day of being so, when it will be 9 began to bombard. In less than unnecessary to keep the ships any half an hour they got the distance longer so near the island; and exact, and we veered away, to be

enemy may then, if they please, out of the range of their shells; but take a view of the ruins.”

we found that when we veered, they Extract of a letter from fir Thomas weighed anchor, dropped with the

Stanhope, to commodore Keppel, tides, and still preserved their dirdated in Basque road, July 22, 'tance; on which, all the hips hove 1761.

a-head, expecting that they had Yesterday morning, about 8 neared us fo much as to bring them o'clock, the fix prames that were

within reach of our cannon, and we in the Paffe de Fillies, attended by imagined that several of our shot some row-gallies, and a great num.

ftruck them. At half an hour after ber of launches, crowded with men, Il our own long boats, and those dropt down upon the first of the of the hips in Basque road, came ebb, and placed themselves between to affift us; and the ebb-tide being the isle d'Ènt and Fort Fouras, from almost spent, we prepared to wrap whence they played on our ships nearer the enemy : about the fame in Aix road, with 12 mortars, and time the Actæon, Fly, and Blast upwards of 70 pieces of heavy can- sloop joined us: the two latter I non, till past 2 o'clock, when the ordered to keep under fail, and the reception they had met with from former to range along the prames, his majesty's ships obliged them to and to give them her broadside as retire with disgrace to their former le passed, in order to amuse them, station.

and draw their attention from the “ I herewith inclofe you the re- boats employed in carrying out port of captain Parker, of his ma- wraps, and from throwing shells at jesty's ship Buckingham,who direct- the line of battle thips, many of ed the operations on this service.” which feil as near as poflible with Extract of a letter from captain out touching.

Parker, of his majesty's Tip At half past 12 the Actæon ran Buckingham, to fir Thomas Stan- aground on the tail of the Pallhope, dated in Aix road, July 22, Bank: the boats were immediately 1761.

dispatched with stream-anchors, and “ At 7 o'clock yesterday morn hawlers to her assistance, and about ing, the enemy's fix prames loosed 2 o'clock she floated. This accitheir topfails, and got under way, dent prevented all the ships from attended by fome row gallies, and a warping, except the Naffau, who number of large boats and launches was directed to cover the Actzon ; full of men. They stood towards and the laid out warps, which oblius with a land-wind, in a close line ged five of the prames (the tide of a-head ; and from that 'motion, and Hood now making) to retreat to the number of men, I judged they' their former moorings, and the other intended to attack us with resolu

to get under the cannon on the S. tion ; but they soon hauled their point of Oleron. During the bom. wind, and brought up a regular bardment, captain Chaplen threw line

upon the shoals, about two gun- from the Furnace 32 shells which Mots from us, and at a quarter past were extremely well directed. This

[L] 3


this morning one of the five prames Great Britain is become the fup. dropped with the food above the plier of great part of Europe with men of war in the river.

furs : from Flanders several large * Before I conclude this letter, I orders have lately come over ; and must beg leave (in jufice to cap- from Rullia orders have been retain Ourry) to acquaint you, that ceived of the like kind, as that he executed my orders with the country cannot produce all the greatest bravery and resolution, and kins its inhabitants make use of. thewed a spirit and address becoming The world may expect soon to the character of a British officer. see some of the divine works of

“ The A&zon had 4 men killed, Raphael, engraved by Mr. Sirange: and i wounded, and a great part that gentleman has, on account of of her rigging cut. One of the fore- his extraordinary merit, met with a puttock-throwds, and the mizen. distinguished reception at Rome: top-fails braces of the Buckingham Prince Rezzonico has not only ob. were shot away. One of the ene tained permißion from his uncle the my's felis fell under the Nassau's Pope, that scoffolding be erected in counter, listed the ship alittle, drove, the Vatican, fo that Mr. Strange may in two trunnels, and took her whole make what drawings he pleases; frame. Several mells fell also very but also assigned him a genteel anear the Monmouth and Backing- partinent in that palace, during his ham. We are now certain of the residence there. --This attention to weight of metal which the prames the merit of a Britih artist cannot cariy, one of their thot being on fail of being agreeable to the naboard the Acteon, and weigh up- tives of this country; and is the wards of 38 lb."

more remarkable, as the late Pope Captain Elphinston, of his ma- had, by an express edict, forbid that jesty's thip Richmond, gives an ac- any scaffolding hould be eie ted, count in his letter dated in Yar- because the painting had been much mouth roads the oth inftant, that damaged by those who were forwhile he was on the ccait of Nor- merly indulged with that conve. way, he took a French privateer nience. called le Facheur, with 6 carriage, Ai the aflizes at Abingdon, two and 8 [vivel guis, and 40 men, persons were capitally convicted ; with one ranfomer on board. at Winchester Jo, one of them for

