malecontents with fresh courage, band. All her children lived to have who upon this occafica surround- children of their own, and some of ed the house of the Sieur Marti them even grandchildren. The netti, colonel in the service of the number of her children, grandchilrepublic, who had dispersed mo dren, and great grandchildren, at ney very freely among the inha- her decease, amounted to 239, of bitants of Finmorbo, allowing the whom 182 are now living. poorer fort 15 sols a day, forced John Newell, Esq; at Michaels the Genoere mediators to fy for stown, Ireland, aged 127, grandshelter to the fortified towns, seized son to old Parr, who died at the fome of their retinue, they hanged age of 152. five in ferrorem, besides three sailors who were hardy enough to bring

AUGUST. over an executioner from Genoa, and hanged in effigy the officer who Several houses, &c. were proclaimed the republic's proposal. confamed by fire, at Fin 3d. General Paoli, who has so long and cham, in Norfolk. so bravely fought for the liberty of As a serjeant was lately exercif. his countrymen, has been requeft- ing some of the soldiers on board ed by his officers not to expose his one of the transports at Portsmouth, person any more to the dangers of he observed one of them, who went war, and the people out of their by the name of Paul Daniel had a zeai to recover their independency, more prominent chest than ordihave subscribed a 13th of their in- nary. After the firings were over, come towards defraying the expences he sent for the person to the cabbin, of the war. Two galliots have when telling his suspicions, that he been built in order to cruise upon was a woman, and insisting upon the Genoese merchant fhips, from searching him, after some evasions, the apprehensions of which, fome of the soldier confessed her sex. The the wariest among the Genoese se. account the gave of herself was, nators have proposed to free the that having a husband whom te ftate by dispoling of all their right dearly loved, and who after spend. and interest in the island of Cor. ing a plentiful fortune, by which fica to a neighbouring prince, means they were both reduced to

A sheep's-head woman, near the beggary, inlisted in a marching reSeven dials, was lately delivered of giment, and had been in Germany two children, two days after her two years : having not heard from delivery, she went to her business. him in all that time, she was deter

And a jewels in Agate's passage, mined to range the world in search Houndsditch of two children, and of him ; and being informed that in two hours after, of two more. we were sending more troops over;

Died lately. At New Hamp- she came to a resolution of entering Thite in New Englaud, the widow as a soldier, and was now inconfola Sarah Rawlins, who was married at able that the discovery of her fex 19 years


and lived with her should prevent ber design. first husband 27 years ; in which Plymouth, July 31. By an antime she had 14 children : she also nual custom, the right worshipful lived 27 years with her last huf- the mayor, many of the corpora

tion, and several others, rode out wench, and beat her head to pieces this day to the Head Ware, from with a maul, and would have kille whence this town is supplied with ed a negroe boy, but he saved him. water, brought by a current of als self by running; when he had kill. most twenty miles, by the ever me ed the negroe woman, he went in. morable Sir Francis Drake, who in to the house and murdered his mis. the year 1581, was an inhabitant tress beating her head to pieces, here, and mayor of the town, and and with an axe split the hea, of a as tradition has it, in the year 1590, little boy, about three years old, his when the water ran before his own master's son, as he lay sleeping in bed. door, dipt his scarlet gown therein, He immediately went away, and is for joy that he had obtained his supposed to have put an end to his desired end.

own wretched life. Mrs. Boosh, The following cargoes of six and the negroe wench, were both ships, under the convoy of the advanced in their pregnancy. Dutch man of war the Loo, which Letters from Dominico dated arrived the 18th of July, in the June 8th, 1961, advise, that the Texel, from Curacoa, will serve to cash and goods found in the town few what quantities of French pro- of Roseau only, were valued to a perty are imported in Dutch bot. great amount, and were lodged in toms, viz.

bales of cocoa, 195

the warehouses, under different serons ditto, 5 179 bales of coffee, locks, by the land and sea officers, 1532 hogsheads of sugar, 4365 till they shall receive instructions fícks of logwood, 12540 hides, from England how to act therein.

