no ships Extract of a letter from an officer in had arrived there for four months,

colonel Frazer's regiment, dated tho’ they had constant expresses St. Valier, near Quebec, Feb. 19. across the lakes. “ You may easily conjecture, A great storm of thunder

Itth. that the several parts of this coun- and lightning fell at Bough. try which have been traversing for am in Norfolk, about 11 o'clock, these two years, are, with the cala- which struck upon an oak belongmities of war, greatly ruined, and ing to Roger North, Esq; in a its poor inhabitants reduced to the piece of ground called Brown's greatest extremities and want; a wood, in that parish. great number of whom would cer, The 'oak measured about 30 tainly have perished this winter, feeț neat timber in the body, the had not a most humane act of Bri- bark of which was clean taken off tish generosity been shown them, by by the fury of the lightning in acollecting among ourselves money bout 40 pieces : fome of which for buying the necessaries of life for were near a yard in length and 6 these needy wretches. Every pri. inches over in breadth, some less vate man, serjeant, corporal, and many of these pieces of bark were drum in our regiment, has of their drove thirty yards from the tree, and own accord, contributed one week's some lay' under it. pay for the relief and support of The body itself was split in these distressed Canadians ; each pieces longitudinally, so that in subaltern officer has given i 1. each some places one could easily get two captain 31. and the major 5 1. fterl. fingers into the fiffure or crack, so that we are now returning good in anopher a whole hand ; in some for evil, and entirely forgetting parts one piece was drove almost their scalping so many of our coun out, seemingly as big as a man could trymen last year.

well lift, others but just crack’d'; in “ The Indians bring us in great short, the operation was unaccountquantities of bever, partridges, &c. able, but seem'd like the explosion and begin to be very fond of Eng- of gunpowder, only here was no lifh money. They of this neigh visible marks of discolourment or

[K] 4


any fulphureous smell. The place cers were introduced to his roya! where the igneous matter went highness before the common couninto che ground from the tree, mak cil. The freedom of the city of ing a hole like the scraping of some London was finely wrote on vellum dog was very visible; but there was by Mr. Champion, enriched with no iniell, nor had the lightning any several emblematical fimo mas on the great effect among the roots ; it is nargilereut, sich 23 ms of the supposed the force was almost spent. city. Punembuped on the

The lightning had no imme- top, thote of the lord maior on the diate effect upon any of the arms or right side, and those of the chamsmall twigs, nor was the head of the berlain on the leít, and the city tree hurt saving from second causes; seal afixed to the bottom. The for the bark being totally stripped gold box in which it was inclosed off, the leaves and arms must die of was of very fine workmanthip, and course. The manner how this in- the lid of it richly chased; the folflammable material (come it in lowing is a description of the dewhatsoever fhape providence plea- vice thereof : “ His royal highness fes) operates, I imagine will be emblematically represented in the some time a secret amongst our phi character of a Roman admiral, fitlofophical virtuofi.

ting on a pile of naval ftores, with This form continued with little a rising fun behind the city present. interruption till late the day follow- ing him a freedom; two figures ing, in the evening of which it representing religion and liberty in greatly shattered, during divine fer- union, and Mercury as deity of vice, Silland church near Loddon commerce by their fide; a view of in the same county. The north the sea, and Neptune triumphant, side of the church fled from the o with the British cross on his trident, ther parts about four inches. The and the temple of Fame on a rock at clap which did this damage was at a distance; and the whole encomtended with a very great concussion passed with a filhing-net interwover of the air. Many other places fuf- about the mouldings." The freefered greatly by the same storm. dom of the grocers company was

At three o'clock, the right hon. also finely wrote on vellum by Mr. the lord mayor, fix aldermen, and Champion ; and Mr. John Alextwelve commoners, attended by a ander their clerk presented their. committee of the grocers company compliments in the following manwaited on his royal highness the ner : duke of York, to present him with “ May it please your royal high'the freedom of that company and

nefs, the city in gold boxes of one hundred " In testimony of the dutiful afguineas value each. They were re fection of the worshipful company

ceived in a polite obliging manner, of grocers of the city of London and all had the honour to kiss his for theis illustrious sovereign, and royal highness's hand. It is necef- out of the grateful respect they bear "fary that every person should be free your royal highness, on account of

of some company of the city pre- your many eminent virtues and 'vious to his being admitted to the great love for this your native counfreedom, for which reason the gro. try, they most humbly request that


your royal bighness will be pleased mill; and the gratuity of 20 guineas to honour this company by the ac for the best drawing and likeness ceptance of the freedom thereof." of his majesty to Mr. J. Meyers.

