· Being lord mayor's day, in his hand, after the battle near gth.

their majefties and the rest Prague. The dying hero, as he falls, of the royal family honoured the embraces Victory, under the figure city of London with their presence of a woman, holding out to him, a at Guildhall, and were entertain- crown of laurels, Ac che same time ed in a manner that refleAs great bis wound is seen. honour on the opulence of the mes In the second picture is feen tropolis, and its daty' and affection to lieutanant general Winterfield com their majesties.

pleatly armed, who was flain near ioth.

A moft horrid murder Gorlitz. A woman, with a' gar.

was committed by John land round her head, thews War M'Naughton, Efq; on Miss Knox, coming to meet him with a lighted daughter of Andrew Knox, Esq; torch; upon which he fnatches up koight of the fire for Donnegal in his helmet, and puts his hand to Ireland. Sec.a full account of this his sword, for the defence of his murder, and the murderer, among country. qur Chara&ters for this year, p. 73.

The third painting represents Out troops at Belleifle are said major Christian Lehwald de Kleitt, to foffer-extremely by a severe fe- a gallant warrior, and an eminent ver and flux. (See our article of German poet, who was mortally, Projects for this year p. 122.). There wounded at the battle of Kunner are 14 hospitals in the town of Pas dorff, and died soon after at Franck. lais, which are not enough to hold fort on the Oder. Friendhip, un the great number of sick, therefore der the figure of a woman, is weep. more ate erecting. There are also ing over his urn, and at the bottom Tegimental hospitals in different parts of the tomb is a lyre surrounded by of the island, particularly Sauson and laurels with a sword. la Maria, where, at each place, a The portraits of several other hea brigade is quartered. A confidera- roes who have died, in the bed of ble number of the troops have been honour this war, in defending the brought to the ifle of Wight. It is rights of Frederick the Great, will furprizing what quantities of live be succedively put up in the church stock and garden fluff it has been of the garrison. found necessary to send them from. By a private letter from Spain, time to time. Most of these artie, the following remarkable intel cles were supplied from Corke. ligence has been received, That: 16th.

The house of commons Burrington Goldsworthy, this Bri

waited on the king with tannic majesty's.conful at the ports their address of thanks for his of Cadiz and Port St. Mary's in. fpeech and likewise on the queen, tending to celebrate their majesties with their address of congratulati coronation, at his house at the latter on on her nuptials.

port, on the 30th of September last, During the course of last month' had written a circular letter to al} were exhibited in the garrison church his majesty's subjects, requesting the of Berlin, three fine paintings: The favour of their companies to refirke represents the immortal count joice with him on so great and de Schwerin, as he was found dead happy an event: intimating at the in the field with a pair of colours fame times that to illuminate their


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houses would be a further demon. won : farthen nor woot let Your. attation of their joy on that occafion; Sarvants tak One farthen for if You' bur though this letter was sent to dont leave of You farten shall have 45 English and Irish gentlemen, no a Dose of Leden Pills and tha hare more than ten houses were illumi vere hard to digest for if Sarvants nated at Cadiz, and at Port St. Ma has but Nine Pownds tha cannot sy's only the consul's and vice-con- Ceep a Wife and Famele For You sul's, the rest excusing themselves must bild Work Howses and Cep for fear of giving umbrage to the Them but You will not live to se Spaniards.

them bilt for ( wod have Yout bo The prisoners in the several all wase prepard for Deth for you 17th prisons of this city, who claim- do se that theare is nothing but edthe benefit of the compulfiveclause robin upon the hi Way and that is in the act of infolvency, were carried o caisened by nothing Else but by to Guildhall to be discharged; but ftarven the Poore Sarvants and so were all ordered back to the prisons You must concider a bout This a from whence they came, a bill for fare for dam You You shall suffer and explaining this clause being now be- hall fuch Blacks and more fach fore the parliament.

Blacks as Youer self and so I ham Saturday last his royal highness

Youer and be dam'd" the duke of York; attended by lord His majesty's pardon'is offered to Anson and several noblemen, gen- any (except the person who sent it) tlemen of the admiralty and navy that will discover those concerned ; boards, were at Woolwich, to exa and Sir F. Dashwood offers rool, mine his majesty's (hip Alarm,whose for the like discovery. bottom is entirely plating over with By a sudden hurricane of copper to preserve her from worms wind several merchant ships

20th. in loathern climates: this is the first below bridge were driven from their thip ever done in this manner; this anchors, and received great damage. fheathing is extremely neat and cu Several of the small craft were stove rious, without being heavy or very in pieces, and a corn lighter was expendive, and gave a great fatis- funk off East-lane ftairs. faction.

