vited by the master and benchers hackney coaches and other obstrucof the Temple, to come on hore, tions, such long and frequent stops and were refrelhed in the Temple were made, that it was near four hall.

hours before the royal family got to "I made my way as well as I could friend Barclay's house opposite to through the crowd to the queen's Bow.church, from whence they

arms tavern, the corner of St. Paul's were to see the city proceffion, in a church yard, kept by honest Bates, balcony hung with crimson filk fo remarkable for his good wines damalk; by which delay my lord and good treatment in every other mayor was enabled to return the respect. Here a party of us had compliment to his majesty, who fecored a room, which commanded was jult as much in the dark at the a complete view both of the royal coming back of the procession at and city processions. Mrs. Hem- the coronation. As the royal family ing was at Mellieurs Carr and Ib. "passed by our window, I counted berfon's upon Ludgate hill, who, as between twenty and thirty coaches well as their neighbours, Palmers belonging to them and their atand Fleetviood, had not only filled 'tendants, besides those of the foreign every window in their houses, but air balladors, officers of state, and built a large scaffolding before their the principal nobility. doors for the accommodation of The royal family proceeded in their friends. Every house indeed, the following order. from Temple-bar to Guildhall, ? His royal highness the duke of was crowded from top to bottom, Cumberland, in his coach drawn by and many had scaffoldings be- fix hories, preceded and followed by des, Carpers and, rich hangings guards. were hung out on the fronts all the Her royal highness the princess "way along. And for the honour of Amelia, in the fame manner.

the city I must observe, that contra His royal highness the duke of * Ty to what was praclised at the co- York, in a new itate coach, in the ronation, instead of letting out same manner. His royal highness's places to hire, and making money coach was the moft elegant of all, of provisions at advanced prices, and instead of coronets at the corthe inhabitants (some few except ners, had a molt superb gilt ducal ed) generously accommodated their coronet in the center of the top. friends and customers gratis, and

Their royal highneffes prince entertained them in a moft elegant William, printe Henry, and prince manner : so that, though the citi. Frederic, in one coach, in the same zens thops were fhut, they might be manner. faid to have kept open house. The Their royal highneises the princess fame was also done in all the streets dowager of Wales, the princess from St. James's through which the Augusta, and the princess Caroline royal cavalcade was to pass. in one coach, preceded by twelve

This set out from the palace footmen in black caps, and with about twelve o'clock; but (would guards, and a grand retinue.** you believe it ?) by the mismanage Their majeities in their state ment of those, who fhould have coach, preceded by the earl of Har. zaken care to clear the way of court in his chariot, and the dukes



of Rutland and Devonshire in ano the circle of a crown, long may ther chariot, the grenadier guards your majesties experience the heartand the yeomen of the guards, and felt fatisfaction of domestick life ; followed by a corps of the horse in the uninterrupted poffeffion of guards.

every endearment of the most renA booth had been erected at the der union, every blessing of conjueaft-end of St. Paul's church-yard, gal affection, every comfort of pafor the children of Christ-church rental felicity. And may a race hospital, being a royal foundation, of princes, your illustrious illue

pay their respects to their ma- and descendants, formed by the jefties. As foon therefore as their example and inheriting the virmajefties coach came oppoate this tues of their great and good probooth, it made a stop, and the fe- genitors. continue to sway the nior scholar of the grammar school British fcepter to the latest poft in the hospital, stepping up to the terity.” fide of it, moft humbly addressed As soon as he had finished, the the king in the following manner : boys in a grand choras chanted, “ Most august and gracious fove. God Save the king, Amen. After reign,

which, the senior scholar delivered From the condescension and good. ' two copies of the speech to the nefs, which your majesty diiplays king and queen, who received towards even the 'meanest of your them molt graciously. fubjects, we are emboldened to But what was most remarkable; hope you will accept the tribute were the prodigious acclamacions of obedience and duty which we and tokens of affection mewn by poor orphans are permitted to pre- the populace to Mr. Pict, who

came in his chariot, accompanied Educated and fupported by the by earl Temple. Ac every stop munisicence of a charity, founded, the mob clung about every part enlarged, and protected by your of the vehicle, hung upon the royal predeceffors, with the warm- wheels, hugged his footmen, and elt gratitude, we acknowledge our even killed his horses.