373 bales of Porto Rico tabacco, The foldier and failors availed - &c.

themselves of the plunder; but that The honourable Francis Fauquier, was chiefly confined to a little cash, deputy governor of his majesty's pro- cloaths, and provisions of all kinds. vince of Virginia, has procured a A most violent storm of thunvery public-fpirited law to be passed, der and lightning, attended with in the assembly of that colony, for hail, did incredible damage to the distributing annually the sum of one corn in the neighbourhood of Benthoaland pounds in the way of pre- field in Northamtonshire. Many wiam for promoting the principal of the hail stones, or rather pieces of comisodities that province is capable ice, weighed a pound each, and of rajiing, and which hitherto have broke the windows wherever they been scarce attempted, for want of fell. such an immediate encouragement

Extract of a letter from Paris, as by this law is fecured to the in- July 24. “ The king came on dutrious and ingenious planter. desday to the parliament, where

Annapolis in Maryland, April the princes of the blood, and the 16. On Tuesday the 7th inftant, peers of the kingdom were affemat the plantation of Mr. John Booth, bled by his orders, and his majeity. in St. Mary's county, Mr. Booth there held a bed of justice. He des having just left home, in order to clared on this occasion the necessity settle accounts with the sheriff

, a of continuing still for two years (to negroe man, whom he had bought the end of 1763) the double capilast summer, attacked a negroetation and the third twentieth ; afVOL. IV.




ter which the chancellor proposed are occupied about a peace, they in the king's name, the borrowing may know, that if they reject it, of twenty seven millions upon the we are always sure of finding in the farm of leather, at an annual inte. love, as well as courage of our subrelt of 3 per cent. and the capital je&is, new resources to oppose their to be reimbursed at the end of nine efforts. years. The votes being afterwards “ The prorogation for two years collected, and found unanimous, of tax, which is attended with althe two edicts in quellion, and de- most no expence in collecting, beclaration of the king, were regi. ing the most natural method of sestered, with the clause, “ The king curing to us those resources we holding his bed of justice.” All have the more readily adopted it, being finished, his majesty rose, &c.” and set out on his return to the castle A letter from Ancona gives the of Muette. On leaving the city, he following tragical account : there was faluted by discharges of the was in the neighbourhood of Bagni, cannon of the Bastile and the royal the capital of Bosnia, three convents hospital of invalids."

of the brothers of Minor-observan.' The above ediêt for prolonging tins of the order of St. Francis; the poll-tax for two years, fuffici- fome Greek priests, jealous of these ently proves the distress of that religious, or possessed with a fiery kingdom, fince it was such, that zeal, endeavoured to persuade them the parliament, notwithstanding to prefer the communion of the their zeal for the king's service, re- fchifmatic patriarch of Conftantifused to register it; so that his ma- nople to that of the holy father, jetty was obliged to come in person but all their attempts proved vain : to the parliament-house, to cause it then, in their fury at this disapto be registered before him. To pointment, they impaled a guardi. Toften the minds of the people, the an of the three convents, beheaded preamble of this edict was in these a bishop of that order, and twentyplausible words.

five religious, and set fire to the “ Louis, &c. &c. We have hi- most considerable of their cloysters. therto supported a war rendered The guardian martyr survived three indifpenfible by justice and honour: days, and was a witness to the sufanimated by a sincere desire to pro- ferings of his twenty-fix brethren, cure our subjects a solid and lasting exhorting them to the last to perfepeace; we have agreed with the vere to death.

This account is belligerent powers on a congress, confirmed by letters from Dalmatia. the success of which cannot be Letters from Coningiberg bring doubtful, if each of them would a confirmation of the hemp waretherein discuss their interests with houses being consumed by fire, on that spirit of equity and modera- the 10th past, by which 400,000 tion, of which our plenipotentiaries pood of hemp, amounting in the will set an example: but the greater whole to between 6 and


thousand foundation there is for our hopes, tons, was destroyed. A pood is the more we are obliged to put our- about 36 lb. English. felves in a condition to resist our A navigation being comenemies, that at the same time we pleated froin Lynn to North



ampton, the fame opened this day, thought moft of them would foon and 38 barges, laden with coals, end their days. &c. preceded by a band of music, A dispute having happened

8th, and adorned with flags and stream- between the farmers of Kingsers, came up with the greatest ease to Langley and the Irish reapers, about the public wharf, at the south bridge. wages, the royal forefters, quartered

We hear of a remarkable inftance at Watford, were sent for, and a of a gentleman's approbation of the great skirmish ensued, in which feveold Roman method of adoption in ral were wounded. Six were taken one John Smith, Esq; of ( we think), and committed to St. Alban's jail, Overton in the county of York, and the rest were dispersed. and which, as the case stood with Some of these afterwards made a him, cannot but be a piece of cha riot in the isle of Ely. rity approved of by every judicious They write from Padua, that his person. This gentleman, lately grace the duke of Marlborough had deceased, was possessed of an estate been there some weeks; and that of about 700 1. a year, and having the celebrated Dr. Righellini had none but very diftant relations, ex extracted from his eye a black parcept a fifter very antient, left 50cl. ticle, hard, elastic, concave on one a year to a clergyman of his ac side, and convex on the other, and quaintance, with 7 children, with about the fixth part of an inch in all his personal estate, supposed to length, which gave him infinite amount to 7 or 8000l. paying an pain night and day. The opera." annuity of 3001. a year to his tion had the desired effect. fifter aforesaid, for her life.