The academy of sciences and Both houses of convocation wait- belles lettres at Besancon in France, ed on their majesties with their ad- have promised a gold medal, of the

value of 350 livres, to the author The right honourable Sir who, in a piece of eloquence that 19th.

Francis Dashwood, baronet, may be ready in half an hour, shall has received the following anony: best resolve this question: Whether mous threatening letter. 7 it be true that fortune often seeks the

“ Sir Frans Dalhwood I have man; ar that the man feeks fortune? taken this hoper tunet to a

Quent A private letter from Conftantino You That if you do go hon as You ple says, that a fire happened there do You fartenly lose Your Life and in the horse market, on the 230

and that Black that Lord Northampton 24th of September, which has de and some more that I have not stroyed a number of noble palaces, mentioned for when that You go to besides -a mülcitude of tradcfmen's dine You go hout hand neare leaves houses. . The lofs occafioned hy VOL, IV.




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which is estimated at an immense majesty's condefcenfion in honourfum.

ing the city with her presence. The committee appointed His majesty was pleased to re23d. to prepare the late entertain- ceive the committee in a gracious ment for the royal family at Guild- manner, expressing his entire fatifhall, waited on their majesties at St. faction at the late entertainment, James's in pursuance of an order of and fignified his royal intention to common council of the 17th, and give orders that his picture and that being introduced to the king in of her majesty thould be sent to the his closet by the duke of Devonshire, city. the right honourable Sir Samuel - Her majesty was also pleased to Flodycr, lord-mayor, addressed his receive the city in a polite manper; majefty to the following effe&t:: and fuch of the committee as had ROYAL SIR,

not before, were permitted to kifs The lord mayor, aldermen, her majesty's hand. and commons of the city of London, The Dutch, we are well assured, in common council áffembled, being received annually, upon an average, desirous (amongst other marks of from this kingdom, not less than their personal veneration and esteem 100,000 l. for the fingle article of for your majesty) to have your ma- turbot. jesty's ftatue erected on the Royal An ancient register, which may be Exchange, amongft those of your depended on, gives us the following royal predecessors, and the pi&ture very mortifying instance of the breof your majesty put up in the Guild. vity of human life, of a hundred hall of the said city; have, in order persons, who were born at the same hereunto, directed us to make our time : humble application to your majefty, At the end of 6 years, there? that your majesty will be pleased to remained only do the city of London the honour At the end of 16 years to fit for your picture, and to signify

At the end of 26 years your pleasure therein: And we are

At thë end of 36 years

16 commanded, at the same time, to

At the end of 46 years

10 express to your majesty the deep

At the end of 56 years

6 and grateful fense which the faid

At the end of 66 years

3 court of common council will ever At the end of 76.years retain of your majesty's gracious Some coins have been lately found condescension in honouring their in an urn, at Church-Burrow, near late entertainment at Guildhall with Newcalle, which are very antique, your royal presence."

several of them being of Julius The committee afterwards waited Cæsar, Auguftus, Vespasian, Nero, on the queen, being introduced to and a few of Otho's, which are her majesty by the duke of Manches- greatly-esteemed by antiquarians. ter; when the lord mayor addressed Extract of a letter from Winchel. her majesty on behalf of the com- fea, in . Suflex. “ The cambrick mon council, requesting her majesty manufactory here established, is like would be pleased to fit for her pic- to be attended with great success ; ture ; and expressing also the com we have now already eight looms at mon council's grateful sense of her work, and shall soon have more.






Two pieces have been finished; and Skerries, 1500l. Clearing the chanFent to town; one of which I am nel of Corke harbour, 4000l. Maktold; was presented to the king. ing the Shannon navigable froni Should this manufactory of French Limerick to Killaloe, 8000l. Carcambricks fucceed, it would save rying on the inland navigation of the nation 300,000l. per annum ; the Black Water, 2500l. Payment and there is more probability of its of debts of the Foundling hospital, succeeding here than in any part of 4252 1. To discharge the debts of England, where attempts of this the Lying in-hospital, and to finish fort-have been made : the fituation and furnish it, 3000l. To make a of the place ; the vast number of navigable canal from the balon of fine vaults under ground, where Drumreagh to Farlough Lough, only the works of this manufactory 3000l. To the widow and children can be carried on"; the peculiar of the late Dr. Moffe, who projectquality of the waters for bleaching, ed the building of the Lying-inand the richness of the neighbouring hospital, 10001. Mr. George Semfoil to raise the flax; all forebode a ple, architect of Effex-bridge, Dubhappy iffue.