Twenty-two country transports, marder, who was executed as usual, all healthy young fellows, who were ani 5 were reprieved ; at Worcessometime ago ta'sea by the French ter 2, but reprieved; at Maidstone

in their voyage to America, and two ; at Exeter 7, two for murder; * refused, it is said, toinlist with them, at Buckingham i; as Salisbury 2, · being since ret ken and brought one for murder, who was executed

from Portsmouth to the new goal as usual ; at Northampton 3, but in Southwark, were delivered from afterwards reprieved ; at Ely 1, thence, having received the king's who was reprieved; at Monmouth free pardon, on condition of serving 4,' who were all reprieved ; as foldiers in his majesty's 49ta re- - Thetford 1, but reprieved; for giment of foot now in Jamaica. Yorkthire, 2; at Croydon i ; ac Since the coaqueit of Canada, Glouceiter 5, two for murder, who


were executed as usual, and one of the Bouffon about seven the same the others were reprieved ; at Wells morning : they engaged also about 3; at Warwick 1; at Shrewsbury 1, half an hour, when the Modeste who was reprieved; Chelmsford, coming up, and firing fome guns, Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon, the Bouffon struck. The ThundeDorchester, Lewes, Hereford, Hert- rer is pretty much damaged in her ford, and Oxford assizes, proved mafts, yards, fails and rigging, had maiden ones.

17 men killed in the action, and At the aflizes at Warwick, were 113 wounded, 17 of which are fince tried, before Mr.justice Foster, two dead. The Thetis has also fufactions


the statute of ad fered in her mast, rigging, &c. but George II. for bribery and corrup- had not one man killed or wounded, tion at the late election of mem I cannot yet ascertain the loss of the bers to represent the borough of enemy; we are sending their Tamworth in parliament; when wounded to the hospitals, of which the juries (who were special in each I will send you a more particular action) brought in verdicts for the account as soon as possible. The plaintiffs.

fecond and third lieutenants of the The princess of Brazil was safely Thunderer are among the wounded. delivered of a prince, to the great and the former of them in a very joy of the Portuguese nation. dangerous way. Captain Proby 22d.

Admiralty office. Extract of also received a slight wound in his a letter from Sir Charles Saun- right hand.” ders, vice admiral of the blue, to Translation of a letter from prince Mr. Clevland, dated in Gibraltar Ferdinand to the marquis of Mole, on board his majesty's ship Granby, on occasion of the bethe Neptune, July 20, 1761. haviour of some of the Britifh

“ It is with the greatest pleasure troops in an affair on the 5th that I desire you will acquaint their

instant. lordships, that capt. Proby, in the Convent at Buhren, Avg. 6,1761. Thunderer, who was cruizing off “ My Lord, Cadiz with the Modelle, Thetis, and I think it my duty to acquaint Favourite floop, in order to intercept your Lordship how much I admired the Achilles and Bouffon, has fal. the valiant and brave conduct of len in with and taken those ships, Lord George Lenox with the piand brought them into this bay. quets, and of major Welsh, with his On looking into Cadiz, on Thurs- batalion of grenadiers yesterday, in day morning the 14th inftant, he the attack of the poft and village of missed the French ships, and at two Westen. I beg your lordship will in the afternoon of the 16th he dif- be pleased to fignify to them my covered them, Cadiz then bearing most grateful acknowledgments, and E. N. E. 1-4th E. diftant nine that these two gentlemen would do leagues: about one in the morning the fame to the brave troops who of the 17th, the Thụnderer came were led on by commanders of fuch up with and began to engage the distinguished valour. Achilles, who struck after an action I have the honour to be, with of about half an hour, Cadiz then the most perfect respect, my lord, bearing E. 1-half S. diftant 19 &c.” leagues. The Thetis came up with (1) 4


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Copy of the marquis of Granby's chanalians impressed on one fide ;

letter to major Welfh, com the other contained the figure of manding the ilt battalion of Bri- Ceres, with her cornucopia ; from tilh grenadiers.

whence seemed to be issuing lumCamp at Haarn, August 7,1761. mer fruits, with cauliflowers, cab

bages, lettuces, &c. Those of You will perceive, by the copy gold had on one side a Venus riding of the letter I have the pleasure on a sea-horse, and the other fide to enclose to you, how much his had the representation of a naval serene highness admired your be tournament, or race upon the wahaviour, and that of the ist bat- ters, resembling those practised at talion of grenadiers under your Venice in the carnival season. command, at the attack of the post " As this iate noble fortification and village of Wellen, on the 5th. in the island of Aix is very near

You will, therefore, according Oleron, from whence all our ma-, to his serene highness's desire ter- rine cuitoms and laws were derived, tily to the troops his extreme ap- and whose inhabitants have been probation of their distinguished eiteemed expert failors, for these bravery and firmness, and likewise coo years past, and these islanders my

thanks in the strongelt manner, have enjoyed very great privileges, I am, with the greatest regard, Sir, with respect to commerce, I hope &c.

the antiquarians will find many use.