His grace Dr. John Gilbert, As the clergyman is a very worthy lord archbishop of York, pri. man, and beloved by all that know mate of England, lord high almoner him, and possessed of but a mode- and privy counsellor, departed this rate living, it meets with every life. one's approbation, and they wish Likewise prince Henry of Brunche had made him his only heir ; as wick Wolfenbuttle, a son of the : the other 200 l. a year will go no reigning duke, and nephew to one knows where, or be swallowed prince Ferdinand, of his wounds up in law.

in a late battle. According to the last advices The prisoners in the Savoy, to from Perfa, prince Heraclius had the number of 209, mutinied, and , made himself master of the city of" were with difficulty got under by Hendischi by assault, after subdu- the guard, and after several shot being Erivan (the ancient seat of the ing fired, and much blood spilt; an fophis) which he had taxed at unconcerned spectator looking 10,000 gold sequins per annum. down from the top of the prison After these victories, Affad, the was taken for one of the rioters, most formidable of his competitors, not at, and killed on the spot. came, with all his family, to pay A tender from the British herring homage to Heraclius, who doubt- fishery arrived at Bremen with 225 ing his fincerity, fhut him up in barrels of the first pickled herrings the castle of Teflis, where (from the caught this year, which were sold cruel policy of that country) it was at a high price.

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Twenty English fhips caught, above 1000 crows; upon examithis season, but II whales ; 7 Scotch nation it appeared, that their bones ships, but 6 whales. Whereas 138 were all broke, and their fleth quite Dutch fhips caught 287.

black, and when offered to the 12th.

The prisoners in Ludgate hogs, they refused to touch it.

were removed to the Lon Oxford, July 11. The subjects don workhouse in Bishopsgate. appointed for the current year, for ftreet, in order that Ludgate may two orations to be spoken in the be decorated against the approach theatre for the prizes given by the ing lord mayor's day.

Rev. Dr. Thomas Wilson, preThe example of the king of Dep. bendary of Westminster, are, for mark has engaged a private gentle- the Latin oration, Salus populi, suman of Copenbagen to devote the prema Lex. For the English orafum of 200 rixdollars, for four tion, The advantages of a safe, hoprizes of 50 rixdollars each, for nourable and lasting peace. the best answers by subjects of Den The four classical prizes annually mark, to the following questions, given, by their representatives in to be delivered before the fealt of parliament to the university of Cam. St. John, 1762, viz.

bridge, have this year been ad« 1. Why have we absolute need judged to the following gentlemen. of a divine Redeemer ?

Senior bachelors ; Mr. Bates, ..“ 2. What are the advantages of Peter House; Mr. Foster of Jeand defects of the Danish language, fus College, brother to the late Dr. compared with the German and Nathaniel Foster Middle batFrench languages ?

chelors; Mr. Norris, of Caius Col3. To what point fathers, lege, son of Anthony Norris, Efq; without prejudice to the state, may of Barton; Mr. Eyre, of Peter and ought to inspire their children House. with love for the publick weal? Extract of a letter from com


Which countries have been modore Keppel, to Mr. Clev. the most happy, those where the land, dated in Belleisle road, the writing upon public economy has 28th of July 1761. not been

been permitted, or those “I yesterday received letters from where every one has had that li- fir Thomas Stanhopein Basque road,

extracts of which I here enclose you. 14th,

A very sensible fhock of The enemy's second attempt to re

an earthquake was felt all move the ships attending the demoover the island of Guernsey, accom- lition of the works of Aix has been panied with a rumbling hollow as ineffectual and disgraceful to them noise; and thoʻthe wind was east- as their first was. The indefatigable erly, a violent swell of the sea set pains and skilful manner in which in, all on a sudden, from the south captain Chaplen, of the Furnace welt.

bomb, has directed the destroying At Cumbernauld, in Scotland, the enemy's fortifications and works they have lately had a violent storm, wpon the island, has been such, that artended with thunder and light it would be injustice in me not to ni'ig, which have done great da- acquaint their lordships of it. The mage to the planting, and killed whole is now finished, or within a




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