lin, 500 1. - Arthur Mervin, Efq; Ten thoufand hogsheads of filh 2000 l. to enable him to finish the have been taken, lately, in one mill and granaries at Naul, in the week, at Penzance, in Cornwall. county of Meath. To finish the

Elizabeth Canning is arrived in dock at the west end of the north England, and received a legacy of wall, Dublin, 10001. Dublin fo5001, left her three years ago, by ciety, for the improvement of hulan old lady of Newington-green. bandry, arcs, &c. 20001. A further The following fums have been fum of looól. per arínum, for two

granted by the Irish parliament years, to the protestant charterto the following persons and pub. schools. To encourage the cam·lick ufes.

brick manufacture at Dundalk, To the trustees of the linen ma- 1375 1. mufacture, for two years, 4000l. Further fumis granted by the Irish The corporation of the inland navi. parliament for public usès. gation from Kilkenny to Ennir To the trustees of the linen mà. teague, 4000l. To finish the church nufacture to encourage the raising of St. Thomas, Dublin, 1000l. of hemp and flax in that kingdom, For carrying on the inland naviga- 2000 1. per annum for two years, tion from Dublin to the Shannon, .4000l. To the corporation for car10,00ol. The pier at Dunleary, rying on the inland navigation to 3000 l. Promoting Englisti pro be applied towards inclofing, fixing teftant charter schools, 12,000). and defending the channel of the Towards building St. Catherine's river Boyne below the bridge of church, Dublin, 1000 l. To finith Drogheda to the bar of the said the aqueduct from the river Finik river, 2000). For widening and to Dungarvan, in the county of Wa. repairing Baal's bridge in the city terford, 500 l. To remove the ob- of Limerick, and for continuing a Aructions in the navigation of the new key caftward on the north side fiver Barrow, 2000 1. For extend of the Shannon to the back river ing the pier of Balibriggan at on the south side of the southern




bank, of the new canal, and for will determine the fate of a great purchasing several houses on the number of other leases of the same west side of Baal's bridge, &c. 4500l. nature, and the dutchess's executor For finishing the harbour of Wick. will be obliged to account for all low, 185cl. 8 s. 9 d. For continu- the money the received for the fines ing the ballaft office wall to the east of such leases, to the amount of end of the piles 5oool. For making many thousand pounds. the river Legan navigable from St. James's. His grace Loughneagh to Belfatt; 4oool. Be- John, duke of Bedford, was sides the 2000 l. given to the Dub. this day appointed keeper of the lin society for the improvement of privy seal. husbandry, and other useful arts, Bath, Nov, 21. There are at 10,000 1. is granted to them to be this time living in eight houses, fix distributed to fo many of the several of which lie within a stone's cast of persons who petitioned the house of one another, the other two very commons this session for premiums near, and all in a small group of or rewards, upon which reports have dwellings about the pariin church been made.

of Widcombe, half a mile from the By an account delivered in to the bridge of this city, twelve persons Irish parliament, it appears that the in tolerable health, whose ages topensions upon that kingdom, from gethes, upon an exact calculation, the 25th of March 1759, to the amount to 945, five of which are 25th of March 1761, amount to the upwards of 80, and the other seven Sum of 118,5911. is. 3d. three far- a trifle under. There are allo fethings, which exceeded the whole veral other ancient people in that charges of the civil lift by 35,1291. {mall village ; and in the more po3 s. 3d. halfpenny.

pulous parts of the parith, are many Last Lady.day their national between 8o and 100. debt was 223,4381, 175. Įid, half Exeter, Nov, 21. Last Monday penny. The fupply granted by some of the Welch militia began to parliament to his majesty, is one dig for coals on the cftate of million nineteen thousand one hun- Northmore, Esq; not a mile from dred and twenty pounds four hile this place, and yesterday evening, lings and eleven pence.

as we are informed, was dug op On this day was argued, very good coal. We are likewise

before the court of King's- told that Mr. Northmore has already Bench, a special verdict, found at been offered ionol. and 2001. per the last Lent assizes at Exeter, on an annum, for the pit.-Coals are now cje&tment brought on the demise of fold in this place for zos.per quarter,

the duke of Bolton. The Berlin, Nov. 3. The prize querquesion upon this argument was, tion of experimental philosophy whether the late dutchess dowager proposed by our academy of sciences of Bolton had a power, as a joint- for the year 1763, is, “ Whether ress, to grant leases for 99 years, de- all living beings, both of the animal terminable on lives. The court, and vegetable kingdom, proceed after a full hearing of council on from an egg fccundated by a germ, both sides, was unanimous, and or by a prolific matter analogous to gave judgment for his grace, which the germ.”



his grace

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