There was inexprelible obligations to its boun an universal huzza ; and the

genty, and the distinguished happi- tlemen at the windows, and is the ness we have hitherto enjoyed vn

balconies, waved their hats, and der the confiant patronage of for.

the ladies their handkerchiefs. The mer princes. May this ever be our fame, I am informed, was done all boast, and our glory! Nor can we the way he passed along. think we shall prefer our prayer in

I need not trouble you with an vain, whilst with earnest, but humble account of the city - proceffion; fupplications, we implore the patro. (which was now lest at liberty nage and protection of your majefty. to Mew itself) as it differed very To our ardent petition for your little from that which you

and I saw princely favours, may we presume, together, and has been feen for dread sovereign, to add our most many years the fame, respectable congratulations on your The lord mayor's state - coach auspicious marriage with your royal was drawn by lix beautiful ironconfort. Strangers to the disquie- grey horses, richly caparison'e'; rude which often dwells within and adorned with ribbons, and all

fent you.


the companies made a very grand who had a right to come in: that appearance. But the armourers particularly at the entrance of and braziers, the skinners, and the Mr. Pitt and lordi Temple, there fithmongers companies, were the was a loud and univerfal clap, only companies that had something which was continued for some like the pageants exhibited of old time. The galleries presented a on the occasion : The first were very brilliant illow of ladies; and marked by an archer riding erect in among the company below were his car, having his bow in his left all the officers of state, the princihand, and his quiver and arrows pal nobility, and the foreign amhanging behind his left shoulder, bassadors, among whom I could not and a man in compleat armour. but particularly remark the sich The kinners were diltinguished by and fingular dresses of the Alge seven of their company being dref. rine and Tripoline ambassador and sed in fur, having their skins his son. It was past six before the painted in the form of Indian lord mayor came in ;- when imme. princes. The filmongers pageants diately dispositions were made for confifted of a flatue of St. Peter the reception of their majesties, finely gile, a dolphin, two mer. and the soyal family. The fhemaids, and two fea-horses, which riffs did not alight from their chahad a very pleasing effe&t.

riots, but went to Mr. Barclay's, The procession having passed me, to condu& the royal family to the I posted away along the back lanes, hall. A temporary palage (ena. to avoid the crowd, and got to closed at the tides and top) had Guildhall fome time before the lord 'been made leading to the hall. mayor could reach thither. I had gate, and this was lined by the ma. procured a ticket, through the in- zarines, many of them with candles tereft of Mr.is, who was one in their hands : the aidermen not of the committe for managing the on the committee, in their scarlet entertainment, and a mazarine. You gowns stood across the ball, to will wonder what this appellation the fteps leading to the King's can meat, and what new dignity our bench, and were supported by the friend has arrived at. You muft band of gentlemen penGoners withi : know it is a sort of nick namç their axes in their hands. At the given to the common-council men, bottom of these steps food the on account of their wearing maza. lord mayor and lady mayoress, rine blue filk gowns upon this oc with the aldermen and commoners casion. When I had got in, I foon who were of the committee for found out my friend, who in- conducting this entertainment to formed me of the following para receive each of the royal family ticulars : he told me, that the doors as they came in. of the hall were opened at nine After waiting about half an hour o'clock, for the private admission in this order, came the princess of such ladies into the galleries: Amelia, then (at some intervals) who were favoured by the gentle- the duke of Cumberland, the three men of ine committee, and con young princes, the princess dowager Segirer.dly got the best places : that of Wales, and lady Auguha, and ar twelve they were again opened, aiter that the duk o York, all. for the general reception of all


of them being received with great and the number of city-knights clapping, &c. They waited in the was increased by the honour of body of the hall until their man knighthood being conferred on the jefties entered it. Notice being two theriffs, melfieurs Nath and now given, that their majesties Cartwright, and the lord mayor's coach was near, the lord and lady, brother, herecofore Mr. Thomas mayoress, with the aldermen, ad- Fludyer. After ftaying here for a vanced to the great door of the bout half an hour, the royal fami.. hall, and waited there to receive. ly returned inco the hall, and them. At their majesties entrance, were conducted to the upper

end the lord mayor kneeling, prefented of it, called the hustings, where a the city-sword, which being re-, cable was provided for them. It is turned, he carried it before the where you have seen the drawing king, the queen following with of the lottery. This table was set lady mayoress behind her. The off with a variety of emblematick mufick bad struck up, but was ornaments beyond defcription ele, drowned in the acclamations of gant, and a superb canopy, was the company: in short, all was life placed over their majesties heads and joy; even their giantships Gog at the upper end. I was almost and Magog seemed to be almoit nine before the dinner, (or rather animated