GRANBY." ful curiofities from this discovery." Extract of a letter from on board the In the night between the 3d and

Swiftfure, in Basque road, July 4th init. a fire broke out in a 15, 1761.

tradesman's house at Stutgard, the “ As the love and study of anti- duke of Wirternberg's capital, near quities is one of the most prevailing the place where the archives are tales of this age, I could not de- kept. In less than fix hours the lay acquainting you of some very house where it began with forty ovaluable gems, medals, and coins, thers, were entirely consumed, and which were discovered a few days the whole city put in the utmost dan. ago by our miners, who are em ger.

.The damage amounts to upwards proyed in deliroying, in an effectual of 300,000 florins. Many of the inmanner, all the facings of the bas. habitants endeavouring to save their tions and curiiis of the fort at effects, loft their lives, and others Aix, together with the large care were much burt. The author of ments. As the moft valuable part this fore being seized was thrown inof the curiofities are in Sir Thomas to adungeon,where next dayhe made Stanhope's poflt. ficn, who no doubt away with himself. But his corspe intends them for the British mu. was laid upon a fledge, and after feum, I can only give you a short being dragged thro' the principal defcription of those I was so fortu- freeis of this city, was suspended nate as to view, which were pieces on the common gallows. of gold and silver, many of them By a calculation made in the irregularly cut about the edges, and college of commerce, at Petersburg, near to the thickness of our fixpence of the goods consumed by fire on Those of flver had a piece of Bac. the 29th of June, O.S. it appeared



Chat the following quantities have vateers, which is looked upon to be been burnt, viz. about 11, 200 tons as brave an action as any since the of different sorts of hemp; about commencement of the present war. 500 tons of flax of all sorts ; about The royal academy of sciences at 350 tons of hemp oil, and 97, 200 Paris have given a very sensible and

polite answer to a paper lately Letters from Corsica by way of transmitted to them from the British Leghorn, of the 20th ult. say, that society for promoting arts and ma. the inhabitants of that island are nufactures, in relation to the poslibidetermined not to enter into any lity of procuring vegetable subaccommodation with the Genoese, fistence for black cattle and sheep but to declare themselves a free during the winter months, which is and independant people; and, up- certainly a matter of great imporon condition that the Geneose will tance, deliver up all the fortified places Paris, Aug. 14. The dethey have poffeffion of in that island, claration of the king for pro

24th, the Corsicans will pay all the debts, longing the edi&t of February 1760, both capital and intereft, that may hath been registered by the parlibe due to that republick from ament of Normandy, on express them. On the other hand, they command of his majesty, signified tell us from Genoa, that the re- by the duke d'Harcourt, lieutanant public is determined to carry on general of the province. the war with the utmost rigour a The parliament of Douay has gainst the Corsicans, both by

sea and registered the same declaration pureland; and that several Genoese vef- ly and simply, and wrote at the same fels have failed, and others will time the following letter to the foon fail for that purpose.

king: Charles Town, South Carolina, « SIRE, A dishonourable peace May 30. The pernicious conse. after an unfortunate war would be quences of too free an importation to France the height of ignominy of negroes into this province, hav- and the speedy fource of a new ing lately become the subject of fe- war, more fatal perhaps than that rious consideration of some public which she hath terminated. "Tis {pirited gentlemen : a motion was therefore to your people, Sire, a lately made in the honourable the point of honour, a motive beyond commons house of assembly, for all interest ! point of necessity, a leave to bring in a bill, laying an motive beyond every other motive! additional duty on all negroes and to furnish your majesty with sucother slaves thereafter imported; cours capable of vanquishing or and such a bill has accordingly tiring the obstinacy, the arrogance, been brought in this day. The du- the fortune of our enemies; with ty proposed to be laid, we hear, fuccours capable of making them will amount nearly to a prohibition; yet feel, what they have expeand it is thought the bill will pass rienced so many times, that French and take place very soon.

generosity fets no value


estate Captain Potts, of the Julius Cæ. and life when glory is in question, far, from Jamaica, lately gallantly and that it is never more terrible cleared himself from 6 French pri. than when even decay and the re

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