Then John Lane, Esq; master of The committee having selected the company, presented the copy four of the many fine drawings of of the freedom, and his royal fered on this occasion, they were highness addressed himself to the this day laid before his majesty by committee, in the following manner the duke of Devonshire, in order • Gentlemen,

that one of them might be ultimate“ I receive with pleasure the ly fixed on. freedom of the grocer's company, as

The right reverend Dr, an instance of their duty to the king, Thomas Sherlock,


lord bi. and as a distinguishing mark of their shop of London, &c. departed this attention to me; and I shall always life, aged 82, a prelate of most disbe happy in any opportunity of tinguithed abilities, and the greatest Thewing them my regard.” goodness of heart and life. The grocer's company being with. At a quarter past eleven

18th. drawn, the lord mayor, and com. at night, a comet was seen mittee of common council were in- off the quarter of his majesty's ship troduced, and after the recorder Princess Royal at the Nore, during had paid their compliments, the near half a minute, very bright city comptroller (in the absence of and light, but the clouds, being the chamberlain) presented the thick, obscured it presently. It had freedom to his royal highness, who, a very long tail, and appeared to upon receiving it, spoke as follows: the É.S.E.

My lord and gentlemen, About fix in the afternoon, the “ It is with pleasure I receive inhabitants of Whitby in Yorkthis compliment from the lord shire were greatly surprized at an mayor, aldermen, and common extraordinary Aux and reflux of council of London, as a fresh in- the sea. It was then quite calm, stance of their duty to the king, and though a little more than half and as a distinguishing mark of food, the tide rose and fell four their attention to me. I shall think times successively in about a quarmyself happy in any opportunity of ter of an hour.' In the harbour, hewing my regard to the city of at the bridge, which is half a mile London, and in promoting its trade from the head of the pier, the first and prosperity; and I shall always time it ebbed more than a foot pero exert my best endeavours in that pendicularly; the second time, about profession to which I belong, and eight inches; the third time, about which is so effentially connected fix inches; and the fourth time, with the reputation and indepen- about four inches. Nearer the sea dence of this commercial coun it was yet more confiderable; and

we are credibly informed, that the The society for the encourage water adjoining to the pier fell ment of the arts, &c. adjudged a more than two feet the first time premium of 6ol. to the rev. Mr. it ebbed. This extraordinary phæGainsborough of Henley in Oxford

nomenon was not only observed hire, for the best model of a tide in the hurbour, but also upon the




open sea, where the fishing boats ture was about 15 feet deep, and were very sensible of it, and seem 10 in diameter; and out of it rushed greatly furprized at the uncom- ed, with impetuofity, a stream of mon agitation they perceived in the liquid matter on fire, which har

dened as it ran, and formed a mass The Prince George, capt. Reed, of 7 or 800 quintals. This matter of 24 guns and 108 men, has taken is a mixed metal, composed of cop. and carried into Camerina bay, a per, iron, tin, and silver, and is said French outward bound East India to be most beautiful. If the fact ship of 600 tons, 22 guns and 208 be truly related, it is probably the men, laden with stores, after an ob- Corinthian brass, and will serve to Itinate engagement, in which the justify what the ancients have said Prince George_had but 7 men of that famous compound,” killed, and the French upwards of General count Laudohn 60.

who commands at present the

18th. By an enquiry making in the empress queen's forces in Silesia, obdifferent departments of his ma- tained not long since an authentic jesty's houshold, &c. it is faid come certificate from North Britain of his impositions have been detected, being descended from a younger which will occasion a faving of near branch of the ancient family of 100, oool. per annum.

Lowdon, of Lowdon, in the shire Extract of a letter from Vienna, of Air. June 24. This morning the honou.

2oth. A letter from Carlstadt, the rable captain Monckton arcapital of Croatia, gives an ac rived at Whitehall from India with count, that about two leagues from an account of the reduction of Pon. Segua, a strong town of that pro- dicherry, &c. and in the evening vince, fome herdsmen meeting to- captain Douglas arrived with the gether near a hill covered with following letter from the right howood, made a fire to warm them- nourable lord Rollo, to the right felves with large branches of trees honourable Mr. secretary Pitt. they tore down. Unhappily the Roseau in the island of Dor wird blew strong from the north;

minique, June 8, 1761. the flames were carried to some SIR, old oaks, which took fire in an I had the honour of writing to you instant, and one tree catching fire on the 3d instant from Guadaloupe ; from another, in less than an hour and I then informed you of the the whole wood, containing above resolution I had taken to proceed 10,000 arpents (1800 feet square directly to attack the island of Doeach] resembled one vast' funeral minico, with the few North Amepile. When the flames gained the rican troops which had arrived, and heart of the wood, a great number the reinforcement furnished by gaof wild boars and wolves, fome of vernor Dalrymple, under the comthem of a monstrous size, came mand of lieutanant governor. Melout of their dens with horrible vill. I accordingly failed from the thrieks and howlings. Soon after, road of Basseterre, under the escort the southern part of the hill opened of commodore fir James Douglas, with a frightful noise. The aper- with four ships of the line, and long


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