supper) was served up to the roy: Their majesties were pleased, al family, who all sat at the same with wonderful condescendion, to table, and no other person with return the compliments that were

them. One particular cannot paid to them, and, in express terms, help acquainting you with, viz. declared their admiration at the that the ladies in waiting upon the splendor and magnificence that queen had claimed a kind of righe every where furrounded them, as by custom to dine at the same had also the rest of the toyal fa. table with her majesty ; but this mily. The committee then con was over ruled, and they dined ai. ducted the royal family to the my lady mayoress's tables; which, council chamber, the commoners by the bye, were no less than three thereof going first, the aldermen in number, and served in the most next; after them came the duke of elegant manner, in the apartment Cumberland, and the four princes; called the King's bench. Other dan then the great oficers, wiih white dies of distinction, not accommodaAaffs ; then his majesty, che queen, ted chere, had an entertainment at the princess dowager, lady Au: the town-clerk's house. The lord gufta, princess Amelia, and follow mayor, aldermen, and their lalies, ed by the queen's attendants, &c. had a table spread for them in the Their majesties being entered the lower hustings. A cable for the council - chamber, Sir William privy-caunsellors, ministers of fate, Moreton the recorder, made the and others of the nobility, was, on compliments of the city in a speech, the right hand, as you ascend the the aldermens ladies and daugh. upper hustings; another for the ters were presented, and had the foreign minilters on the left. At honour to be saluted by his ma.


upper end of each of these two jesty, and to kiss the queen's hands fast mentioned tablus was placed


half a fide of roast beef, in one of the venders, as also that every one which was fuck a flag with the roy. might have the liberty of calling al arms ; and in the o:her a flag for this or that person's wine, which with those of the city. The ma ever he liked beft. zarines (I have already explained When the second course was the terin to you) were not over- bringing on to the royal table, looked by those of their brethren, the common cryer, standing before who had no small Mare in conduci. royal table, demanded filence ; and ing the whole of this entertain. then proclaimed aloud, that his mament; for they bad eight tables (as jesty drank to the health and profwell as I can recollea) allotted to perity of the lord mayor, aldermen, them in the body of the hail, at and common council, of the city the end where my lord mayor's of London, and the trade thereof table was. The judges, serjeants,&c. --and added thereto, that ber ma. dined in the old council-chamber. jefty also drank confirming the fame; The attendants upon all the com- whereupon the band of mufick imi pany were plentifully regaled in the mediately played the march in Jucourt of coinmon pleas. I thould en. das Maccabæus, accompanied by close you a topographical map, in the fide drum. order for your rightly understanding. The common cryer then came to the various places of action; but let the lord mayor's table, at the low. it fuffice to tell you, that the ground er end of the hail, and the musick was properly marked out, and the ceasing, he again demanded filences commissaries were much more than and proclaimed that the lord mayor; not deficient in providing the ali. aldermen, and common - council

, mentary supplies for each party. drank health, long life, and a prof

The feven aldermen of the com- perous reign, to our moft gracious mittee, set on the dishes, and at- sovereign king George the thirds tended the royal table. The lord upon which the mufick immediate-' mayor ftood behind the king (as we ly played the latter part of Mr. may say) in quality of chief butler, Handell's coronation anthem, God while the lady mayoress waited on save the king, &c. The mufick her majesty in the fame capacity ; again ceafing, the common Cryer but were, soon after the royal fa. demanded filence a third time, and mily were seated, desired by their proclaimed, that the lord mayor, majefties to go to dinner. The en aldermen, and common - council, tertainment consisted of three drank health, and long life; to our courses, besides the desert. To say gracious que en Charlotte, upon that it was elegant, sumptuous, and which the band played again. The all that is faying something and healths of the reft of the royal fanothing : It is but justice to ac- mily were in order drank at my quaint you, that the committee lord mayor's, and the other tables, were wholly disinterelled, and took but not in the same ceremonious care, hat every bottle of wine publick manner. Mould have the name of the person Imuk not forget to tell you, that who served it, pafled on the side ; the grand service of plate at the with an intent, as we may reaton- king's table was entirely new, and ably prefume, to be a check uport made by Mr. Gilpin. The city

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